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The click and charge Mini vibe Angelo is a small compact G-spot vibrator. It's available in two color options (violet and orange) of a body safe material (silicone) that is aligned with light texture. This rechargeable vibrator has many different options of buzzy vibrations, but confusing controls. Angelo is overall a nice vibrator that is beginner friendly, but lacks in overall awesomeness.
ORANGE, rechargeable, cute, safe material, beginner friendly, G-Spot curve, and light texture.
Buzzy, confusing controls, and lint magnet.
Rating by reviewer:
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Fun Factory's Minivibe Angelo is now made rechargeable and in different color options with a price increase of approximately $20.00. Like most Fun Factory vibrators, Angelo is rechargeable using their "Click 'N' Charge" method. Angelo has multiple vibrations speeds, but also multiple patterns. Though these are controlled with confusing controls. You must play with the toy in order to figure them out (or read a review.) With the wide range of vibrations to pick from, Angelo is a great option for a beginner. The size of this little guy is a little on the girthy side, but the squishy material allows for some give. So, the girth shouldn't be an issue, unless you've never experience penetration before. Along the side of Angelo, there are waves of texture that are extremely light. These are only going to bother those who are extremely texture sensitive because they are hardly defined. Angelo is designed like any traditional G-spot vibrator. This means that Angelo has a curve to help reach your G-spot. There is no flared base to Angelo or a decent handle for gripping, so anal usage is not recommend. Though, if you opt to use Angelo anally you should use EXTREME caution, as it could be sucked inside the anal cavity causing you to go to the ER. (What an embarrassing night that would be!) Angelo is not limited to only G-spot stimulation it can also be great for nipples, the clit, testicles, the penis, external area of the anus, and anywhere for erotic message. Angelo makes for a great solo friend, but also makes for a great friend to add to your couples play.

Material / Texture

Angelo's insertable portion is made out of one of the best materials you can get....SILICONE! Fun Factory's silicone is known to be really squishy and almost rubbery feeling. Angelo's is no exception. Angelo tends to love to hang out with dust bunnies and other pieces of lint, so be sure to wash him off before any use. Angelo tends to run hot because he has a tight molecular structure that retains heat, so you can soak him in warm water and use him for temperature play. Angelo also doesn't hang out with a bad crowd, so he is latex free, phthalates free, hypoallergenic, and food grade material. He is also interested in meeting new people, which is why he is also non porous. You can bring him along to meet with any partner, but he needs to take a special bath in between partners. However, he has sensitive skin so you have to watch what kind of lube you use on him. The base of Angelo is made of plastic, but since it's not what is actually used it's not as relevant.

For added stimulation Angelo has very light texture. These are wavy lines along his sides. They are not well defined and will only bother those who are extremely sensitive to texture.

Design / Shape / Size

Angelo comes in two color options violet and orange. I picked orange, because there isn't many options for orange vibrators and it's also a color that is lacking in my toy box. This orange color is very bright and fun. It's like neon orange silicone.

Angelo is a minivibe that only comes in at 5.5" long, but with some girth. He has a 5" circumference or 1.5" diameter at the thickest portion. Angelo is designed like most traditional vibrators. He starts off with a thin and flat top that is 3.5" circumference. As this continues down it gets thicker so it's no longer flat or thin. Thickening up to the 5" circumference. The top half of the vibrator has a hook shaped top, so it's curved to the G-spot. The top half that is curved is extremely squishy, but the farther you go down you can feel that the silicone is a skin over a firmer vibrator. This is most likely plastic like the handle. The last 1.5 is the plastic handle which is black no matter what color you pick. The handle doesn't have the controls on it, but at the base is marked "Fun" with metal magnetic lettering. This is to align the magnetic charger for charging the battery. The controls are located above the plastic handle. They are marked + and - only. The + is above the - and is slightly larger. You can find these on the front of the vibrator below the curve and above the handle. Along the sides of Angelo are wavy or swirled lines to some texture and add to the design.

