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Gracefully Simple

SinFive Grace is a great vibrator if you're looking for a traditional style toy with a variety of functions. This high quality toy is rechargeable, waterproof, and should have a little something for everyone! If you can get over the strange buttons and the noise level, this is a great option to look into.
- Rechargeable
- Silicone
- Variety In Function
- Waterproof
- Too Large/Small For Some
- Loud On Higher Settings
- No Light Indicators
- Weird Buttons
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SinFive Grace is a traditional style vibrator that has a lot of great qualities to it. Designed for vaginal penetration, this vibrator does a great job at providing the simple stimulation you need, while also adding the variety you desire!

For solo use, this toy works well for vaginal stimulation, but can also be used to tease the nipples, excite the clitoris, and externally stimulate the anus and perineum. Since there's no obvious curve to this toy, it's not the best for direct G-spot stimulation, but depending on your anatomy, it might reach that area.

Though this vibrator is more intended for use on the female anatomy, it can also be used to pleasure the shaft of the penis and testicles of a male. Any external erogenous area of the body is suitable. Since there's no flared base on this toy, the only limit is using it anally. Anal insertion could cause a potential trip to the ER since there's nothing to prevent the toy from slipping inside of you.

Aside from solo time, this toy can be used with a partner either during mutual masturbation, or by placing the controls in their hands. The toy is a great size to comfortably use on a partner, but use slight caution when thrusting. Though this toy has a fair amount of give, it could still potentially cause some discomfort if thrust too hard.

Play time can easily advance from the bedroom and into the tub or shower since this toy is fully waterproof. The design of the charging system takes the worry out of water leaking into your toy and causing damage.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

Grace is made from non-porous, hypo-allergenic, latex free, phthalates free silicone. This food-grade material rates a 10/10 on the Eden Material Safety Scale; making it one of the safest material choices for an adult product.

The only other area of the toy that isn't silicone, are the metal buttons. It's not specified what type of metal this is, but it's not on an insertable area of the toy. The only real contact your body will have with this area is with your hands since that's where you press to change functions.

Only the bottom half of the toy, where the internal parts are located, feels solid inside. The top half of this toy has a fair amount of give to it and can easily bend, even using just one hand. The bend and give to this toy makes it a little easier for more users to handle the girth. Once the toy has been bent, it looks as though it slightly stays in place. It's not intended to be bent and solidly stay in that position, but it gives you an idea of how flexible the toy is.

The surface of this toy is somewhat matte and though it's not sticky or tacky, it has a lot of drag to it. The drag turns this toy into a lint magnet, but can easily be relieved by using some water-based lubricant. The insertable portion of this toy has no texture to it, and the texture on the rest of the toy isn't designed for stimulation. Around the center area of the toy is an obvious seam, the company name as well as the plus and minus symbols are raised, and there's a small dimple on either end of the toy. These are the only 'textured' areas and shouldn't be an issue for anyone.

Since there's no stimulating texture to the insertable portion of this toy, it's great for someone who prefers their toys to be totally smooth, or for someone who is new to toys and is unsure about textures. Someone who needs some type of texture in order to feel pleasured will find this toy to be quite lacking.

Upon opening the box, there was on a slight 'new' smell that was only noticed when I held it up to my nose. After washing, the scent was still lightly noticeable, but washing and leaving out a third time eliminated the smell.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Grace comes in two colors; Raspberry, and the one I'm reviewing - Violet.

This toy has a very standard shape to it when it comes to vibrators. It's totally straight, but has a gradual change in the diameter/circumference of the toy. There's no special angle to it and the girth change is hardly noticeable in use. It's a pretty common shape and is very appropriately filed under the 'traditional' vibrator category because of it.

The size of this toy is fairly large which is great for those that like a little girth to their toys, but isn't so large that it will completely satisfy a size queen. It would probably be a bit too much for someone who is totally new to penetrative toys but the material is quite forgiving; making the toy feel slightly smaller when it's inserted. I would call this a great toy for the average user looking for a basic, insertable toy. The length is also great since you're given a 2 1/2" handle to grip on to when you're thrusting.

This toy would be suitable for certain travel, but isn't the most purse friendly option. It would be okay to pack in a suitcase, but might get some attention. This vibrator couldn't easily be passed off as anything else, so if you're easily embarrassed, it's best to leave this one at home in the toy box and grab a much more discreet travel companion.
    • Traditional

Functions / Performance / Controls

Grace is rechargeable and arrives with a partial charge. Rather than having a small port in the toy for the charger to connect, it has a magnetic feature that seems to have become quite popular with this type of toy. The charger magnetically connects to the toy, and the opposite end can be plugged in to your computer's USB port to charge. The instruction paper that comes with this toy shows to connect the magnetic piece to the toy first, and then to the computer; removing first from the computer and then from the toy when the charge is complete.

There are no light indicators showing that the toy is plugged in and charging, but the toy gives a short 'Vroom, vroom' when first connected; proving that the toy is properly connected. There's no way to tell when the vibrator is fully powered, but I would assume between one and two hours is suitable. If you're concerned about your toy running out of power in the middle of a session, just make sure to charge it again after each use.

Unlike a lot of magnetic charging systems, the magnet on this toy/charger is very strong. There's little worry about your toy accidentally becoming disconnected until you're ready for it to.

