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This toy is a must-have for any woman! It is quiet, easy to use and clean, and easy to stash away from nosey eyes. It can be used solo or with a partner. Don't let the design limit your exploration, it can be used in a multitude of different ways depending on your needs and creativity. No need for batteries as it comes with its own charging cord, bonus!!!
Compact, strong vibrations, quiet, bendable, RECHARGEABLE, multiple modes, soft, easy to clean
I can't use it every minute of the day!
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First impression

This toy arrived in the box of goodies wrapped in a little satin bag with its charger. To be honest, my first thought was rechargeable! YES!!!!!! Finally, one that didn't eat batteries up. (I totally had forgotten it was rechargeable within the few short days it took from order to arrival). I thought it was the perfect little size to take or stash away anywhere and looked like a good quality toy despite the low sale price I had gotten it for. I don't know about you, but I always worry when I but anything on a great discount if it will be one of the cheap low-quality items they are trying to get out of the warehouse because they won't sell or if it is a genuine item. This one is genuine! It was silky soft to the touch, and it had the capability to bend just a little, which I was sure would be a benefit (and I was right!). The buttons are on the back top of the curved up side, and they are fairly easy to push but not so easy that you have to worry about changing the settings or accidentally turning it off mid-play. This was another bonus for me as I have a couple of toys like that and can't stand when that happens. It is small enough to fit in my hand so I could easily tuck it just about anywhere or even cup it in my hand briefly should any intruding kiddos come in, and they do, often. This one was top of my list to try out, and I couldn't wait!

size comparison to standard mouse pad

Fits in your hand

First Use

I tested each of my new items out on my own to make sure they were working properly. This one was a pleasant surprise as it was the most powerful by far. The curved shape makes it just right to fit across the clit and genitalia area. Its soft silicone smooth feel adds to the comfort. If it weren't on you wouldn't even know it was there. However, the powerful vibrations are very hard to miss and totally make this my new favorite!!!

I found that I can sit and oh, type this nice review with it tucked nicely into my panties and held against my hungry girl parts. It's small enough and the perfect shape for my panties to hold it in place and the sitting position helps to keep it pressed tightly against may not notice reading this, but it is definitely taking longer than necessary to type this out with the stops I have to make as my eyes roll back in my head from ecstasy. I found too that it can curve in and fit inside my vagina just enough to add to the experience when needed.

Further Experience

I couldn't leave my hubby out of the experience so to the bedroom to play with him I went. The only difficulty he found was there are 2 buttons, the power, and the mode button, instead of just one. But with that figured out and no longer an issue we rocked it for a while. I like that I can change the mode to be constant - low or high, or intermittent off on vibrations in different patterns. It the vibration isn't enough or isn't working, it is almost guaranteed one of the other patterns will work. I say almost because it would be possible someone might not like it, but I don't know who. He liked the fact that the stimulation was perfect and provided almost instant orgasms one after the other with it.

We did add a couple extra toys to the fun because they were new and you gotta try them out right?!?! Otherwise, this one would have been fine on its own.
I didn't find the need to add any lube while using this item this time, but should the need ever be there it would be easy enough to add it on and clean it when finished.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are on the strong side for sure and not the very faint of heart. It is definitely one of the stronger vibrating toys I now have in my collection. If you are not used to use vibrating toys because you are a beginner, it may be a little strong at first and be either uncomfortable or slightly ticklish. I did find that it was rather ticklish right after an Orgasm when everything has that extra sensitive feel.

The toys directions did come with a little chart that can be very helpful when trying to figure out the vibrations and how to get back to a certain one. I, however, have to admit that I glanced at it briefly when the toy arrived and tossed them aside carelessly. Which is OK, because in the middle of playtime I could have cared less what that little pamphlet said and if it took an extra second or two to cycle through the setting until I found what worked for me I didn't care. However, when I discover the pile of papers it landed in I might look over it a little more at out curiosity now. So if you have a minute to look at it I would recommend it just for personal interest but it is not really necessary.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I found the best way to use this is push up right against my clit and the top just barely getting ready to or barely in my vagina. It produced a fairly strong orgasm multiple times for me without any trouble. To be honest I can sometimes be a bit of a difficult person to get to the orgasm but I didn't have hardly any trouble at all. It wasn't so strong I was done for the night by any means but it was definitely close to that one...maybe 2nd or 3rd runner-up place to the ultimate one.
With the smooth silicone texture, it was soft and comfortable to use. I didn't need to add lube on this particular occasion, but depending on how it is used, it would not be a problem to add lube. It is one of the easiest toys to clean up after as there are no crevices, notches, textures, etc to try to get clean. It is a completely smooth soft and slightly bendable surface.
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