Angelo is a great under the cover lover for all levels of users. He doesn't mind be hidden inside your draw all the time or even packed away in your purse. Due to his size he's easily hidden from others with little to no effort. Though, he isn't the most discreet lover you can find, he does make for a great traveling friend. He takes up hardly any room. The only flaws with traveling with him is you might need an adapter to charge him or he might turn on by himself in your bag. Luckily the sound isn't extremely loud, so no one will look at your suitcase like it's a ticking time bomb.

Compared to Sex in the Shower vibe and Bullet Buddies:

Functions / Performance / Controls

Angelo is rechargeable using the Click 'N' Charge method. On the bottom of the base/handle of Angelo there is metal lettering. This is marked "Fun" the magnetic charger is magnetically attracted to this lettering only one way. "Fun" must line up with Fun on the charger. The charger has red LED lights that stay solid to indicate he is charging. Once he is complete the red LED lights will turn off. You must position this vibrator just right in order to get the charger to work properly. The max timing on this is 6 hours. If he's taking longer he might be defective.

In order to turn Angelo on he needs his + sign held in for at least 2 seconds. As you hold in the + the speed goes up. It's hard to count them because of the way they go up, but I believe there are 5 total. Now, here is were Angelo starts to get confusing. If you hit + again it will change the patterns. After going through them a few times and writing them all down, I believe there is 10 different patterns. It's hard to say for sure because a lot of them feel similar. This is what I have for the 10 patterns:

1. Steady vibrations
2. Escalating vibrations
3. Pulsation
4. False pulse that throbs
5. Slow Deep Pulse
6. Slow Throbbing pulse
7. Cha Cha Cha pattern
8. Pulsation that starts from one end of the toy and works it's way up.
9. On/Off pulsation
10. 2 beat pulse

In order to get back to the steady vibrations you must turn off Angelo. This will not save the you place but instead requires you to cycle back through. When Angelo is on low he is extremely low. These are vibrations that are hardly felt even on the most sensitive areas. On high these vibrations are moderate buzzy vibrations. They are felt mostly at the curve, but sometimes they are in different areas of the toy depending on the pattern. They toy does make a similar noise as FOU. Which to me sounded like a model airplane, but Angelo is slightly quieter. I'm giving it 2 bees, but it's more like 2.5. This is somewhat noisy, but quiet enough to not be heard with proper background noise or a closed door. The power intensity of these vibrations could be better. They are a good 3 vrooms on the highest setting. These are not strong enough or rumbly enough for Clit of steel ladies. These vibrations are best suited for those who are more sensitive. When you want to turn off Angelo you must hold in - until you reach the lowest speed and then click it once more. This will shut him off.

Angelo loves to dive in deep under water. He can be completely submerged in water. He won't heat or make louder noises either.

Care and Maintenance

Angelo likes to be washed with plain soap and water, toy wipes, and toy cleaner. He'll never fuse over which you pick, so he is easy to care for. If you introduce him to others you do need to give him a special bath. His special bath requires a 10% bleach solution in between users.

He doesn't mind how you store him, but he is a bit territorial around other silicone toys. They might fight and try to damage each other if stored next to each other. If the material isn't compatible with silicone based lubes you shouldn't store it with silicone.

As mentioned before he does have sensitive skin. He could be easily damaged by the wrong lube. Therefore it's best to stick with water based lubes only.


Angelo is a nice vibrator, but just not one that stands out in my toy box. he has a nice variety of patterns and vibrations, but they could go for being stronger, deeper, and less buzzy. I can orgasm with Angelo, but he's just not the best toy for myself. I really like the size and design of Angelo. The curve fits my shallow G-spot nicely. However, I think Angelo is best suited for a first toy. This kind of toy is ideal for a first toy because there are so many options to pick from. Though the vibrations are weak for me, they are good moderate vibrations that will please most women.
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