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I love this toy. I've nicknamed it "the clit whisperer" because if you're a fan of clitoral stimulation, this is THE vibe for you! The vibrations are amazingly strong, and with the head being so small, you can find that PERFECT little spot.
Pinpoint vibration
Interchangeable attachments
Colors don't match
Magnetic charging connection breaks easily
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First impression

So by this time in my sex toy experience, I can basically recite the virtues and weaknesses of pretty much every type of sex toy ever made, from the silicone dildo to bullet vibes, from the oscillating Rabbit to the formidable Magic Wand. So I was looking for something a little different when I ordered this thing. The shape looked perfect for both solo and assisted play, and the promise of being waterproof seemed wise, assuming the thing produced the intended results.

Vita comes through the mail in a plain discreet box, as Eden products always do. Inside of the shipping box is a simple white cardboard box that is shrink-wrapped to assure no tampering.

Contained inside are the device itself, two (2) soft attachments, and a magnetic charging cord (somehow, I lucked out with an extra).

I was taken aback by the color pallete of this product. It's a blush pink with a rose gold accent that clashes horribly, but let's face it... we don't buy sex toys because they complement our decor... so back to what is important.

The magnetic charge is located on the bottom of the device. It is easy enough to plug into any standard USB charging block. Love the magnetic charging - no worries about getting water somewhere it isn’t supposed to go during clean up.

The on/off power button is also located on the handle of the device. As are the intensity control buttons. The LED light flashes when charging then solid when fully charged and also when the toy is powered on.

First Use

First, I charged it up for 2 hours.

Then I settled in for some solo action with my new friend... Imagine an electric toothbrush without the head, that’s about the approximate weight and style of this toy. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this toy because it’s vibrations are stronger than most vibrators I have.

I also definitely have to point out that this silicone-covered toy is QUIET. Perfect if you don't want to announce to all your neighbors that it's sexy playtime!

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. It will buzz and light up when on. Then each press of the escalation or de-escalation button cycles through the seven (7) power settings from low to hi, and back to low. For those of us that enjoy a constant high-intensity buzz, this toy does not have any patterns!

There are 2 soft silicone attachments that fit over the bulb of the head of the device, that are intended to distribute and soften the intensity of the vibrations, one is a rabbit style attachment which carries the vibrations along its floppy ears, and the other is a paddle style attachment that has some gentle nubs meant to hug your nub! Personally, I prefer Vita without the attachments, but they are a fun way to mix up the use of this toy.

Further Experience

So, this thing is chargeable, always a bonus in toys. The battery life is quite amazing. I've used it about six (6) times so far, and all in 10-20 minute sessions, I still haven't had to recharge it once!!

Even on the lowest setting, it's very, very intense, and it really packs a punch, especially if placed directly on the clit (if you're very sensitive, I would recommend holding it a little bit above or to the side).

At the lowest setting, it produces lower-frequency results, not unlike a bullet vibrator. Turn it up one or two notches, and you enter the high-frequency zone. It does tend to bog down if you press down with it really hard. I got the best sensations when I pulsed the applied pressure, letting the motor rev up and down with each press.

Vita is intended for stimulation on the clitoris but also feels amazing on other sensitive areas. I have used it for incredible results on my nipples, taint, anus, and vagina. Some men may enjoy the added stimulation on their testicles and penis, though I suspect it may be too much stimulation generally speaking.

Vibration Map

Let me just say if you're driving this thing for your partner, put it NEAR her clit at first, rather than blasting right on the spot, or you're likely to get smacked - hard. Just sayin'. Once she is really warmed up, the direct approach might meet with greater approval. The majority of the vibrations are centered in the ball tip, but the are some residual vibrations that can be felt down the shaft and into the handle, which opens up the range of possibilities for playing with this product.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This baby had me squealing in less than a minute, and I have had many thigh shaking, sheet soaking orgasms with it since. The sensations I found by leaving the attachments off and laying the thing lengthwise along my vaginal lips and resting against my clitoris was the best starting spot, but as my arousal built, the intensity of the precision stimulation on my clitoris is what pushed me to climax...repeatedly.
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Follow-up commentary
I still loooove this toy! Its intensity avoids making it feel "buzzy", which makes it one of my favorite pieces.
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    Great review! I have added this to my wish list.
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    Another high-quality review! Definitely a pin-point precision looking vibrator.
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    Thank you! It's quickly become a fav!
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    Great review !! I want this so bad now! Haha
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    Thank you! I highly recommend it!
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    Awesome review! I'm adding this one to our wish list, like you stated, we have tried Just about every kind of toy as well, but this looks different and exciting. Thank you.
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    Awesome!! I hope you love it.
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