His and Her's were not meant to be together.

Wet Together has been more of a frustrating challenge. I tried different ways to make it work for me and while I do enjoy a tiny bit for G-spotting or intercourse, it's not a product I will buy again. I will never touch His again and Her's is too problematic to deal with. For someone who likes intense cooling, this may be a great choice. I was disappointed that His did nothing at all except cause a mess on my crotch. I'd suggest purchasing another warming/tingling lubricant to replace His.
Her's feels nice at first.
Her's is silky and non-messy.
Non lubricating.
No warming.
Feels awful!
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Wet Together is two lubricants, one for the female and one for the male. This is kind of like Wet's version of KY's Yours and Mine lubricants which I was very fond of!

"His" lubricant is in a blue container and "Her's" is in pink so it's pretty easy to tell them apart. The male can use his on the penis and the female uses hers on the vagina. Once intercourse begins, the male can feel the female's lubricant and vice versa (unless you're like me and His does nothing for you.)

The idea of Wet Together was supposed to be a lubricant for the female that produces a tingling effect and one for the male that produces a a warming effect. Keep in mind that these effects vary from person to person!

This set of lubricants are designed more for couples since they're to be used together. However, these can also be used alone for toy play or whatever your heart desires. Just because there's one for him and one for her does not mean that it has to be used that way. She can use His and He can use hers. In other words, this can really be used by anyone of any gender. A male/male couple or female/female couple can enjoy the sensations just as well. They're latex safe and hypoallergenic.

HER INGREDIENTS (the pink bottle)
Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Peppermint Extract.

HIS INGREDIENTS (the blue bottle)
Glycerin, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E acetate)

As always, I'll go ahead and say, use with caution or not at all if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients. Keep in mind His contains Glycerin so those of you prone to yeast infections or UTI's should definitely stay away from His.

Her lubricant contains Peppermint Extract which is the ingredient that produces the cooling and tingling sensations. Wet Together claims that His lubricant is supposed to create a warming sensation, but I was unable to find any ingredient in the product that would create such sensations. I never felt any warming, tingling or cooling from His and neither did he.

Her lubricant also contains Dimethicone and Dimethiconol (silicone) so I would not recommend using this with silicone toys! I'm not sure if there's enough of the ingredient(s) to harm a toy, but it's best to be on the safe side!

Wet Together can be used for intercourse which is the main purpose, foreplay or solo play.
    • Foreplay
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

has a somewhat unique texture. It feels very different from her's. His has a runny, but almost gel-like texture. It feels slightly oily and thick on the skin. To me, His lubricant feels very different from most lubricants. It's thin but very tacky. Both his and her's is runny. His feels more like a thin oil and it creates some drag when it's massaged onto skin. It's also somewhat sticky and doesn't perform well in terms of lubrication. The sticky, greasy feeling of His makes this very frustrating for most purposes. The oily, stickyness helps it stay right in place though. It beads a little, like vegetable oil as well.

Describing the feeling and residue of His lubricant is challenging since it's terribly greasy, sticky and tacky. That combined with needing soap and water to remove it, makes this pretty worthless.

I would describe the texture as something like a vegetable oil and a thin, sticky gel.

Her lubricant has a very silky like texture that stays on the skin even after wiping it off. Unlike His lubricant, Her's feels silky and nice, like a silicone lubricant. I can't say this is the best lubricant and it certainly won't measure up to Liquid Silk or Maximum, but it's much better than His.

Her's is thin and runnier than his. It doesn't create any drag on the skin, but gives it a decent glide. While I can feel the silkyness after wiping it off with a dry wash cloth, it doesn't leave me sticky or greasy.
    • Oily
    • Textured
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

Her lubricant smells strongly of peppermint. It isn't bad, but it's not wonderful either. It depends on how you feel about the scent of peppermint. It isn't so strong that I can smell it from my crotch, but the smell lingers on my hands.

These are not edible lubricants so I wouldn't recommend using them as that. However, after the lubricants have dried up, the taste doesn't bother us much. His taste very sweet and hers tastes of mint. Unlike a peppermint candy, it doesn't taste sweet, but will leave the taste of peppermint leaves in the mouth. I wouldn't say it's a strong taste, but it isn't subtle either.

