Petite Couture Collection Gracious - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Buttercup Green

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With all of these fancy and high tech vibrators out there, it is nice to get back to basics once and a while. Gracious gives you all of the simple patterns and functions in a beautiful silicone package. Unfortunately, she can't be taken into the shower or tub. Despite this somewhat major setback, this toy and its new age shape really does a number on my lady parts. The vibrations are buzzy, but they are quite powerful. I can't complain too much.
Silicone, White, Unique shape for shallow G-spots, Control panel with LED lights, Strong
Battery cap can be a pain, White, Shape not for everyone, Flexible, Not Waterproof as advertised
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The Petite Couture Collection Gracious, or Gracious from now on, is a mix between a traditional and G-spot vibrator. How is that possible? Well, the shaft does have a G-spot curve. However, the overall design and look of the vibrator is very clean, simple, and traditional. The Gracious is another one of those multi-purpose vibrators. It can be used to stimulate the clit, G-spot, or the outside of the anus. That being said, it does not have a flared base or even a designated stopping point, so I would caution anyone who wanted to use this anally. I do not feel comfortable inserting this anally. Those who are more experienced may want to. Like I have said many times before, just be careful when adventuring anally. I can't stop anyone from using this toy anally, but I can say that this toy isn't made to do so. The shaft is flexible (as you will soon see), so deep G-spots will be left more frustrated than anything with this toy. The toy can stand up to very little pressure before it starts to flex, so pinpoint or broad pressure cannot be achieved with great results. The toy is short and thin enough to please almost anyone (except Size Queens/Kings), so I definitely believe this is a great choice for beginners. To top it all off this toy is waterproof, but there will be more on that later.

Material / Texture

This toy's shaft is made out of non-porous silicone. Gracious has a little bit of drag, but some water based lube will easily remedy that problem. The entire toy is 100% seam free! I have to say that I expected this toy to have a seam. Silicone is also hypo-allergenic and latex/phthalates free. It didn't come with any scents or weird tastes. The entire shaft is plush and feels heavenly. The only flexible part of the shaft is the middle section. It flexes pretty easily, but the firm tip gives some awesome pressure. The bottom portion where the controls and the battery compartment are located is made out of plastic. This material is also non-porous, and it can be slippery with lubed up fingers. For the price, I am extremely pleased with the high quality materials.

The front of the vibrator has two indented lines going down the center. I cannot feel them during use, but it is easy to feel it with my fingers. These lines collect and trap fluids very easily, so be sure to pay extra care to this area when cleaning. The back of the vibrator has a large indented scoop. If using this toy as a clitoral vibrator, this scoop can be used as a finger placement to guide pressure where you want it. I can kind of feel this texture during use, but it doesn't add or take anything away from the toy. Those who are more sensitive to texture may feel it more. I am used to raised textures, so that may be why this kind of texture doesn't do anything for me.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Gracious comes with a different shape, and that shape is like a rectangle! The photos on the web page makes it look like the edges could potentially be very sharp and painful, but they are rounded off for comfort. Gracious has no sharp edges or points to her. The entire shaft resembles a rectangle. This unique shape will either put people off completely or intrigue them. Guess which category I fell into? I am all about the unusual and interesting, so I immediately fell in love with this toy's looks. Plus, I am a huge sucker for white silicone. It looks super clean and classy. It is absolutely drool worthy in my opinion. The tip of the shaft is firm yet plush because that is where the bullet is located, but the middle of the shaft is pure silicone and very flexible. This allows the tip to provide some awesome pressure while the middle of the shaft can bend to fit your body and keep you in comfort.
The tip is squared off, and it can look scary and intimidating at first. All of us are used to rounded, tapered, and realistic heads so this definitely looks difficult to insert. However, that is not the case. As said before, the tip is plush so insertion is very comfortable. If anything, the squared head gives a fuller feeling than some of the round shaft toys. The shorter shaft is perfect for those that have a shorter vaginal canal. I have never had a problem with this bumping into my cervix, and I have never had this toy give me anything but pleasure. The shortness also makes this toy very easy to store and travel with. I think anyone who is willing to give this toy a try will find something to love.
The base where the controls are located can be pretty difficult to hold onto when all lubed up. The buttons are also pretty easy to press and change, and this is because the base is pretty short. Due to the short base, my hand can cover the entire control panel and the slightest bump against the buttons will make the toy change patterns or turn off altogether. It doesn't happen very often unless I am in a weird position. I have really enjoyed the unique design and amazing quality of this vibrator, and I would not hesitate to buy more.
Total Length- 7"
Insertable Length- 5"
Diameter- 1 1/8"
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

