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Sensua white

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Sensua Pearls

While the sizing on this thong isn't entirely clear, what is is the fact that it's a sexy and unique design. The pearls can sit between your labia and stimulate your clit, or be put on either side of your labia to be worn during sex, and the lace is soft and comfortable. Worth looking into if you're between a size 4/6 - 8/10.
Comfortable lace, Unique sexy design, Can be worn during sex
May not fit larger than a size 8-10
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These came to me in a wonderful little box. It wasn't discreet, but it wasn't really tacky and I enjoyed the change of pace from most other lingerie pieces. The thong was folded neatly inside of some tissue paper. There's a tag on the inside that gives you the sizing, materials, and care. This piece (I'm assuming just the lace portion) is made of 80% Nylon and 20% Cotton and should be hand washed and left out to air dry. I would recommend following those instructions since the machine might pull them apart.

I'm honestly not sure what to say about the sizing. I purchased them in August of 2011 in a size medium, but the tag says "size R". As of now, there's no sizing options available. I can't even find some sizing information on the internet right now. What I can do instead is give you very detailed measurements of the piece I have, and compare it with my measurements. I've got about a 29" waist and measure about 34" around the top of my hips and 38" around my butt and these fit me pretty much perfectly. There was some room for play, but I didn't feel like there was a lot of room for play.

The idea behind this piece is similar to that of the famous Bracli thongs. Even Coquette has a similar style. You have a wide band of lace acting as a waistband, and then a few strings of pearls that run the length of your vagina and butt. The lace waistband on mine is about 2 1/2" tall, 11 1/2" when laid flat, and stretches to about 18" across, although at that point they'll probably dig in visually. There are two separate strands of pearls, although upon closer inspection it all appears to be one longer strand. They fall in such a manner that you can easily put one on either side of your vagina to allow for easy access during sex.

Looking at the lace, I can see a few potential quality issues, but it's otherwise fairly well made looking. It's soft to the touch and on the skin, and comfortable to wear. When you first put it on it will probably roll over on itself, but that's easy to fix and it doesn't seem to keep rolling once you've straightened it out.

The pearls are plastic, but they don't necessarily look, or feel, like cheap plastic beads. They have a nice weight to them that's very appreciated and feel substantial in a good way. They attach to the lace with what looks like plain string and aren't intentionally removable. You can easily snip the string, but then all you'd have is the lace top. The beads are also secured in place so if you were to cut the string, you'll only lose one bead at most. Each side comes down about 6".

Now, the theory behind pieces like this is that as you walk or otherwise move around the pearls will stimulate your clit. This seems to be a bit hit or miss, depending on how quickly they nestle themselves in place and where exactly they nestle. For a short while, walking around brought all sorts of delightful sensations, and then they shifted and nothing else happened except for some slight pinching if I had my legs crossed too tightly. But then again that same pinching happens when I wear regular thongs that don't sit right either.

Here's a picture of them all spread out. Unfortunately the lace got washed out and you can't see the intricate details or the pretty little bow on the front all that well.

I hemmed and hawed over getting these, for a long time really. Then it looked like they were going to be discontinued and I bit the bullet despite the single very bad review about them. All I can say is that either that person got a dud or quality really improved in the year between when that was published and when I bought mine because I feel almost the exact opposite about them. Granted, I wasn't expecting anything super fantastic, but I thought that for the price I was getting a pretty good deal.

They were surprisingly comfortable; at least for a thong that also sits in the vagina. Visually, my husband got more out of them than I did, although I would be lying if I said that I didn't love the way the lace fell on my hips. All in all, I'm glad I sprung for them, and I think that if you're about my size you should definitely check them out too.

I opted for a three star rating because despite the fact that I do really like these, they aren't all that mindblowingly awesome. I'm not left with a feeling like I have to share these with everybody and tell them how much I love them. That on its own would have normally gone with a 4 star, but when you couple it with the super odd sizing issues, I'm going down to a 3.
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  • Jordan B
    My girlfriends measurements are pretty much exactly the same as yours. Thanks for the review! I think I might get there for her
  • Jul!a
    I hope they work out for her!
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    Thanks for the review! I love this!
  • Jul!a
    You're quite welcome!
  • Peaches2000
    Thanks for the info! Sad they are for the BBW.
  • Jul!a
    They're actually not good for anybody who's a BBW
  • vitriolicvertigo
    Good to know about the sizing!
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    these are so cute
  • mh11
    Thank u! Now I know to give them a try.
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    Thanks for the review.
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    I never even knew these existed. Now they're on my wishlist. Just like that
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    Thanks for sharing! I might try these.
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    Huh--never heard of these. I'm intrigued. Thanks for the review!
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    thanks for the review
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    Thank you for the honest review!
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    Great review, thanks
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