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Mood Sensuous looked very promising when I first saw it. The first downfall was when the small end didn't vibrate. As a pinpoint girl this was disappointing. Then when I turned it on the vibrations were surface level and weak. Oh and did I mention LOUD? So loud I couldn't orgasm with this even if it was the strongest toy on the planet. If weak, loud, and surface level if your thing than maybe this will be for you. For most people, this will be a pass.
Pretty color, Good in theory shape
LOUD, Weak surface level vibrations, Small end doesn't vibrate, Function button doesn't always work
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Doc Johnson's Mood Sensuous is one of the new releases to the Mood line of toys. Doc Johnson calls it simply a "massager" while Eden has it billed as a clitoral vibrator. When I first saw the design a little while back at the announcement of the release I would have sworn it was a G spot vibrator on one end and a clitoral vibrator on the other based on the curve. As it turns out, the button placement renders it useless for insertion.

If you decide to insert it despite the button placement just don't insert this anally. There's no flared base making this unsafe for anal play.

Sensuous can be used alone or with a partner. You could maybe use it during sex but it is larger than many clitoral vibrators out there. It has potential to get in the way. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with insertable toys.

Material / Texture

Mood Sensuous is made of plastic. Plastic has a safety rating of 8. It is non-porous and free of phthalates.

There are two different finishes of plastic on Sensuous. The larger end and two sections in the middle are made of a matte plastic that has a velvety coating on it. This makes it softer to the touch than a glossy plastic. It's still firm and doesn't have any give to it since it's still a plastic material. The velvety coat just makes it a bit more smooth and supple.

The middle that's not in the velvety coat and the smaller tip are in traditional glossy plastic, This is slick with no drag. It always seems to feel somehow harder to me than the velvet coated plastic though I'm sure that's not actually the case.

There is no added texture to the vibrator. Both of the finishes are completely smooth.

The material is suitable for anyone who likes a firm material in a clitoral toy. It will not work for those that prefer something with more give to it.

Design / Shape / Size

Mood Sensuous is larger than most clitoral vibrators but smaller than many insertable toys. It is 5.25" in total length. The small end is 1" in diameter. The large end is 1.75" in diameter and 5.25" in circumference at the widest point. Where it tapers down it is 1.25" in diameter.

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

Before I discuss the size let me go into the design for a moment. One end of the Sensuous is larger and rounded. The other end is small and comes to a pointed tip. Now after having seen that this was intended to be a clitoral vibrator my assumption was that the small end would vibrate while the larger end would be the gripping end. This seemed like it would be a good design because I don't like gripping onto small things as it tends to cramp my hand up after a while.

That is not how Mood Sensuous works. The larger end is the one that vibrates, not the small one. The small end is the one that you grip. Why it comes to a point I'm not quite sure. Perhaps the thought was that the vibrations would travel to both ends and it could be used either way. Well they don't so that's out.

As the large end is the one that vibrates, you will get very broad stimulation from this toy. The stimulation is almost similar to a wand it's so broad. In that sense, the size of this just didn't work for me. I'm more of a pinpoint stimulation type (thus why the look of the small end appealed to me). Then there's the fact that I'm left to grip the smaller end. While not as small as a bullet I did still find that it wasn't the most comfortable to hold.

Then there's the curve of the large end. It looks like it might be good for G spot stimulation for some or at least a nice curve for internal stimulation. The buttons are located close to the middle but just a bit closer to the large end. You would get a whole 2" of insertable length before you hit the buttons. Not enough for most women I would bet.

The Sensuous isn't overly large in size and would be easy to stash away for hiding. The design doesn't look like many vibrators and I assume that someone unfamiliar with toys wouldn't automatically assume that's what it was. Someone more aware would probably figure it out.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Mood Sensuous operates on a two button control. There's an on/off button and a function button. Press the on/off button to turn it on. This same button turns it off. To cycle through the patterns press the function button.

The buttons are easy to press but the function button doesn't always seem to respond. Sometimes when I press it nothing happens. They are located in a place that makes it so you won't hit them accidentally during use.

There are seven functions on Sensuous. They are all at the same power level just different patterns. The vibrations are moderate in power. I would say they are about three vrooms. When you apply pressure this drops down to two. In fact, when it makes contact with skin in general it drops down to about two. If you just hold it in your hand they feel moderate. It's when you go to use it that they seem to lose any power they had.