I'm unable to detect a scent from His lubricant.
    • Light taste


Her lubricant will lubricate throughout intercourse with a quarter sized amount. However, the intense cooling sensation varies. If I have applied a dime sized amount, I will feel the sensations for a good 30 minutes if I'm actually having sex or massaging in some way. If I completely stop any kind of stimulation, the cooling sensation disappears in about 15-20 minutes using a penny sized amount. During that time though, I can feel the cooling if I touch there.

Applying more of Her lubricant will intensify the already intense cooling sensations. It seems the only way to totally stop the cooling sensations is to let it wear off. Using water doesn't take away the sensations, but seems to intensify them, especially if the water is cool. This could be something some people enjoy trying, but it's not pleasant if you're trying to get it off a.s.a.p.

While I can still feel the cooling after using water, (unless it's worn off) I'm unable to feel any residue from the lubricant at all. Using a wet wash cloth will take care of cleaning the lubricant off, but the sensations can linger. I don't even need a wash cloth to get the slick lubricant off. It absorbs well and fairly quickly. It lasts throughout an average session of intercourse, but will absorb completely in 45-60 minutes leaving only a bit of softness behind.

I'm extremely picky about any left behind residue and I'll be bothered by even a slight amount, but Her's does really well. It doesn't leave any sticky, greasy or tacky residue behind and once an hour has passed, it's like nothing was ever there! However, once I go to shower, the water will bring back the slipperyness.

I do like that Her lubricant leaves no yucky residue behind and feels nice and smooth, but it's a pain when I want to hurry and get the intense cooling to stop.

Her's works well for penetration or massaging the clitoris. It's decent for using with toys for extra slip and slide as long as you want the intense cooling sensations. It doesn't create a wonderful amount of silky slipperness, but it does OK.

For massaging internally or externally, Her lubricant does well. As for male use with Her lubrication, it may be too intense for some. My partner did not like it. It was too intense making it harder for both of us to orgasm. The cooling was just too cold! In the beginning though, when the cooling isn't intense, but not subtle either, we both really enjoy it. Unfortunately, it gets more intense before it calms down and it just feels annoying!

His lubricant is just a total fail. It creates a drag instead of a slippery surface and it feels thick, tacky and greasy. For a hand job, the tackiness only gets worse and thrusting causes it to get clumpy. It leaves an awful residue that's damn near impossible to remove. I can't quite understand the purpose of His since it doesn't have any warming, tingling or cooling effect what so ever. It feels like a regular old gel on your genitals with a greasy texture.

While I can't handle Her's freezing my labia, I'd much prefer it over His. His will not wash off or wear off without a mini shower! I've actually never had a lubricant that left so much residue. It immediately leaves my hands and genitals sticky and draggy. I done a couple of "tests" with Wet Together which I'll talk about in my experience section.

His lubricant will stay behind on the genitals for at least 18 hours. A wet washcloth will not take any of the mess away. It isn't good for male masturbation, toy play or foreplay of any sort in my opinion. I would recommend using another favorite lubricant as His or replace it with a warming/cooling lubricant that you do like. It won't help towards dryness during sex and reapplication doesn't make a difference.

His does not absorb into the skin, but instead leaves a thick layer of grease on top of the skin. Much like a massage oil. During my 18 hour test, any time I touched my cooter, my hands would be greasy.
    • Allergy concerns
    • Gets sticky
    • Not compatible with all materials


Despite what a couple of friends have told me, I was pretty confident that Wet Together would be something I loved. I came close to buying the full size, but the cheapie in me came out and I settled for buying 4
16 oz sample packs instead. Each pack came with both His and Her lubricant and a little bit of information. They're the simple foil packets that you cut or tear open.

Both packages say Wet Together.

The Package of His lubricant is blue and says:
"Water soluble, Wet Together warming formula for him is hypo-allergenic, odorless, colorless, non-staining, and stays wet to provide clean, long lasting, silky smooth, warming sensations."

Directions say to apply to the areas of his body that you want to excite and reapply if desired. However, I doubt anyone will have the desire to do anything but wash this off! It also claims to be easy to wash off which is not even close to true.

These packets shoud be stored in a bag and upright if you want to reuse them.

Her pack says:
"Wet Together Tingling formula for her is hypoallergenic, odorless, colorless, non-staining, and stays wet to provide clean, long lasting, silky smooth, tingling sensations. It is extra concentrated with less need for reapplication."

The directions say to apply a small amount to the areas of her body you wish to excite. I do recommend starting off with a small amount as it is very intense!

The packaging is not discrete as it's clear that these are sexual lubricants. However, there isn't any crude text or images.