Gracious is pretty simple to use. Twist the battery cap counterclockwise, lift it off, and then insert 2 AAA batteries (rechargeable ones can be used). Line up the battery cap, push down, and twist the cap clockwise. Don't be afraid if you hear a pretty loud snapping noise. That just means that the cap is good and on there. Once the batteries are in, press the power button (the top one with the power symbol). A red light will turn on. Then press the squiggly line to start the patterns. Keep pressing this button to cycle through all the patterns. This toy can be turned off at any time by quickly pressing the power button.
One thing I wanted to point out about Gracious is that she is NOT waterproof. I took her in the shower for a quick session with my husband. When we got out, we noticed that there was water in the battery compartment. We immediately dried her out, and we left her to out to dry some more for the next couple of hours. She works just fine, and I have not noticed any irregularities or function issues since then. This happen by just taking her in the shower, so I would not be comfortable nor would I recommend submerging this toy. Gracious can stand up to a quick cleaning, but she will never go in the shower or tub with me ever again. Even though we had a little mishap with this toy, it has still become a must have in my toy box. The shape fills me up without causing irritation. The petite stature makes heavy thrusting possible and awesome because it does not and will not hit my cervix.
The vibrations are pretty high pitched and buzzy, but they are powerful. They are all located in the tip, but they carry pretty well down the shaft. The vibes can be felt in the handle/base, but it doesn't cause my fingers to get itchy or numb.
1.)Low vibrations
2.)Medium vibrations
3.)High vibrations
4.)Short rapid pulses that escalate in intensity (low to high, then start all over)
5.)Short pulses
6.)Super short pulses
7.)3 short pulses followed by one long pulse

    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

This toy is very easy to care for. A simple cleaning with warm water and antibacterial soap is all that is needed. It can also be wiped down with toy wipes or toy cleaner. Dues to the inside motor and plastic handle, I would not boil this or stick it in the dishwasher as it could ruin the toy. Since this does collect quite a bit of lint and hair, I suggest washing this down before and after each use. I would also recommend storing this in a Ziploc bag, the original packaging, or some kind of storage to help keep it clean (white silicone tends to show every bit of dirt that gets stuck to it). Be sure to cover this toy with a condom if sharing with a partner.
Even though I love white silicone, I am always worried that it will turn yellow or always look dirty. I have had no problems with this toy though. It has stayed that vibrant white color. To keep it looking brand spanking new, always use water based lubricants with it.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Gracious comes in a thin cardboard box that is definitely less than "couture". The front and back hosts full pictures of the toy, so it isn't very discreet. There aren't any naked ladies or crude language on the box. The entire box is covered in basic information such as "Premium Japanese Medical Grade Silicone", "Designed for Power and Performance", "Feather Touch Controls with Luminous Light", "Seamless, Sophisticated and Unscented", "May Be Used In and Out of the Water", "Automatic On/Off Button", and "Seven Functions of Vibration, Pulsation, and Escalation". The only thing that is falsely advertised is the waterproof feature, but I have already explained what happened there. The toy is wrapped inside of some foam to protect it during shipping. The box could be used for future storage, but keep in mind that it is pretty flimsy and might break very quickly.

    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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