Lucid dream petites no. 8 - g-spot vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Anna Acquiescent


This is a fine toy that finds its way into my play even though it is not a spectacular toy. I don't have any huge complaints about it. It feels nice, but it is a little boring.
It's a cute toy with good curves.
Kind of ho-hum.
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somewhat useful review
I bought this little vibrator to find my elusive G-spot. I know this is going to be controversial, but I question the existence of my G-spot, and it isn't for lack of trying to find it! I thought having the right tool might help, but I'm sad to say it didn't. I have searched high and low, but my G-spot has not been found!

I can hardly blame this toy for the fact that I can't find my treasure, though. It's a fine toy that has giving me plenty of orgasms. It's cute, which I like. It reminds me of candy. The jelly is a little bit harder than some other jelly toys I have, which makes it less sticky and smelly, so that's good. Despite the safety concerns, I’m actually a really huge fan of jelly, and this toy is a fine specimen of it. The pliable material feels good in lots positions and can be used gently or roughly and feels good either way. I hate to have a hard toy poking me uncomfortably, but even though I was poking around, this toy was never uncomfortable.

Despite my lack of luck, this toy does feel good. The curves and bulbous end provide good stimulation. The vibrator is good, as vibrators go. I know I'm in the minority here, but vibrators just don't really do it for me. But even though I never keep batteries in this and can't find my G-spot, I do find myself using this toy more frequently than you might think. I enjoy it alone or with a partner.

I can't really think of any real negatives to this toy since I can hardly fault the toy for my anatomy or preferences. I guess the on-off switch can be kind of annoying if everything is nice and lubricated. It could be hard to turn if your hands and whatnot are getting all slippery, but other than that, this is a nice toy. Not spectacular, but nice.
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  • Juliettia
    I think that your review would be more useful if you included how you turn it on and off, what types of lubricants you can use with Jelly, if you can sterilize it, how easy it is to clean, If the ridge can be felt or is painful, what kind and of how many batteries it takes, how powerful the bullet is and if it hurts since it is placed so close to the top layer of the jelly material.

  • Adriana Ravenlust
    So do you use this just as a dildo? On your clit? Or internally? You briefly mentioned jelly's safety concerns- feel free to elaborate on that in your reviews and possibly mention condom use for hygiene and sharing.

    Also, I'm not sure if I'm reading this right but are you saying the hardness of the jelly makes it less sticky and smelly? That very well may be and I had just not considered it.

    Good luck with G-spot exploration. I've heard it gets better the older you are.
  • Anna Acquiescent
    Thanks for the feedback Juliettia and Adriana Ravenlust! I will try to answer some of your questions.

    The on-off switch twists at the base, but doesn't have any kind of handle or grips to make it easier to twist once things get nice and slippery. As far as I know, it is a pretty standard on-off mechanism for this type of toy.

    For cleaning, I go with soap and water. I don't share my toys (I'm selfish), so sterilizing is less important for me. Of course, you're going to want to sterilize toys you share. I'm really not sure if this is dishwasher safe or if you can boil it. I'm guess not, so condoms are probably a good idea if you're sharing. To be honest, I generally use a condom with my jelly toys anyway because the material gets a lower safety rating from Edenfatasys.

    I didn't find that the vibration varied that much from other vibrators I've tried, but I'm no vibrator connoisseur. It definitely doesn't hurt.

    There are curves to this toy, but I wouldn't say there's a ridge. The curves are soft and subtle, and feel good even with thrusting.

    Yeah, I really just use this toy as a dildo, usually vaginally. It may have wondered in through the back door a time or two, but the bulbous end does make rear entry more difficult.

    The jelly is a bit harder (more rigid) than other jelly toys I've used, which I think makes it less sticky and stinky. It's slightly more plastic than other jellies. I'm not a chemist or anything, so I could be attributing these properties to the wrong thing. That was just my observation.

    So even though I don't really use any of the bells and whistles this toy has to offer, I still enjoy its basic function.
  • jrz
    thanks for the review! and the detailed information in the comments!
  • Darklyvan
    good review
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  • BobDoug
    thanks for the review
  • lzee
    Thank you so much for reviewing!
  • LuciFaery
    Thanks for the review!
  • Tbanda
    Good review!
  • TigerLily9
    thanks bunches for the review!
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