Special Features

The female's lubricant has cooling and tingling effect though I rarely feel tingling. The effects vary from person to person. The cooling sensation is too intense for me.

The male's lubricant is supposed to be warming, but me and my partner haven't ever felt a thing from it.
    • Cooling
    • Tingling

Personal comments

The packaging claims that these don't stain, but they certainly will! I wiped some off onto an old T-shirt and sure enough, huge greasy lube spot! Just be careful not to get too much on sheets or clothing.



I bought 4 sample packs of Wet Together. We had used the Ky Your's and Mine lubricants years ago and I loved them, but our still full bottles leaked out everywhere so I didn't purchase it again. Instead, I was sure Wet Together would be just as awesome. For our first try, I used the female lubricant alone for foreplay. I loved it for the first few minutes! However, it quickly became so intense that it only made my crotch freeze. It stopped feeling nice and got terribly annoying. To make matters worse, the extreme cooling wouldn't stop even after washing! I actually had to stop things because it was so uncomfortable. After it finally calmed down some, we went to oral sex. The cooling sensations had died down significantly, but it was like my clitoris wasn't getting anywhere. It kind of made oral sex dull! Then we added his lubricant and it did nothing at all besides leave us messy. Then combining his with hers, there was still no sensation from his lubrication, but her's was pretty nice for intercourse alone.

Tonight I tried again with her's. I used a dime sized amount and went to rubbing with the same results. In the beginning, it felt great, but minutes later I was too frozen to be aroused. I didn't want any more of that stuff on my lady bits so after two hours passed, my partner and I tried oral. Nothing. My clitoris went into hibernation mode and isn't budging! I don't know what it is about that stuff.

I would recommend washing Her's off as soon as you're done. Some got on my urethra and caused some discomfort for me.

As for intercourse or G-spotting, it is nice if you only use a small amount so that it's not so extreme. For me though, the female lubrication is just too much for anything except that. Using too much before intercourse and it numbs my insides! That makes it almost too frustrating to bother with. I have to be sure I use just the right amount or it ruins my orgasm! It just causes too much discomfort and I can't ignore it. (Sorry to be so detailed, but I'm trying to make my point without confusing.)

I wanted to be sure that I could give as accurate of results as possible so I used all of my samples at different times. I explained my first and last experience above. My last experience was tonight and I've made the decision not to purchase the full size bottles.

Earlier in the week I used His lubricant alone, without combining the two. It did nothing for me or my partner. I used it for foreplay and with a vibrator and it was such a mess! I had a bowl of water and muslin cloth in the bedroom that I use for cleaning my makeup off late at night. After 30 minutes of applying His and trying then reapplying, it was so messy that I couldn't go on. I dipped my cloth in the water bowl and tried wiping it off of myself. Nope. That gunky mess wasn't about to lighten my mood. No matter how much water I used, it was still there and stickier than ever.

Unfortunately, we had something come up right as I was wiping the mess and I had to leave. By the time 17 hours had passed, I still had a sticky, greasy crotch! I've never had a lube stay so nasty so long, but I usually get time to wash it. When I did make it home and to the shower, I touched my crotch and my hand had the greasy residue on it! So this stuff is stubborn! I had to lather up well with soap to get this off. I sometimes use this stuff called TouToulle Bay Body Oil for extreme dry skin on legs or feet and it's thin, but pretty greasy and that's how His lubricant felt on, only thicker!

While my partner and I aren't fond of Wet Together, my cat Fuzz is! I had the empty sample packets left out on my dresser to list the ingredients and I caught her rolling her face and body all over the open pack of Her's. It's the peppermint extract. She loves it! She tried eating it and when she sniffs products with peppermint, it's like it makes her high! That's one person (I mean cat) that is a fan!

Follow-up commentary
Needless to say, I didn't go out and buy this. I used the rest of my samples except for one and I plan to give it away in a huge sensual product gift basket. I think someone else *might* like it, but it's not something I liked enough to buy. I do love the edible massage + lubricant by Wet and have used it for years. The flavors are amazing and it cleans up easily, feels great. That is why I expected something so wonderful out of this product. It simply doesn't cut it for me. However, that won't stop me from trying other Wet products. I think this particular product is a hit and miss type of deal. Either you'll like it or you'll hate it. I just hear that most ladies have had bad reactions to this. I wouldn't say mine was a horrible experience, but not pleasant either.
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