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This Little Flower Sure Is Pretty

This adorable Little Flower is a great addition to any toybox. It's a bit too small to use internally, but it makes an excellent clitoral vibrator. If you like clitoral stimulation, the Little Flower is worth a try.
Cute, Fairly discreet, Doesn't eat batteries, Material has a nice velvety feel
Not as powerful as I'd like, Too small for insertion
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This beautiful Little Flower is brought to us by Shaki Toys. The packaging states that the Little Flower comes in three colorways: black, blue, and pink. The only colorway available on Eden Fantasy's is the pink.

It is an excellent beginner toy, due primarily to the fact that it's design is non-intimidating. That being said, advanced users who enjoy clitoral stimulation may still enjoy this.

This is a great toy for both couples and solo users. Couples will appreciate the small size, as it doesn't get in the way during intercourse. All users will appreciate that, while the toy is small, there's still enough to get a good grip on.

The Little Flower is primarily a clitoral vibrator, or a teaser toy. The slightly rounded tip makes this vibrator excellent for clitoral stimulation. It also feels great when used to stimulate other sensitive (external) areas, such as the nipples.

You could, technically, use the Little Flower for internal vaginal stimulation. For me, the Little Flower wasn't long enough to provide the type of stimulation that I need, but as a teaser toy? The shallow stimulation that she does provide is kind of nice.

The Little Flower is absolutely not meant for anal stimulation. This is partially because it is such a small vibrator; it could easily get lost in your bum! It's also because the Little Flower has no base, making it even easier for her to get stuck up there. Even with using a condom, I would never recommend that you use this toy anally, unless you're looking to make a trip to the ER.

This is suitable for water playtime, due to the fact that there is a good o-ring in place. I've used this in water several times, and it continues to function perfectly.

Material / Texture

This product is made out of food-grade plastic, which rates as an 8 on the safety scale. Plastic is fairly safe material, being hypo-allergenic, and both latex and phthalates free. Plastic is also a non-porous material.

The material is firm. There is absolutely no "give" (or squish) to this toy at all. That's right, you can't bend it, no matter how hard you try. As firm as the material is, the overall feel of it is surprisingly soft. It's not squishy, but it has a velvety soft sort of feel to it. This makes it feel wonderful in my hands.

The Little Flower does have some light texture. As the name implies, there are little floral designs on the toy. The floral designs are very slightly raised. I can feel the design with my fingertips, but I cannot feel the design on my clitoris, or even vaginally when I do insert it for shallow penetration. While the design doesn't add much to playtime, it does make the toy look very beautiful.

Those of you concerned with smell and taste? You'll be pleased to know that this toy did not have a noticeable scent, and that it was pretty much tasteless.

Design / Shape / Size

As the name implies, the Little Flower is quite little. This toy is about 4" in length, with a total of 3" being insertable. That's right, she's VERY small, and is therefore only going to be able to offer very shallow penetration. Not only is she small in length, she's also small in circumference, measuring only 2 1/2" around.

The size of this toy is both good and bad. On the one hand, it's great that the Little Flower fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. Her small size also keeps her from getting in the way during couples play. On the other hand, the small size makes it so that she's not really a great choice for penetration, so it limits her use a bit.

The overall design of the Little Flower is very simplistic. It's your basic vibrator shape, with a slightly rounded tip. There's no bells and whistles with this little one, but the toy really doesn't need any bells and whistles.

The shape of this toy isn't really discreet. Okay, it doesn't look like a penis, I'll grant you that. When you look at this toy, you just KNOW it's a vibrator; there's not much else it could be. That being said, the size of this toy makes it both easy to store, and easy to travel with.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Little Flower runs on just one AA battery. To insert the battery, you simply twist off the cap, place the battery, and then screw the cap back on.

To turn to the toy on, you simply press the button on the end (cap) of the vibrator. Pressing the button once turns the vibrator on the low setting. If you press the button again, the vibrator switches to the high setting. To turn it off, you simply press the button a third time. That's right, there is no way to turn the vibrator off without first going to the high setting. The fact that there's no button that switches the vibrator off immediately is a little disappointing, but it's not a huge problem.

The two vibration levels that this toy offers are steady, buzzy vibrations. They are also strongest at the tip of the vibrator, but they do travel nicely throughout the body of the toy. I would say the low vibration level is around a 1, and the high vibration level is about a 3.

Sound wise, I would give this about 2 bees. You can hear it through the covers, but you can't really hear it through a door. That said, if your walls are very thin, you might not want to put this on the high setting.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is very easy to care for.

First, lets discuss lubricants. If you need a lube with this toy, you can use basically whatever you want. I personally prefer to stick with water-based lubricants, but this toy can handle silicone and oil based lubricants as well.

Now, the cleaning? The cleaning process is very simple. You can wipe her down with a toy wipe, clean her with a toy cleaner, or you can just wash her with antibacterial soap and warm water. The great thing about this toy is that it's waterproof, so you don't really need to worry about damaging her when you wash her.

As for storing this toy? Well, that's very easy to do, as well! This toy is small enough that you can stash her just about anywhere. I personally keep the Little Flower in a small toy pouch in my toy box. Wherever you store her, remember that you should remove the batteries when she's not in use.
Follow-up commentary
The little flower is too beautiful for me to throw out, but it doesn't get the job done for me. I keep it, in hopes that one day I'll love it.. but the vibrations are just too weak.
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  • puppylove
    Great review! Thanks for sharing
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    Great review! I have this little toy in blue but I can't remember what manufacturer it was from.
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    nice review
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    Thanks for sharing!
  • unfulfilled
    Dynamic Kitty- It's probably the sexintheshower from sportsheets in blue. I have it and this one.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the toy. I wish it was stronger.
  • Nora29714
    great review thanks
  • VelvetDragon
    Thank you! It is definitely a cute toy, but too bad about the moderate vrooms.
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