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So Much Potential, But Has a Few Major Flaws!

If you like some torture on your g-spot and vaginal opening then I recommend you give this one a try. Along with that comes only one speed, but does have a small range of patterns to choose from. Perhaps this one wasn't thought out so well.
~ Unique shape
~ Rechargeable
~ Powerful
~ G-spot ridges
~ Raised Close2You symbol on shaft
~ Straight shaft
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I'm a true Close2You fan and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of their toys. So when I saw this one come available, naturally I had to own one. Part of me did have a slight reservation over the straight shaft, but if a toy has everything else going for it I can look past this issue. Turns out the straight shaft is the least of my problems here.



This vibrator was designed with g-spots in mind, but could also be used by guys to stimulate the p-spot. Anal play is completely safe due to the T shape of the toy. I would take extra care when using this anally due to the company's logo on the shaft. It's one thing to rub against the vaginal opening, but the anus is even more delicate and could become rather sore from irritation. Another feature to watch out for when using anally, especially, is the groove where the silicone meets the plastic. Things could get nasty if waste of any kind was to become trapped in this area. If you're going to use this anally as well as vaginally in the same session or sharing with someone you're not fluid bonded with, a condom would is a wise idea.
If you're fine with texture on other erogenous zone like the clitoris, nipples, penis and scrotum then this could be handy for teasing other body areas.

Comparing Close2You toys:


Material / Texture


Triole is created using premium silicone and plastic by Close2You in Germany. With a hypo-allergenic, food grade, latex and phthalate free material, this vibrator rates as a 10 on the safety scale. Only water based lubricants must be used, as silicone can cause the toy's material to degrade with time. This goes for the type of lube pre-applied to condoms too, if used. I didn't notice any odor at all when I first pulled it from the packaging.


This is what I call texture overload. I agree with putting some ridges on the g-spot bulge, but not quite that raised. There are five rows of extreme ridges that circle the entire circumference. Also around the tip is a definite seam which is very noticeable to the fingers, but I haven't felt that or the seams on either side of the shaft while in use. To be honest, there is too much other texture going on to sense much of anything else. At the base of the silicone shaft, before it meets the plastic, is a raised Close2You logo which will create some texture unless you only use the very tip. I find it to be too rough and painful.
Both the matte silicone and plastic are silky smooth to the touch.

Design / Shape / Size


When holding the bulging g-spot tip, the Triole looks like a fancy T. I say fancy cause across the top is slightly curved and there are no sharp corners where the vertical part of the vibrator meets the horizontal. This top part of the T creates the handle which is very comfortable to hold for thrusting. On each tip of the handle is a small amount of silicone which really don't make too much sense, except for looks, as it's not needed for grip purposes. The only other reason I can see that they may have placed silicone on these two points it because they placed one of the motors in the left side (when looking at the front of the toy in the toy position). There is a pattern where only this motor is vibrating and there is only one purpose I can work out for this; to use the left hand end for clitoral stimulation. Not everyone likes full on ridge texture irritating their clit, so this smooth end works out well.
Also, if you turn the vibrator on its side when inserted, it will actually stimulate internally, the clitoris and the anus all at once! Although this means foregoing some of the g-spot bulge. The sides still bulge slightly, but not quite as much as the front.
The shaft is completely straight apart from where the g-spot bulge tilts up at the very end.
Triole is 7 ½” in total length with 4” of that being coated in silicone. The handles measure 4 ¾” in circumference with a shaft of 4” and a g-spot girth of 4 ½”.

T shape


Triole only comes in two colors which Close2You refers to as rose and slate. I went with the slate, but looks far more like a navy blue to me. Both ends of the handle are coated in the navy silicone with the middle area done in a white plastic. For highlights, the charging cap and control buttons are also navy blue.

Functions / Performance / Controls


The Triole features just two buttons with one being the on/off. With living with others I really appreciate the simple one press shut off if I need to turn a vibrator off in a hurry. This certainly has that going for it. When the on/off is pressed the vibrator starts off on a steady vibration. The patterns below are achieved with each press of the second larger button. Unfortunately there is no speed control and if you accidentally go past your favorite pattern, you have to cycle through them all again.