The buttons for this toy are located on the base of the toy. They feature two round, metal buttons that have a plus and minus symbol next to them in the silicone. The buttons don't stick out; they are in a small dip in the surface and aren't easy to accidentally bump and change functions during use. This is great in one way, and not so great in the other. The settings can be a little tricky to change during use, so it's best to find the function you want before you start playing.

There are eight levels of intensity, ranging from very low, to fairly high. One press of the button next to the plus symbol brings you to the first setting; very, very low. This setting will only be suitable for the most sensitive users. If you need more power, no need to worry! There are seven more levels that increase with each press. If you know you'd like a higher setting, rather than pressing the button several times, you can simply hold it down and it will increase until reaching the highest setting or you stop holding the button down. If you find that the intensity level has gotten too high, you can simply press the button next to the minus symbol to decrease the intensity until you find the setting that works for you. Holding this button down is also how you turn the toy off.

If the eight levels of intensity aren't enough, there are also four different patterns. There isn't a separate pattern button for these settings, you have to either press the (+) button or hold it down until you reach the highest intensity level. Once there, one more press brings you to the first pattern. The power behind the patterns can't be changed, but each pattern provides all levels of intensity within them.

The lowest level of power is hardly 1 vroom, and the highest tops out at 4 vrooms. Since there is such a variety in function, there should be something that should please just about anyone. Only those that need tons of power will be disappointed by this toy. The type of vibrations are between buzzy and rumbly, and though they're concentrated in the center of the toy, they travel well to the end as well. The base doesn't vibrate nearly as much, but may leave your fingers tingling with extended use.

As the intensity level increases, so does the sound level. The lower levels are much more sound discreet and would be suitable for use if you have a roommate. However, if you need the higher power levels, it might be best to use this one when your roommate isn't at home. The sound can be heard through a closed door on the highest setting, but the first four settings were much more discreet and can only be heard through the covers.

This vibrator preforms just as well in the water as out since there's no worry about water causing damage to your toy. Just be careful that things don't get so slippery that your toy slips out of your hand and falls to the shower floor.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Though this toy is make from silicone, it can't be boiled or put on the top rack of your dishwasher since it has internal working parts. Washing with antibacterial soap and warm water (before and after each use) or using your favorite sex toy cleaner is your best option. If you're planning on sharing or feel it needs a really good clean, you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. Just make sure to rinse it off really well.

Grace is only compatible with water-based lubricant since other types could cause damage to the surface of the toy. You also need to use caution storing this toy up against a toy of a similar material for the same reason. Not all material get along well together.

Using the package for storage is a great option, but you could also use a toy pouch, a plastic Ziplock bag, or something similar. You don't want to just toss this vibrator in the drawer since it collects so much lint and something could damage it.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Grace arrives in a thick, black cardboard box. It's not entirely discreet when it first comes since it has a sticker on it with an image of the toy it contains. Once this sticker is removed, the box becomes much more discreet. Around the center of the box is a stretchy band that has the company name on it. This band is in place to prevent the top of the box from accidentally coming off. Once the stickers/band are removed from the box, it looks like a very simple box, not necessarily one that someone would easily assume is storing a sex toy. It also makes a fairly discreet looking gift at first, but might cause embarrassment once the gift has been opened.

When the top is lifted from the box, you instantly see the toy attached to a cardboard piece using a thin black band. The vibrator is in full view as well as the basic instructional paper. After removing the toy from the box, you lift up the cardboard piece it was attached to in order to get to the charger.

The instructional paper doesn't give a lot of information, only the basic info is covered and is shown in five different languages on a simple, black, double-sided paper. There was a typo in the English section that I have underlined in the following image.

Unfortunately, there was no additional storage pouch included, but the packaging can easily double as storage. Though it takes up more room than necessary, it's a great option to have since it's so durable and attractive looking. Should you decide you don't want to use the box as storage, it would be fine to use it for something else, or to simply break it down and recycle it.
    • Good for storage
    • Recyclable
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I have both the SinFive Sue and the SinFive Grace. They both have some of the same great qualities. They both charge the same way (and the chargers both work for both toys), have the same intensity levels and patterns, and are both made from the same materials. Size is the most obvious difference between the two. Grace obviously works best as an internal vibrator, and Sue works better as an external vibrator or one directly used for G-spot stimulation. Aside from that difference, the sound levels are different. On the highest setting, Sue can't be heard through a closed door, but Grace can be. Take this into consideration when making your purchases.

Here are a few images to compare the two vibrators:


I'm not typically one who has a lot of hope in me feeling satisfied by a traditional vibrator. They have never worked for me in the past and so I'm always skeptical that any of them will ever work for me. When I saw Grace I figured that it was worth a shot. If it worked out for me, great! If it didn't, it wouldn't be my first disappointment when it comes to insertable vibes.

There were a lot of things I really appreciated about Grace. The fact that it's rechargeable, is made of silicone, and has so much variety were some of them. My favorite thing about this toy, is how well it bends and has give to it. I don't care for really hard toys that don't want to work with the shape of my body.

While those things were great, Grace wasn't quite enough for me. The power wasn't quite strong enough, and the simple design just didn't provide me with enough stimulation. I can see this working really well while also using a clitoral vibrator, but on its own, it's lacking.
Follow-up commentary
Grace is a high quality toy, that just didn't work for me. The issues I had with it had to do with my own body, and weren't the fault of the toy. The soft silicone, the fact that it's rechargeable, the great variety; it all adds up to being a great vibrator. I just wish it had worked for me.
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