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In My Field of Paper Flowers...

Bloom has proven itself worthy enough to have a place by my bedside. It has two strong motors, one in each end, and it is a lovely shade of green! It is rechargeable, and it holds that charge for a good while. While the vibrations lean toward the buzzy side, it is powerful. Honestly, I am starting to think that my body doesn't care about what type of vibrations a toy has just as long as it is powerful. Bloom offers pinpoint and broad stimulation, so there really is something for everyone!
Double ended, Waterproof, Powerful, Packaging, Storage pouch, Green!, Rechargeable, Adorable design
For me-none
For others-no patterns, will not hit everyone's G-spot
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Bloom is a double ended vibrator that manages to not only look gorgeous but delivers powerful vibrations in each end. There is a bullet in each end, however, the vibrations are more powerful in the bigger end. The bloom part of the vibrator, also known by me as the bigger end, is shaped to deliver pinpoint and broad stimulation to the clitoris. It can also provide some stimulation to those shallow G-spots. The pointed tip delivers excellent pressure to mine, but Bloom will not hit everyone's spot unfortunately. Not only can this be an insertable vibe, the flexible neck allows the other vibrating end to be placed on the clitoris for some dual stimulation. I love to use this as I would the G-ki by Je Joue. A simple rocking motion sends me over the moon, or I should say over the field. Either end can be used to stimulate the outside of the anus, the nipples, and anywhere else your heart desires. I do not feel comfortable inserting this anally, so I do not recommend others to do it either.

For those who do not like to use phallic shaped toys, Bloom is very whimsical and nature inspired. For those that love artistic toys, like I do, Bloom will be hard to resist. The overall presentation of Bloom would make an excellent gift for anyone. Bloom has passed the waterproof test by being fully submerged during bath time and while being cleaned. If you need a powerful and discreet vibrator, I really think Bloom would be a wise decision. That is if you are willing to cough up the dough!
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Bloom is composed of wonderful, body safe silicone! It has some drag, but a couple of drops of water based lubricant will fix that. Silicone is latex free, hypo-allergenic, and phthalates free. However, one of the best thing about silicone is that it is non-porous! That is just a fancy way of saying that it will not harbor any bacteria, which is great if you are prone to infections. It has no taste, but it did arrive with that "new toy" smell. This washed off after the first cleaning. Silicone is only compatible with water based lubricants. I would say to do a patch test if you wanted to try a silicone based lube, but the company clearly states that this will void the warranty. Each end has a bullet in it, so it is very rigid. The neck or middle part is all silicone, which allows it to be pretty flexible.
There is a visible seam running up and around both sides of the toy. It can barely be felt with the fingers and not at all during use, but it is still somewhat of an eye sore. Towards the bottom of the "stem", or the slimmer end, are multiple words and symbols. Before ordering, I was really turned off by this. I thought it really took away from the toy. The information booklet that comes with the toy states that they had to do this to every toy for legal reasons. I can understand that, and after using the toy, I honestly was not bothered by it anymore. The strong vibes made up for this greatly! Around these symbols are where the control panel (the two raised buttons) are located.

    • Flexible in the middle
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid in the ends

Design / Shape / Size

I have always had this fantasy of making love in the outdoors, and my partner making love to me in a field of flowers. I can picture him running flowers all over my body, and the petals falling off to tease and tickle my sensitive skin. I have to stop before I get super turned on! Since we live in an apartment complex, this isn't possible at the moment. Bloom makes me feel one step closer to nature and my fantasy.
The smaller end has a nice round tip, which then tapers down into the small and flexible neck. If using this end, you will find that the bloom end makes quite a good handle. Because this is where the raised symbols and charging port is, be thorough in the cleaning process. Make sure all bodily fluids and lubes are completely washed out of the charging port. The raised symbols may cause irritation to those who are sensitive to that type of thing.
The neck is made out of silicone, so it can bend in any direction. I could not bend it all the way back to where it touched another part of the toy, but I can bend it to about a ninety degree angle. I am afraid that if I bend it any further, the wiring will get messed up. It just does not feel stable and secure enough for me to try it. If you are like me in any way, then you are probably thinking, "How do you thrust when the neck is so flexible". This was one of my biggest fears when it came to purchasing Bloom. My husband and I both thrust like madmen (and madwomen), so I was worried that the flexible neck would cause it to buckle under the pressure of our thrusting. I am so happy to say that we both never had a problem with this happening. It does bend a little, but it never buckles. When bent, it always goes back to its original shape as well.
The bigger end, or the bloom end, is the crowning piece of this toy. It really reminds of the clitoral vibe Fresh in the way it is designed. It has a pointed tip for pinpoint stimulation, and it has a flat surface for broad stimulation. Before it goes into the tip, the bloom end has some sensual curves that hugs the body just right. I was expecting this end to be more round and full, but it is pretty flat. However, that does not change my opinion of this toy. It still feels fantastic when using it either externally or internally.
When using either end, the vibrations travel well throughout the silicone. I do not find that the silicone muffles the vibes at all. The slight drag of the silicone actually enhances its performance for me. If you have only one end going, the vibes can be felt a little at the other end, but it will not make your hand go numb. The overall design of Bloom is super discreet and would be perfect for anyone willing to try it.
Total length- 7"
Insertable length- up to 4 1/2" (that leaves enough room for the control panel when using the big end)
Diameter of large end- 1 3/8"
Diameter of small end- 1"
Diameter of neck- 1/4"
Length of each button- 3/8"

