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I'm far from pleased

The toy has frustrated, caused pain and been a nightmare. The product is too cheap and deformed for use and the manufacturer claims are off (no suction). The vibrations are a nightmare and it seems the manufacturer doesn't even know the toy they made, the box says TPR and Eden says Jelly. I hate this toy with a burning passion. I just got the overall impression that the manufacturer cares very little about their own product and their customers, and that's a huge turn off for me.
Bullet could be used for emergencies, such as your vibrator needing temporary replacement.
Ticklers hurt. Not what manufacturer claims. Doesn't suction. Deformed.
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The Pleaser is designed or supposed to be designed to perform in a suctioning way for the clitoris. Pleaser is not meant to be used internally but if you desired to (unlikely that you will, ever!) then I suppose you could. From what the box says it's supposed to cup around and over the clitoris and suction while the ticklers tickle and please. However, this is not the case, Far from it. I would label this toy as a definite novelty, one time use or for someone who has never experienced a sex toy. In any of those cases, this may bring about some excitement. Inside the cup are 4 ticklers, they are soft and pliable like the rest of the sleeve. The toy comes with a silver bullet vibrator attached to a cord which is then attached to the controller but can be removed from the controller end for easy cleaning. The sleeve can easily be taken off the bullet and cleaned or if you've found yourself in a situation such as myself, the jelly sleeve can be removed from the bullet and thrown away completely. Needless to say, this is a California Exotics fail.

I do think this is a good toy for couple play if you're looking for a simple and light tease. It's something that a male and female will more than likely feel comfortable with using and the design makes it OK for a couple introducing toys into their relationship. To be honest, I highly doubt any experienced sex toy user will find this a good toy. A joke, maybe but not a good toy. It's lacking in every area (more on this later). If you're looking for your first toy as a couple, this won't be intimidating and being small enough to carry in your pocket or purse can be thrilling. If you're looking for a something to lightly tease in the car or on vacation this could be a good toy for that, but I doubt it will bring anybody to the finish line. Its best use would be as a gag gift in my opinion.

Despite the fact that this is a clitoral stimulator, it feels best on the breasts. With a bit of massage oil and while pulling the cup back to expose the ticklers, this can be relaxing when used on the breasts and nipples.

Since the bullet vibe can be removed from the sleeve, you can at least get some use out of the bullet alone if you enjoy the vibrations. Since they aren't the strongest, the bullet can be used alone on other sensitive body parts and that's a nice use of this toy. You can also take the sleeve off and slide it over your fingers and then rub the ticklers on your body.
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    • Couples
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    • Campus/roommate living
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    • Nipples

Material / Texture

Pleaser is made of Jelly. It's virtually odourless and tasteless. The only texture this toy was meant to have, are the ticklers. The sleeve is supposed to be smooth and slick, however, mine is deformed badly. You know when you have a piece of chocolate in your pocket and it gets squished around and melts and then when you stick it in the fridge it comes out with ripples and creases all in it? Well that's exactly how my Pleaser is except worse! It's very ugly looking due to this. The cup area is supposed to be open so it can cup around the clitoris, but mine was "smooshed" almost closed making it impossible to cup around my clitoris. The toy has more flaws than any toy I have ever seen in my life, it seems it may have been taken from the mold too soon and crammed in a package? The opening where the bullet goes in has sharp, uneven chunks of jelly.

The ticklers are like the rest of the sleeve, jelly, pliable and squishy. By the looks of them, you wouldn't expect them to hurt, but they did! They poked my clitoris and it actually hurt, even with lubricant. If they aren't painful to you, it would be nice to glide them over the clitoris and even circular motions sound promising. I was highly disappointed, I don't want to be poked in the clit, it's not arousing.

I would have to say this is more for beginners or those who haven't yet figured out there's better out there.

To the touch, it's draggy and sticky and it's a lint and hair magnet. I can't exactly call it smooth with such damage done to the jelly sleeve. I think the material would be fine for external use and could have been arousing had it actually worked. The jelly is very flexible and pliable without the bullet inside and it is jelly so yes, it's porous.
    • Porous
    • Sticky

Design / Shape / Size

I liked the idea of the design, suction, ticklers and vibrations. Sounds like it has everything going for it. I love the idea of a light suction cup around the clitoris. I have a suction toy and love it, but my battery's dead in it and I've not replaced it. This one just doesn't measure up, to anything.

