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Not What I Expected

I can appreciate the idea. Actually, I love the idea of vibrating glass, but the product failed to excite me after opening the package and turning it on. The vibrations are just too disappointing to ever use the vibrator on a regular basis, if at all.
Nice idea, The color, Cute design.
Poor vibrations, The coating comes off.
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Lovers of glass toys may be drawn to the Reflections Ecstasy for the simple fact that Doc Johnson has taken glass and switched things up a bit by giving it vibrating capabilities. At first glance, the Ecstasy bears a striking resemblance to a firecracker popsicle, minus the red white and blue. While you may have the urge to suck on the Ecstasy, its purpose is better suited elsewhere on the body. Listed as a traditional vibrator, the Ecstasy can be used externally and/or internally to stimulate the vaginal area. The slender tip is best used for external play as it provides pinpoint pleasure. The design and smooth texture of Ecstasy is best appreciated when inserted. Be careful with insertion as this is a rigid toy and leaves no room for maneuvering or rough play. A comfortable straight position is the best approach to take when inserting this toy. Everyone's body is made up differently. Find what works best for you. It is waterproof and therefore can be taken in the shower for a little bath time fun as well. Be cautious if you choose to bring Ecstasy into the shower with you. Your toes will hate you if you were to drop this glass on them.

Material / Texture

Made of phthalate free, hygienic body-safe borosilicate glass, the Reflections Ecstasy is one of the safer sex toys on the market. There's no taste or smell. The glass is coated in what Doc Johnson describes as Velvet Touch, which gives the vibrator a satin frosted appearance. This coating changes the look of what a usual glass toy would look like and makes me wonder if it should get the exact same rating as glass. Still, it feels nice to the touch as well as internally, and compared to other materials it's body safe. Both beginner and advanced users alike will welcome the smoothness that this glass toy provides.

Design / Shape / Size

The Ecstasy come in at a total of 6-1/2 inches, 5 of those inches being the insertable portion of the vibrator. The shaft is moderately thick. In person it appears to be even thicker. There's not much of a difference in its width from top to bottom. The circumference near the base is about 4-1/8 inches, and as you move toward the top it broadens to about 5-1/4 inches in circumference before it thins out to a small curved tip. Those who are new to toys may or may not have an issue with insertion. Compared to other toys, the Ecstasy isn't huge, but it's not exactly small either.
The ridges running along the shaft make it slightly harder to use. For this reason I wouldn't recommend inserting this toy without lubricant, whether it be manufactured or natural. These same ridges feel rather pleasant and add a varying sensation to the ones given by a completely smooth toy. It provides a feeling of fullness without having to be extremely large.

Located at the base is a plastic twist-off cap that allows access to the battery compartment. Two AA batteries is all it takes to work. The push-button is located here as well. Three presses of the button will cycle you through the three vibration settings. The Ecstasy is supposed to be waterproof, however it's quite easy to screw the cap on wrong. Without proper alignment before twisting the cap on, it's left crooked and water can very easily get inside of the vibrator, possibly leading to malfunction. Always make sure the cap is on securely before use and before you clean it.

As far as discretion goes, it's easy enough to hide. The shape won't create much embarrassment if detected, though there's not much else it can be other then a vibrator. I'd take the batteries out before travel since there's no other way to keep it from accidentally turning on during travel. It's fairly loud, and given that it's glass if it were to be rested against something hard the noise couldn't be ignored.

Functions / Performance / Controls

As a dildo, the Ecstasy exceeds expectations. The firm and silky ridged shaft creates a pleasant sensation when inserted. Add a few drops of lube and it glides. That's to be expected with glass and the Ecstasy keeps up with those expectations. However, the Ecstasy is not solely a dildo. Its main function is as a vibrator, and it is here that Ecstasy falls short. You think vibrating glass and the wheels of excitement start to turn. After all, glass and vibrator aren't usually used together to describe one toy. Upon giving life to the Ecstasy, disappointment set in. Two button presses later (which can be done with ease) and that disappointment increased even more. Its vibrating capabilities leave a lot to be desired. You can hear the vibrations just fine. Sit Ecstasy on a table and it will surely fill the room with high-pitched rattling and buzzing. Too bad none of that takes place inside of a vagina. Its power seems to dwindle when inserted and no amount of battery replacement, maneuvering, wishing and or hoping will change its weakness. No ecstasy to be had what so ever. As a vibrator it's mediocre at best. In Ecstasy's defense, everyone is different. With its smooth finish and curved ridges the vibrations may be enough for fans of subtle power. It may even work well if you're already sensitive and excited. Those who crave power will not love it. On the bright side, it lived up to being waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

Despite being made of glass, the Ecstasy can not be cared for in exactly the same manner one would treat a glass toy. Use of any lubricant is possible with the Ecstasy. Warm water and soap are always practical choices when it comes to cleaning it as well. The same goes for your toy cleaner of choice. However, boiling isn't an option with the Ecstasy. Yes it's labeled as waterproof, but given the design of the plastic battery compartment boiling isn't a wise choice. It's highly recommended that you be gentle with whatever cleaner you use. The Ecstasy is made of glass but coated with some sort of velvet finish which during its first cleaning seemed to flake off. At a quick glance it might be confused with lint particles. It's not lint. Rinse it off and it goes away, but if you rub your fingers over a particular spot this white substance reappears. I'm not sure if this can be considered harmful, but it's a bit of an annoyance to finish cleaning it and notice residue left behind after the fact. If this flaw is an isolated problem then maintenance won't be much of a problem for others. Also, a quick wipe down with alcohol didn't appear to compromise the finish any more than it already was, so this is another option. To prolong the life of the Ecstasy, soap and water appear to be the best way to go. If someone were to share this, use a condom.

Lastly, be mindful to clean between the grooves as they are the perfect place for buildup and bacteria to hide. You may have to clean the Ecstasy more than once to get the job done. Once it's clean, remove the batteries and feel free to store it wherever you like.


Reflections Ecstasy comes packaged in a plastic psychedelic-designed box. The name, info and what little instructions there are for the vibrator are printed on the sides as well as on the back of the box. There's a cutout revealing the toy on the front of the box. It's not made for storage and is more so just a means of getting the product to the customer. The packaging was cute, but wasn't worth saving. An alternate source of storage will be needed to house your toy.


When I saw vibrating glass attached to this toy I had to try it. I love glass toys regardless, so the idea of a glass dildo capable of vibrating seemed too good to pass up. Unfortunately, my experience did not turn out as I had hoped it would. I love the color. I love the design and the texture, the size, everything except the vibrations, which was the main reason I chose this product. It just doesn't do it for me at all. It is able to provide some decent stimulation but not anything to where it rocked my socks off. It left me somewhat bored. Had I not known it vibrated I think I might not have judged it so harshly, but because I knew it was supposed to vibrate and the packaging promised powerful vibrations, I expected something close to it. When it failed to deliver I was ready to move on to something else. I'm not even sure I'll ever pick it back up again. To be fair, there will be those who find the vibrations that Ecstasy provides to be adequate. Others, like myself, will go rummaging through their toy chest in search of another vibrator capable of getting the job done. I'm still intrigued by the idea of vibrating glass and I believe that this type of vibrator shows potential. It definitely needs more work in order to be great. For that reason I won't be giving up on Doc Johnson just yet.
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