The vibrations are very surface level. They aren't buzzy per say in the high pitched and whiny sense. They don't cause numbing but do cause some itching. They don't penetrate skin well and certainly aren't what I would consider rumbly.

The vibrations are located at the larger end of the vibrator. They travel to about the midpoint of the toy okay but lose power after that. On my hand I can feel a very light vibration at the small end but in use I can't feel anything at all.

The first function is a steady vibration. The second is a moderately fast pulse. The third is a moderate pulse followed by a fast pulse. The fourth is a constant vibration that jumps power levels. The fifth goes 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3 with the last 1-2-3 speeding up pace. The sixth has a pulse and then constant vibration. The seventh is another steady pulse.

So another note on the vibrations - they are LOUD. Like, crazy loud. Can be heard through covers. Can be heard through a closed door. Can be heard from across the room. To go through the patterns I was sitting with this on my lap and my husband was beside me complaining about the noise coming from it saying it was giving him a headache. It's that loud. The noise level on this was completely distracting to me to the point that I could barely use it to test it out. Every time I would turn it on I was instantly turned off by the noise level.

Sensuous runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). The small end comes off to reveal a compartment for the batteries. The small end is pretty difficult to get off. I have to pull at it to remove it and feel like I'm going to break the toy doing so.

This is a waterproof toy. It has an O ring in the battery compartment. The tip does seem to gap a little and I'm not totally sold that this is as waterproof as it claims to be. I've been cleaning this carefully avoiding that area for that reason.

Care and Maintenance

While it's listed as waterproof, I'm not sure that it is. I haven't tested it underwater due to the small gap in the plastic. Due to this, I clean mine either with wipes or by spraying it with toy spray and then wiping that off with a dry rag. If you want to test the waterproof claim you can wash this with soap and water or toy cleaner.

You can use water, silicone, or oil based lubes with this toy. Plastic is compatible with all lubricants.

Sensuous doesn't come with any storage options. You can use a baggie or pouch to store it. You can also just keep it in a drawer since plastic doesn't attract lint.


Sensuous comes in a black box that is see through in the front. The toy is visible through this area. The front says "Mood Sensuous 7 function Doc Johnson." The side lists some of the features of the toy. The back has a pretty neat little listing of options for their toys and then checks off which ones apply to this one in particular. It also has a little listing of some of the features at the bottom and contact info for the company.

The packaging is not discreet. The wording makes it obvious it is a sex toy and the vibrator is visible. It could be gifted as it's not overly tacky. It's not fancy either so it just depends on what you consider good for gifting.

Personal comments

Like loud, weak, surface level clit vibes? Then perhaps Mood Sensuous is for you. I don't know a lot of people that fall into that group. While it's nice that it offers seven functions, it offers them only at one power level. That doesn't give a lot of range for different preferences. The fact that the function button only changes functions sometimes is also quite irritating. The shape had a lot of promise but the placement of the buttons was all wrong to take advantage of it. The vibrations were mediocre at best (and that's being generous). The noise level is downright awful. I just really can't recommend this to users at any level of experience.


I am beyond bummed about this toy. When I saw the picture of it when it was first announced I was super excited about it. It looked like a great shape for both internal and external use. When I found out it was only really going to work externally I was a little upset but figured it was still workable. When I realized the big end was the one that vibrated my heart sank a bit. Then when I turned it on and felt the vibrations and heard all the noise I knew this was a toy that just wasn't going to work for me (or many people).

In attempts to use this the noise and weak vibrations were just too bad to use it for any extended period. The vibration weren't even enough to arouse me. The noise was so distracting it turned me off from wanting to bother continuing with a session at all.

There's really not much positive I can say about this vibrator. The broad stimulation may work in theory for some until you actually turn it on. Since I like pinpoint stimulation that was a no go for me. The pink color is pretty and the shape looks nice if you just look at it. Since I don't buy vibrators as household decor that doesn't do me a heck of a lot of good.
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    I kinda like it too. It's not tacky like some packaging on lower priced items. Yeah, I think you will be okay. If a plug is loud there's a problem!
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    Sorry to hear this didn't work out for you. Great review though, thanks.
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    Great review! I never fully appreciate more than 3 functions it seems.
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    Agreed, not a fantastic toy! Love your reviews as always!
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