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Mini tongue

Clitoral vibrator by Lady Calston

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How many licks does it take

This item I believe is spectacular. Just know the sensitivity of your clitoris, and if it takes a lot, just adjust it to low. Your body will adjust to it and you’ll save it from breaking. With this toy you have to be in touch with your clitoris and the toy. If it’s sensitive with the lowest speed then, you’re good to go and vary the speed. If not just simply work your way to a little stimulation. Trust me a little bit goes a long way.
Life-like, easy to use.
Heats up, brief use.
Rating by reviewer:
worth reading, but not useful review
My favorite quality of this toy is the texture, very life like, true-skin tip... that quickly puts me into an arousal. It feels very much so like a real tongue, and I decided to try to see the difference from my own tongue, and let me tell you... this was the result...

The tip of the mini tongue, was the same as my tongue, minus the saliva... and although, it is similar to my tongue, it differs... depending on how you want to be stimulated orally, have you’re partner... if you do have a partner... and have him/her lick you with their tongue, then use the toy... and from that I’m sure you’ll be able to tell what is the same, what is different, and what is exactly alike.

For extended use, keep cleaning the toy, ALWAYS, before and after... with anti bacterial soap, because it is porous, use warm water... and pat dry clean... the product is latex and phthalate free. Do not share with others... because STDs are a big factor in this, and Ill provide you safe sex information with this link.

Other ways of use, could be anything really, like nipples, labia, even without the licking action, aka batteries to make it lick like a tongue... You can also use it upside down...You can also use it on the male penis, the tip especially... you can also use it on any erogenous zones, and for those of you who have no idea what erogenous zones are check this link out ...

Erogenous Zones: For Women and here. For Men

You can also use it with a dildo, vibrator, but when stored keep them separate. Lube wise, use only water based lube...

Sensory experiences... on this product:
First of all, it looks like a tongue so you assume it is like a tongue, which in fact it very much is so... It smells, rubbery... ha ha, but it is gentle on your senses... or at least mine... It tastes like skin... man this is awkward...

My body reacts quickly with it, its funny how I end up wanting more... I also use it to tease myself to bring up the arousal, but drop it down, and when I vary it, my body just explodes with ecstasy. It just makes me a complete and udder animal lol... And since it’s easy to carry with its grip, it’s not too hard to move it with your hands... I usually use it on my clit in circles, and up and down, changing it up, and its amazing how excited my body gets, and let me tell you, it makes you a happy person... wet as hell... ha ha. It’s also great when you don’t have a partner to go down on you, or lick you from your head to your toes, because you have this substitute.
When I first got this toy, I didn’t think anything of it, but, when I tried it out, got addicted to it. I took the toy for granted, what I realized later, is that I was going through these toys like crazy, because of improper use. The toy came to a point that it would get so hot, that the actual material would rip, and I would see what made it rotate so fast. So keep this in mind that you don't let it get hot, because it will wear down the toy. It isn’t heat resistant, continue if warm, but when hot, stop immediately. So if you must get off, use another toy, and believe me, I know it sucks, but its better to have your tongue last a long time, then have it die because you just had to get off...

With constant brief use of the toy, and a low speed, I ran into no problems. On the positive note, your body becomes more sensitive, and you don’t have to work so hard on getting yourself off, because you trained yourself to be more sensitive.

When you use vibrators a lot, be careful, and I’m not talking about vibrators, but your clitoris for example... it will get used to a stimulation, but then eventually you really wont be able to feel it. Yes, you can damage your clit... losing sensitivity, and if you cant feel anything, try taking a bath, with just water, and lay there for about 15 minutes, then gently when in bed or someplace comfortable... gently touch yourself, and there is nothing wrong with self exploration, even if you have to do it again...

Then you will find out where it is sensitive and where it isn’t... so go ahead use the light setting, then your body will adjust, and you’ll be more sensitive... Hence you won’t kill your vibrator anymore, you’ll use it in moderation, and it will get you off quickly, then trying so hard to get yourself off that it seems like a non stop marathon, without the finish....
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  • Carrie Ann
    What's it made out of? How do you clean it? How do the controls work? What sort of lube can you use? Does it have a smell? Is cleaning it easy? Can you use it anally? How long is the tongue? How thick? Is it heavy?
  • Juliettia
    I echo Carrie Ann's questions.

    Also, I suggest that if you must include links that you properly format them and use a link syntax rather than a big long string. It makes your review look quite messy and uneducated.

    While I'm no queen to spelling or grammar, please take the time to double check your review for common errors (break instead of brake, your instead of ure), as well as to see if your sentences flow together without the use of dots/periods.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I echo the thoughts about spelling and grammar *"ure" instead of "your" and the wrong "youre" are just examples")

    Also, is this a real review or some spambot thing? That's exactly how the links make it seem.
  • Perish
    I'm sorry, but i found your review very hard to read and understand. You constantly jump from one topic to another while giving any in depth information. Also, you tried to give a comparison between something real and the toy itself in which i believe to be pointless since, your main focus should be on the toy itself and/or all it's individual aspects.

    Try to stay focused on the toy and try to stay on the topic that you're explaining. If this is done, your reviews will come out looking a whole lot better.
  • Mamastoys
    I have the same questions and comments as above. I too found your review very hard to read and follow..
    Hope your next one goes better.
  • pixieluv
    seems as if your review edit got better thanks for the info
  • NarcissisticLust
    Eek, heats up? That doesn't sound good. Thank you for the great review
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