Lola orgasm deluxe - g-spot vibrator by Nasstoys - review by Spiking Glue

Lola orgasm deluxe

G-spot vibrator by Nasstoys

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Low, thrummy, basic G

The Lola Orgasm Deluxe has deep vibrations which can be enjoyed in and out of water. The bendy mid-section aids in ergonomic insertion, and the shape and popper really do focus the vibrations where you want it, making it good for both G and clitoral stimulation.
Filling. Waterproof. Bendy. Firm. Easily focused. Deep and powerful vibrations.
Jelly material is gummy gummy gummy. Seems to go through batteries quickly.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I thought such an unsexy thing when I first saw the Lola Orgasm Deluxe -- I thought of slug antennae, just… waving slowly. It kinda grossed me out. Thank you, largest sex organ, I really needed that. Needless to say, the Lola had a great uphill battle right from the moment it arrived.

It didn’t help things when it arrived broken and required immediate replacement. It took a few weeks for the replacement to arrive, and by then I had some opinions about it already.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in the batteries, and it made a sound I have come to love. See, I’ve kind of gotten to a point where I can tell with my ears, if something will get me off or not. A very strong, but high pitched vibration will generally do significantly less for me than a lower pitched vibe of virtually any strength. The Lola is good ‘n low, so clicking the power button brings out a sexy VV!oomm noise.

The Lola Orgasm Deluxe has 10 settings, 3 of these settings are steady levels of power, and the other 7 are patterns in the same powers. Any one of these speeds can get me off, it’s quite deep and thrummy, however the lowest might be considered a 2 or 3, and the highest would likely be a 4. The lowest setting is quiet enough to be muffled, but I’m fairly sure the highest setting needs background noise. I wouldn’t call this vibrator discrete.

It sports a trait I’d always thought was more trendy than useful – it’s bendy. I had always feared that ‘bendy’ meant ‘floppy’ and it wouldn’t hold any useful shape for long enough to get the job done. I was happy to notice that, after the first use, while it did lose some of the radical bend I’d given it, it didn’t become totally straight. It’s firm, not floppy. I don’t think the bendability adds too much to the vibe’s usefulness (the ‘popper’ top does more for reaching the G spot than the bendy), however it IS nice to be able to bend it into a more ergonomic shape. Putting a bend in the Lola makes it easier to hold when I use it, that’s about it. Lola has an interesting shape, the bulb at the end (they call it a ‘popper’), is where most of the vibration originates. Even perfectly straight, the angled popper part can reach your g-spot, and focus its vibration there.

The Lola has a two button control panel at its base. One is labeled Power, the other is labeled Forward. If you press the Power button, it will power up on the last setting used (ie, if you turned the vibe off while on pulse, it will resume pulse). You may also power the vibe on by pressing Forward, however it will progress to the setting which is immediately after the last setting used. Only the Power button turns off the vibrator, so if you’re a button masher like me, you can hit Forward as often as you like. I like this style of control panel, my only quibble being that the base is no longer flat and even, making it hard to set the vibrator down when you’re all done with it, so the vibrator must always be laid flat.

The Lola is made of Jelly, but it is phthalates free, so it’s a safer Jelly. It is porous, while it is safe to use vaginally solo, sharing isn’t wise without a nonporous layer. It’s also the gummiest vibrator I own, so it requires tons of lube. I’ve never had to gob on so much lube to use something like this before. The lube can make it difficult to maneuver, as it does get everywhere, it can also make the buttons harder to press. I tend to towel off my hands before I get the ball rolling with the Lola, because of this. Water based or silicone based lube are both safe to use for the material. The Lola is waterproof. I do not play in the water, but I did submerge this vibrator in a filled sink while flipping through the settings. It survived admirably well.

I’d call the Lola a very good, basic g-spot vibrator. Its girthiness is filling, the shape is good for teasing your g-spot. All lubed up and ready to go, it’s actually quite good at clitoral stimulation as well.

Now, if only I could get Copacabana out of my head!
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  • Dame Demi
    What a great review! Gosh, that is one ugly toy, but your review made me interested in something I otherwise would have passed over completely. Too bad it's such a gummy jelly--maybe a condom would help?
  • Minxy
    Hi Glue,
    This toy although not pretty is very intriguing. The property's list this as TPR,is it a Eden error? Is this toy really jelly? If so, it kills it for me even though I'm sure summation is correct this is a multi-tasker.Love the Copacabana reference...too cute.Good review,Thanks:)
  • Minxy
    Sorry,Properties. I meant your summation is correct.
  • Spiking Glue
    [Dame Demi] I'm glad you liked it! I was feeling a bit self conscious about the review. I may have to give in and use a condom on it, one day, but for now, I'm just slathering lube on it like no tmorrow.

    [Minxy] Hellfire! I swear, I wrote the review with the properties window open, and I could have sworn it said Jelly at the time. I must have misread it. If it's TPR, it's the gummiest TPR I own. It's the gummier sort of TPR that's very similar to Jelly, unlike the Nagi or the Bonez collection, where the TPR is firmer and can be confused with Silicone if you aren't informed it's TPR from the getgo. I'm glad you caught it. :x I hate when I make informational mistakes like that.

    Thank you both, for your comments. :D
  • Victoria
    Great review! Let us know if the toy's gumminess changes over time. Thanks!
  • Minxy
    Thanks glue,
    I'm with In The Pink will u let us know if the gumminess dissipates over time?
  • Spiking Glue
    [In the pink & Minxy] Will do. I did notice, with the broken one, it did SEEM to get less gummy over time, but since it was broken and I obviously didn't use it, I suspect it was just getting dusty until I threw it out. *cough*
  • JEM
    Thanks for the review. I just purchased this hoping it will help stimulate the g spot in an attempt to reach female ejaculation! Here's hoping it does!
  • Septimus
    I'm kinda thinking more like Lola, but the Kinks?
    Great review, thanks!
  • zeb
  • pinkzombie
    Nice review!
  • Fun with Dick & Jane
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    thanks for the review
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