1. Steady vibration on shaft motor
2. Medium pulses on shaft motor
3. Steady vibration on handle motor
4. Medium pulses on handle motor
5. Rapid pulses from both motors
6. Both motors rapidly pulse twice followed by a slightly longer pulse.

I can't find any information about the vibrator having any form of travel lock. So if you plan on travelling with this one, you may want to fully drain it before stowing it away in your luggage.



Triole has a medium level buzz with using the shaft motor and drops a tone when the handle motor kicks in. I wouldn't recommend this one for those who have to share a bedroom (unless you often get time to yourself), as the buzz will be heard. But it won't be heard through a closed door. If you want to feel totally secure that you won't be heard, simply put some music or the tv on low. It will more than drown out the toy.


This vibrator is rechargeable and tops up via an AV outlet. The booklet says charging takes around 6 hrs, but mine came already charged. From this full charge the user should get anywhere between 2 and 3 hrs depending on the vibration type you choose to play with. The charger plugs in at the very end of the handle where a silicone cap is located.

** For other Aussies curious about this toy; all that is needed to charge this vibrator is an adapter that will convert the US plug into the needed AU prongs. The box type plug naturally converts the AC100 into the 240V, so no expensive power converter is required.

Charge port

Care and Maintenance


Triole is waterproof which not only makes shower or bath time more fun, but makes it super easy to wash up after play. Some anti-bacterial soap and water always work wonders for me. Because there are motors involved boiling and the dishwasher are out, but it can be sterilized with a 10% solution. Just be sure to thoroughly wash off any residue before using it again. I let mine drip dry in a lint free area, as the silicone will attract hair from anything it comes into contact with.
I have washed this under running water with no issues at all. The charging port has always been more than protected by the silicone cap. I haven't tried submerging this one as yet. I'm a little weary about actually submerging any of my rechargeable vibrators these days, as I'm not able to return such toys if the waterproof side fails.



Just like with all Close2You toys, Triole came in its own awesome two draw cardboard storage compartment. The top features a magnetic lid that exposes your new toy sitting under a layer of clear plastic when lifted. Pull the top draw out to access the Triole which sits snugly between two pieces of dense foam. The bottom draw houses accessories such as: velvet drawstring pouch, information book featuring all of Close2You's toys, silicone cock ring, one toy wipe, charger and a small sample tube of water based lubricant.
If you have enough room to keep the packaging, then it makes the perfect storage unit! Otherwise the pouch is more than sufficient to keep Triole safe and dust free.

*Red label on the charger in the picture is my doing, so I can remember what charger goes to which toy. When you have a number of rechargeables, it becomes hard to keep track.





Unfortunately someone thought it would be a fantastic idea to put a very raised Close2You logo on the shaft. Although it's at the base of the silicone section, it still rubs against my vaginal entrance cause the shaft is short. This is NOT comfortable. One would have thought putting the logo on the plastic handle would have been a much wiser decision.
Once I'm warmed up fully, I can push past the ridges on the g-spot tip, but this raised logo is just insane and causes me pain. To prevent this from happening I have to use even less on an already short shaft. It's disappointing that I can't enjoy the whole toy.
Someone really dropped the ball on this design!
I also wish they had of given an option for speeds. What's up with that?

Sorry Close2You, you let me down on this one, so I only have a score of 3 for Triole.
Follow-up commentary
As much as I wanted to love this one cause it was a creation from one of the company's I was fond of, it's simply a torture vibe.
I tried to take to the logo that irritated my vaginal entrance something horrible, but all I managed to do was make a mess. Doesn't matter how sharpe the blade was, the silicone is so squish (which you'd think wouldn't create so much trouble on delicate areas) that I couldn't slice the logo off neatly. After doing only a couple of symbols, I gave up. There's no way I'm daring to trim off the g-spot ridges.

Pretty disappointing.
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