Reverse tightening gel for women by Doc Johnson - review by mama2007

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Reverse Gel Burns! Please use precaution!

I will never use this product again as it burned me inside and it was horrible. It also didn't even tighten anything, so I'm not sure why they call it tightening gel.
Comes in a 2 oz tube
Doesn't tighten anything
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This product is suppose to be good for reversing the vaginal signs of aging, and is made from Doc Johnson. The size of the tube is 2 oz, so you don't have a lot to use depending on how much you choose to use or if you even like it after the first time.

This gel is NOT fun to use at all. It tells you on the bottle to use a pea sized drop of the tightening gel on your finger to put in your vaginal area, and that it tingles a lot! It did not tingle one bit for me, it BURNS! I won't use this stuff again, I thought I would give it a try and not even 25 seconds after I put it on my vaginal area was burning and felt hot for about five minutes or so, but it wasn't a fun experience at all and I will be disregarding this product. It wasn't what I thought it was; I should've read more about it before requesting it, but everything is worth trying once so I did.

What's in it that would cause that you may ask? Ginger root and pepper! Please don't ask why they put those ingredients in there because I have no idea. This is the only assignment I have had a bad experience with and I hope it's the last bad one. Stick to something that doesn't have those ingredients and if you're allergic to either of them, please do NOT use it!

Water(aqua), glycerin, hydroxyethylecellulose, zingiber officinale (ginger)root extract, theobroma cacao (cocoa) extract, piper nigrum (pepper)resin, cinnamonum cassia resin, capsicum frutescens resin, capsicum annuum resin, butylene glycol, polysorbate 20, prpandediol, sucralose, diazolidinyl urea, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This product isn't sticky to the feel. The tube it comes in is a plastic one that you can simply squeeze to get the gel to come out of it. It does have a silver tab that you have to remove (seal) before using it the first time of course. You have to be careful though because if you don't watch it, it could ooze out quickly. This tightening gel does NOT tighten like it's suppose to; I feel no different other than the fact my vagina felt like it was on fire within 25 seconds of placing a SMALL amount inside. It hurt and I won't be using this again. It also has Cinnamonum which is I think cinnamon basically, so not only did I have peppers and ginger root inside me, but cinnamon too?? No wander it burned so bad! Please be careful if you plan to buy this and use your own caution.

Taste / Aroma

It has no taste or smell to it and doesn't have a color to it either. The bottle came with no instructions other than telling you how much to use at one time.
    • No smell
    • No taste


This tightening gel is suppose to tighten the vaginal walls but did NOTHING of the sort for me. It burned me when I put some in and it HURT really bad. I immediately got a wet washcloth I had from beside the bed and wiped it out. Not the feeling I wanted with this product. I was looking forward to using it until I actually did use it.
    • Allergy concerns


This gel tube came inside of a silver and pink cardboard like box that had the same information as the tube itself.
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Special Features

The gel can cause burning in your vagina, followed by a hot feeling and believe me it's not a pleasant feeling to have, especially when I just had surgery on my knee last week from a wreck I was in; I don't need anymore pain than I have to deal with.

Personal comments

Use caution before using and read ALL the reviews for this product to make sure you want to try this one out for yourself.


I had a bad experience with this tightening gel and it burns and it's not a good feeling at all.
Follow-up commentary
I ended up tossing this product soon after I did the review. I don't know anyone who enjoys the pain I experienced, and I won't be buying anything like it again.
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  • SiNn
    ty for the review expecially since it burns not for me
  • mama2007
    no problem. it's definately not what I thought it would be, but maybe it won't burn on everyone but it did on me. Not a nice feeling.
  • Tuesday
    Wow. Three for three people didn't like it. Nice review.
  • mama2007
    I wish it worked better for what I was looking for but it did nothing. I don't see why a company would make something with peppers and cinnamon and ginger root with it in the sex related product.
  • melissa1973
    3 for 3? I'll have to read the others. Sorry that you had a bad expierence with this, and you and the other reviewer are right but it's just what the body can withstand. I love my gel but then I play with actual genging root (not extract), the peppers, and I even mix some ben-Gay into some of my other lubricants. LOL needless to say I'm all for the burn everybodys different.
  • mama2007
    oh ouch lol. no thank you. i couldn't take it and i was just trying it out to review, not to use for sex at the moment. I just had knee surgery Nov 15 due to a wreck I was in so we haven't had sex since yet because of my knee but did oral last night but this has no taste so it's not useful for that.

    I don't know how you stand it lol. glad u can take it though
  • bayosgirl
    ouch, sorry it didn't work for you
  • mama2007
    me too. i was looking forward to it
  • Mellifer
    Sorry to hear this.
  • mama2007
    me too. If you get it, be aware of what could happen sensation wise.
  • Stinkytofu10
    thanks for the review. sounds painful and burning, ouch!
  • Princess-Kayla ?
    Thanks for the review.
    Sorry you didn't enjoy it.
  • mama2007
    yeah. ouch. you're welcome for the review.
  • married with children
    sorry this burned you naughty bit. I will stay away from this one. thanks for the review.
  • mama2007
    You're welcome and yeah me too
  • Callosciurus
    Thanks for the warning!
  • mama2007
    No problem. Glad it helped you
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