It's very small, about the same size of a bic lighter making it a good travel toy and great for playing in the car. You can't hide it in your pocket since the controller is so large, but it'll all fit in a small purse. The sleeve is a much more vivid pink color than the picture shows. It's a pretty color, but transparent and that reveals the bullet shoved up inside of it and then you have the cord so I wouldn't call it discrete, but it can be easily hidden.

This little guy measures:

Length: 3"
Circumference: 3 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/4"
Width: 1 1/4"
Weight: 0.5 lb
I measured the cord to be about 31" long, but that could be only slightly off as the cord had serious kinks in it.

The bullet goes inside the sleeve and can be removed and put back inside easily. I had no problems with doing that. The bullet does stick out from the sleeve a little and it is not waterproof! The very end has a small cup shape, if it isn't deformed. The 4 ticklers are inside the cup and the edges of the cup can be peeled back to clean inside and around the ticklers easily. You can also peel back and hold the cup to use the ticklers on your nipples, but it's really a lot of work to hold that cup back just for the ticklers. It's for external use and I doubt it would be very pleasurable to use internally.

The ticklers aren't too noticeable while just holding the Pleaser to your clit, especially if your cup is deformed and closed. If you move it around on the clitoris or apply pressure, the ticklers poke unpleasantly. This may just be my experience though, someone else may enjoy the ticklers. There wasn't any sensations from them except for poking.

Honestly the best option for this toy just may be to hold onto the bullet in case you need to replace another one in a different vibrator, but I personally would not choose this bullet. Still, it might make a good back up and can be somewhat pleasurably used alone on the clitoris.

The bullet is strong, not strong as in the most intense vibrations, but it's very high pitched and buzzy. In my hand it jumps around like a Mexican bean! It seems as if the vibrations would feel better with it being so strong but they're more prickly than pleasurable. I have so many problems with this toy that I just don't have use for it and I'm just plain frustrated with it. The bullet makes me numb in seconds and I can barely hold onto it because it squirms! When using it alone on my clitoris, I have to hold it by its cord. After 5-8 minutes the bullet gets very hot and I shut it off in fear of something awful happening. I don't want a burned *and* inflamed clit!

The product claims to suction and it does nothing of the sort. It's poorly made and I tend to steer clear of manufacturers who don't seem to care much about their customers or products they make and that's exactly what this toy says.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

So, with this toy you have the jelly sleeve, the bullet with cord attached and the controller. The cord can be detached from the controller for easy cleaning and storing (I like this). To plug it back into the controller you simply stick the headphone like plug into the controller's only hole and make sure you have your 2 AA batteries in! The controller is a cheap, white and transparent piece of junk (to be painfully honest) with "California Exotics" proudly displayed on it. The batteries go inside a sliding door compartment which feels as if it's going to break or crack when slid opened or closed. I dropped it once and looked at my partner and said "it's broken isn't it?" It wasn't but I was surprised. The controller clearly won't withstand much damage and it should be kept out of the way so you don't lay on it in the moment of heat and break it.

On the side of the controller is a little spin dial type deal labeled "high" and "low". Simply use your finger to slide the dial to "high" for a higher speed or "low" to decrease. It's a gradually increasing kind of vibrator so it was hard to count the different speeds, but I counted 5, sometimes 4. I'm really unsure whether it's 5 or 4, it only says "multi-speed."

The highest setting was very buzzy and high pitched and in my hand it jumps, squirms and makes me numb, but unless it's directly touching my clitoris (making me squirm) it feels weak. One problem is that it immediately makes me numb and gives me that prickly pins and needles sensation, and I really am not fond of pins or needles on my clit (It's painful at times). On the lowest setting it won't even perk me up and on the next 3 it's buzzy but not arousing. However, the second, third, fourth and fifth speeds are nice on the nipples and the first 3 settings are relaxing when rubbed on your breasts, neck, back or stomach. The only problem is, my partner can barely keep it in his hands to do this.

The bullet goes in the sleeve and stops right before the cup area starts but it feels more intense in the cup. When pressed against the clit with no movement, it can be a nice tease. If the pokers don't bother you, you may be able to get further with this but I highly doubt this will get anybody off.