    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Bloom's controls remind me a lot of the Jopen vibrators. As mentioned before, Bloom is double ended and therefore has two bullets (one in each end). There are two raised buttons toward the slimmer end or the stem. The top button controls the bloom portion (the larger end), and the bottom button controls the bullet in the stem. In order to turn the desired end on, simply press and hold until you reach the desired level of vibrations. A green light will flicker while you hold the button. Once you reach the highest level, the green light will glow steady. Those who are used to pressing the control panel buttons in order to increase the vibrations may find this confusing or difficult to get the hang of it in the beginning. I love the easy to control vibes, and even my husband found it super easy! He always has to fumble around with the toy for a little while before he is comfortable with it. Sometimes I even have to ask him if he needs any help figuring it out! The best thing about the way this toy is controlled is that a simple press of the button will quickly turn the toy off. If the button is accidentally pressed, the vibrator starts out at the lowest speed of vibrations when turned back on. If you hold both buttons down at the same time expecting both ends to turn on, you will be pleasantly surprised. Holding down the buttons simultaneously for three seconds will lock Bloom, which makes it perfect for traveling or storage. You will know when the vibe is properly locked when the green lights behind the two buttons goes away. To unlock, follow the same rules. When it is properly unlocked, the green light will turn back on.
Bloom arrives in its locked state. The user manual states that the vibrator should be charged for 3 hours prior to the first use. To charge, slip the charger into the little hole that is located in the end of the vibe. The buttons will glow a red color to indicate that the toy is charging, and the red light will disappear when charging is done. All of the Leaf toys are powered by a lithium-polymer battery. This type of battery has no memory, which means it does not have to be drained of power before charging it up again. Bloom took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge the first time. That charge has lasted almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. I also use it on its highest level at all times, so it may last longer when used on the lower levels. The vibrations vary from end to end. The smaller end has very buzzy vibrations, while the bloom end is a mixture of rumbly and buzzy. However, the bloom end leans more toward the buzzy side of vibrations. Those who love patterns may be disappointed with Bloom as it only offers steady vibrations.
I have used Bloom in the tub, and apart from being louder, it worked very well. Out of the water, I would give Bloom 2 bees. In the water, I would give it 3.5 bees. After submerging Bloom, always let it completely and thoroughly dry before charging.
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Bloom is very easy to care for. Since it is made out of non-porous silicone, simply clean with warm water and antibacterial soap. I would not recommend this toy to be boiled or put through the dishwasher. It can, however, be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution or sprayed down with a toy cleaner.
The silicone is a bit of a lint magnet, so I suggest storing it in the supplied pouch. Use only water based lubricants, as silicone lubes will degrade the material and void the warranty of Bloom. If sharing, please take the necessary safety precautions (condom, dental dam...). I also recommend that the Bloom be washed before and after use.


Bloom comes packaged in a thick and sturdy cardboard box. The box is super nice, so I kept mine for storing my little toys like bullets and batteries. The outside of the box has some pictures and information about the toy. Inside, you will find the user manual, Bloom, storage pouch, and charger. The user manual is located inside of a book like envelope with velcro closures. I appreciate the effort, but I honestly threw this away before placing the user manual in my filing cabinet.
Bloom was inside of the pouch whenever I first opened the packaging. Both Bloom and the charger are packaged in their own plastic bags. The toy's plastic bag has a warning on it about the consequences of using silicone lubes with Bloom. The storage pouch is quite thick. It isn't the softest pouch, but it definitely keeps the fuzzies away! It is closed with dark brown drawstrings. It doesn't have a fastener, so tying the drawstrings is necessary if you want to make sure it stays closed. The only print on the pouch is the Leaf logo, which will not be recognized by most people.

    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I just have to say that I took these pictures outside with the help of my cute little garden turtle, whose name is Tapanga, and not one person stopped and asked why I was taking pictures of a vibrator outside in the public. That honestly goes to show you just how discreet this design actually is.
Also, look how adorable Tapanga is! Thanks for the help little turtle.


I honestly have to say that I bought this assuming that I would only like to use it as a clitoral vibrator, and that is how it was first used. My husband, being so thoughtful, asked me if there was a toy that needed to be reviewed soon. I pulled out the Bloom, and he was astonished by the design. He had seen it before online, but he thought that it wouldn't be right for me. Once he turned it on, however, he knew he had been wrong. He spread my legs and placed Bloom directly on my clit. He put the bigger end over my clit and let the vibrating stem tease and tantilate the outside of my vaginal opening. He eased back and just watched me squirm and moan. Finally, he couldn't watch anymore. Bloom got tossed to the side after being quickly shut off, and we proceeded to have a fantastic night. Bloom didn't make me orgasm that night, but I wasn't ready to give up hope.
A week or so later, I pulled this toy out for a lengthy solo session. I popped in a porn (I believe it was Rough Sex 3-Adrianna's Dangerous Mind), and I went to town. Having the Bloom end turned onto the highest setting, it took me about 25 minutes to orgasm, which is normal for me. It takes a long time for me to orgasm clitorally. I found the shape of the bloomed end perfect for pinpoint and broad stimulation. This shape reminds me a little of the Fresh vibrator. After that nice orgasm passed, I started to slowly insert the bigger end. Since I had already come clitorally, I decided not to turn the other end on as I was still very sensitive. My G-spot usually hates pointed ends, but it responded so well with the pointed side of the large end. I had about two vaginal orgasms, and then I had a beloved G-spot orgasm. I squirted so much onto the blanket on our bed (note to self: Buy a Liberator throe ASAP). I can almost never make myself squirt. I usually need someone else to work the toy in order for me to relax and fully immerse myself into an orgasm. I did not think that Bloom would turn out to be such a wonderful insertable vibrator, but once again I have been proven wrong. In the end, I got a terrific clitoral and insertable vibrator!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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