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For those seeking a step up over the traditional, basic, plastic vibrator, the SinFive Grace has you covered. Featuring easy-to-use buttons, a flexible design that allows for multiple uses, a rechargeable power feature, fully waterproof capabilities, and a simple-to-understand control structure, the SinFive Grace could be the perfect choice for those who want a high-quality, yet simple, silicone vibrator.
Great design, easy to charge, buttons easy to press, flexible tip.
Could use more power, flexible tip.
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The SinFive Grace vibrator is a sex toy designed to be versatile. With its plushy silicone body, SinFive designed this toy to work well for both vaginal insertion as well as clitoral stimulation. Because of the lack of a flared base, though, the SinFive Grace should not be considered anal-safe.

With its rechargeable power, the SinFive Grace is best for those who have a way to recharge this sex toy through the USB cable that is included. The vibrator is pretty quiet compared to other toys, so it also works well for those that need discretion. Due to the easy, uncomplicated control structure, it also works well for beginners who haven't used many sex toys before. While it does have a draggy-type of silicone that requires extra lubricant, the size is also pretty average, so it will be a good choice for those who want something that provides good sensations.

Material / Texture

The SinFive Grace is made of a silicone material. One of the things that SinFive goes for with their silicone vibrators is to design their toys with a plushy type of silicone. This is accurate in the case of the SinFive Grace as well. The SinFive Grace's silicone, when squeezed, does have give, and you can tell that the material is plushy. Along with that, from about the mid-point of the shaft to the tip, the vibrator's material will bend. It bends to about a 45 degree angle comfortably when pressure is applied.

The silicone of the SinFive Grace also is a draggy type of silicone. This means that your hand doesn't glide smoothly over the surface of the vibrator without any lubricant. A draggy type of silicone can provide more sensation during use, but it's also recommended to use external lubricant when using the SinFive Grace to avoid any uncomfortable drag during use. However, the SinFive Grace has absolutely no texture to it at all, so the draggy sensation isn't too intense.

Like most high-quality silicone, the SinFive Grace has no smell to it. It also doesn't have a taste.

Design / Shape / Size

The SinFive Grace is designed very simply. The vibrator is a completely slimline, straight type of vibrator. This type of vibrator can be used both for vaginal penetration and for clitoral use, and the design of this sex toy shows that. This vibrator is also nine inches long, which is longer-than-average for most traditional vibrators such as this one. The size is completely manageable, though, and it feels pretty natural in the hands. As the diameter is about the size of most average human penises, the diameter will probably work out all right for most toy users. However, because of the draggy sensation of the silicone, adding in some sort of external lubricant is recommended for the most pleasurable experience.

The two control buttons are near the base of the vibrator, and they are made of a metal-like material. There is a "plus" button and a "minus" button. The buttons barely have any "touch" to them. In fact, for a while, I thought they were purely activated by the heat of my skin. I know that's not accurate now. They are just very, very simple to press, and they only require a light press to press down the buttons. They are pretty touch-receptive. Considering this is an issue with some of the other similarly-rechargeable vibrators, you don't have to worry about the SinFive Grace having the same issue.

Something of mention is that the upper half of the SinFive Grace (the side without the controls) is mostly made of silicone. This means that the vibrations of the sex toy are centered right in the midpoint of the vibrator. For those who prefer to have the most intense vibrations at the tip of the toy, this will be problematic. However, considering that this vibrator can be easily inserted, having the vibrations closer to the entrance of the vagina may be more pleasurable for some than having the vibrations near the tip. It all depends on your preferences and how you like to use your vibrator.

SinFive also chose to design the SinFive Grace as a rechargeable vibrator. The SinFive Grace charges via the USB cable that comes with it. The two metal pads that function as buttons are also the place where the Grace is charged. By using this magnetic charging system, the SinFive Grace is able to be 100% waterproof. The magnetic charger includes strong magnets and, unlike some magnetically-charging toys, the SinFive Grace's magnetic charger stays on pretty well once the magnet is aligned correctly.