I would like to be able to use the bullet but it's not worth it either, the vibrations are too buzzy. I've searched my brain to figure out why it isn't feeling good when it's pretty strong on high, but I just don't know. I'm just totally frustrated with the toy.

This toy is not waterproof.

We tested the loudness of this toy and that turned out to be one decent thing. With both my partner and I on my day bed, the TV on and the air conditioner on he couldn't hear the vibrator on any setting except for high. Unless you're in a very large room, the highest setting will be heard. Then he stood right against the door while I turned it on high (about 40 feet from where he stood) he couldn't hear it at all so it won't be heard through a closed door with a TV or air conditioner on.
    • Easy to use
    • Not enough variety

Care and Maintenance

This is made of jelly so it's porous and has a material safety rating of 2. I do not recommend sharing this but if you must, be sure to use a condom. This toy is compatible with water based lube. To avoid damaging this little guy, do not use silicone based lubricants.
To clean this toy, always make sure to detach the cord from the control back and do not submerge in water. It's not waterproof.

Make sure the Jelly sleeve is removed from the bullet and clean the sleeve thoroughly with warm water and anti bacterial soap or toy cleaner, you'll need to pull back the cup to get inside and around the ticklers. It takes no time to clean.

To clean the bullet you can wipe it down with a cloth and toy cleaner or a damp wash cloth. Since the bullet doesn't really have much contact with your lady bits and since it's not something most will choose to insert, cleaning is very easy. I wouldn't suggest running water over the bullet, there's a seam in it that looks more like a crack.

This toy should not be stored with direct contact to your other toys as you probably know, this can result in a damaged or melted toy. I have been keeping it in a plastic baggy and toss it in the toy box, since it's small it will fit anywhere.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Pleaser came packaged in a small paper box, about the size of my hand and it's not going to hold up for storage at all, Mine ripped the day I got it. It has tacky photos and text all over the front and back, it's not discrete as it has pictures of the Pleaser and photos of a woman in somewhat revealing attire, I really don't quite understand what purpose she serves.
The box has text that says "Pussy Pleaser" in huge words "Clit Arouser" and it has arrows pointing to different parts of the toys that say " Incredible Ticklers!" "Powerful silver bullet" and "Cups clitoris for suction contact". The short description says "Place this soft, pliable arouser over and around the clitoris and power up the multi-speed power pack for exhilarating and orgasmic sensations as you bring yourself to the height of ecstasy." Needless to say, this is a highly overstated description of this toy.
It also says "Powerful suction cup with clitoral scoop." and this toy has neither. I find it hard to believe that the manufacturer even believed these words. Then you have the famous "SOLD AS A NOVELTY ONLY!" and it also says the materials are "TPR sleeve, ABS with metallic plating (bullet) and PP (battery pack)". If you didn't notice, the box says the sleeve is TPR and that is a flat-out lie. It's CLEARLY not and Eden's product page says it's Jelly, It is. The box goes on to say "This product is intended for use as a novelty product only, for external use only, any product use for medical purpose or for a use that has an adverse effect on any function of the body is prohibited." They make this very clear since it's stated "novelty only" twice! I would follow the advice of not using it internally, but I'd take a step further and not use it period, Sounds safer.

No other instructions are included but we really learn enough by reading the box, enough to scare us away too.

This would not make a good storage or gift.
    • Not discreet


After the first 15 minutes of playing with this around my clitoris it became increasingly painful and that's unusual because my clitoris is fairly sensitive but has never responded badly or with pain from anything. I stopped for a while and tried again and I had a burning sensation. I looked at it and the darn thing was swollen twice it's normal size and inflamed! As much as I didn't want to mention this, it looked like I had 2 clitorises! I thought it was a goner but everything cleared up within 24 hours and I've not used that thing since.

I wasn't pleased, turned on or aroused with it in any way we tried it. My partner tried it on me for some time and we got nowhere. Holding it still and holding the cup open like it's supposed to be helps but is too much work for a light tease.
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately, my recent tried with Pleaser have failed me still. After having negative reactions to the material and only getting frustrated with the poorly made design, I couldn't push myself to keep bothering with it. I tossed it out recently and have yet to regret it. It was only taking up space and by this time I was sure I had no use for it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone and I've even found myself steering clear of other toys from the company.
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