Unlike other rechargeable sex toys, though, the SinFive Grace doesn't have any sort of LED lights. This means that it's difficult to tell when the vibrator is fully charged. Neither the instruction page nor the official website mention anything about the full charge time required, so I cannot give you an accurate estimate. However, when you get the magnetic ports to fully align, the vibrator does give you a few quick vibrations to let you know that it's aligned correctly, so you can at least be assured that the vibrator is charging.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The SinFive Grace has a simple use structure. You can use this vibrator internally or externally, and it just has the two buttons that control the functions. Pressing down these buttons is very simple to do, and pressing the "plus" button will cycle through the vibration settings as well as the patterned vibration settings. Using the "minus" button takes the user back through the settings again, or it can be held down to turn off the vibrator. It is a very simplistic system that even new users will have no problem with.

The vibrations, as previously mentioned, are centered towards the mid-point of the shaft of the SinFive Grace. However, the vibrations do end up carrying pretty nicely to the tip of the vibrator. I'd say that about 80% of the strength from the midpoint can be felt at the tip of the vibrator.

The vibrations are on the moderate side. They aren't weak, but they aren't strong. They will be enough for the majority of women, but if you're used to stronger types of toys, the SinFive Grace probably will not be enough. If you're used to bullet vibrators and vibrators powered by AAA batteries, though, this one will feel very strong. The vibrations are at the mid-point between buzzy and rumbly. They aren't too surface-type, but they also aren't felt much under the skin. If surface-only vibrations really bother you, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with the SinFive Grace.

The vibrations are not too loud. They can be heard in the same room, but it's difficult to hear them. They cannot be heard outside of a closed door. With music or the television on, it's hard to hear the vibrations in the same room, so this sex toy does afford for some privacy and discretion.

Care and Maintenance

Because the SinFive Grace charges via the magnetic charging pad on the side of the vibrator, it is completely 100% waterproof. This means you don't have to be too careful about water splashing while cleaning it. This vibrator can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap and, since the toy is completely smooth, it's a breeze to clean it. The best way to make it suitable for multiple-person-usage is through covering it with a condom. However, be aware that the SinFive Grace is long in length, and a condom may not be able to cover the entire surface of the sex toy.

To lubricate this vibrator for usage, use any water-based lubricant. Do not use silicone-based lubricant or oil-based lubricant, as they could harm the surface of this silicone sex toy. Because of the draggy material of the vibrator, it is recommended to use some sort of external lubricant for comfort during use.

For storage, the original storage box will protect the vibrator from harm. The vibrator does not come with a storage bag, but the silicone of the SinFive Grace will pick up lint and hair, so it is recommended that you store it somewhere that protects the surface of the toy.


The SinFive Grace is packaged in a simple cardboard box. This box is a deep black color, and it includes an easy-to-remove top lid (much like a shoebox). Around the top and bottom is an elastic band that says "SinFive," which keeps the top and bottom together during shipping. This box is very simplistic in design, and it shows a picture of the vibrator as well as the name of the toy. This information is included on a sticker, though, so it could be painstakingly removed if you prefer.

Once the top cover is lifted, the SinFive Grace rests in a cardboard tray, with a cut-out spot just for the vibrator. There's a small slip of paper that includes some bare-minimum instructions, that read more like a feature list for the vibrator than instructions. However, they do include some information about how to charge the vibrator and how to operate the vibrator. Underneath the tray the vibrator rests in is the USB charger cable.

Personal comments

I like the design of the SinFive Grace. I like how easy it is to hold, and I LOVE how easy the buttons are to press down (I was afraid of another disaster like the JeJoue buttons). So I definitely was pleasantly surprised that way. However, in the same vein, I didn't like how flexible the tip of the SinFive Grace vibrator was. I'm one of those people who likes to apply pressure with a vibrator when using it. The flexibility of the tip of the vibrator got in the way of this. It would bend instead of applying the vibrations more intensely like I wanted. Again, though, this really depends on how you like to use your vibrator. For me, personally, though, aside from the flexible tip and the moderate vibrations, I loved the SinFive Grace. If those two things were fixed, it'd easily be my favorite toy.
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