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Space Oddity

The Nubby Vibrating Glass is an oddity. This is not only a glass toy but a vibrator that features 8 different, distinct modes of pulsation, escalation, and vibration. While it features electronic parts, this is a vibrator that maintains the same integrity of any other solid glass dildo with its hygienic properties and its conductivity to temperature play.
Glass. 8 different settings of vibrations. Extremely textured!
Cannot be boiled. Vibrations may not be strong enough for some.
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Capturing the best of both worlds, the Nubby Vibrating Glass from Don Wands, satisfies those craving the feel of a glass dildo but still longing for moderate vibrations.

This vibrator can be used for not only penetration but clitoral and labia stimulation as well. The hard body with its raised textured nubs, can be pleasurable both externally and internally. And combining the vibrations with this toy's unique glass design, makes for an incredibly out-of-this-world experience that users would never find with another toy.

Material / Texture

This vibrator is comprised of slick, smooth tempered glass that has the same furnished integrity as any other solid glass toy. The Nubby Vibrating Glass is very receptive to temperature play, despite having a core of plastic parts and electronics; it's everything you'd expect from a solid glass dildo but with the added bonus of a multi-speed vibrating unit situated in its center.

The shaft has 16 erected nubs that are quite large and encompass the entirety of it. They are continuously felt and some users, if there is not an ample amount of lubrication, may notice irritation or discomfort. Despite the difference in the raised texture, the slick glass of the vibrator allows it to move freely from awkward movement once lubrication is applied directly to the toy and the user's orifice.

The texture of the Nubby Vibrating Glass was designed for those seeking something bold, it's truly a wonder of oddity to both the body and the eye.

Design / Shape / Size

When using the vibrator for the first time, many users will be delighted by the slick, thick heft of its head. It has a pleasing, prominent bell shape that flares into an unfurled edge which is featured from the rest of the toy by its slightly narrowed neck.

The surface texture of the neck remains smooth for an inch but past that inch, the shaft is swollen and decorated with 16 large, raised bubbles. These bubbles (nubs) expand the shaft to an even greater width and translate into a very full feeling.

With a length of 9 1/2" and a circumference 5 1/4", this is a large vibrator. At nearly half a pound, this is a toy that was designed for those requiring girth, heft, and textural eccentricity.

Functions / Performance / Controls

At the base of the toy sits an on/off button indented into the cap, that must be cycled through in order to turn the toy fully off.

The Nubby Vibrating Glass features 8 different, distinct modes of pulsation, escalation, and vibration:

The first mode is a moderate, continuous vibration that omits a low hum.

The second is a low, continuous vibration that is difficult to hear.

The third is an even lower, continuous vibration that is virtually silent.

The fourth starts in an on/off pulsation that chugs and then leads into a continuous low hum vibration which slowly graduates into a higher intensity of continuous vibration, this cycle then repeats. This mode is hard to hear from the under the covers.

The fifth is an on/off pulsation that changes both its speed and intensity. This setting is slightly louder, however, behind a closed door it cannot be heard.

The sixth is a continuous vibration that starts high then decreases to medium and then the lowest setting. This setting is just as discreet as all the others.

The seventh is an on/off pulsation that switches between fast and slow speeds. This setting is louder than the others but still cannot be heard through the blankets or on the opposite of a closed door.

The eighth starts as an on/off pulse and then switches to a high intensity continuous vibration. Just a tad louder than the others but still quite quiet.

All modes are unique and allow this vibrator to be discreetly used whether in the bedroom or in the shower.

Yes, the Vibrating Nubby Glass besides being glass, having a motor, featuring unique patterns of vibrations- is also waterproof!

This vibrator features a screw cap that is virtually watertight and despite not allowing water into the battery compartment, the compartment is still easy to access whenever the user needs to change the 2 AA batteries.

Care and Maintenance

Unfortunately, the only drawback to the Nubby Vibrating Glass is that it cannot be boiled like other glass dildos. As it features electronic parts, this toy must only be washed by hand. However, it's still nonporous, phthalates-free, and hygienic to use.

To clean; simply use a soap/water combination or toy cleaner. Rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution can also be used as it will not diminish the surface texture of the toy.

As I mentioned, the toy cannot be boiled; it can be shared between partners without condoms, however, condom use is still recommended if various people are sharing the toy or if it is being used in various orifices. (As it does not have a flared base, please be cautious if using the toy anally.)

This vibrator is compatible with all lubricants and is safe to store next to silicone or jelly toys if not keeping it in its protective bag.


All Don Wands toys come packaged in clear plastic that is easy to open and able to be kept if desired. Each Don Wands toy also comes with their own thick, padded, drawstring bag for safe storage. These bags are plush and keep any glass toy safe from harm.

The Nubby Vibrating Glass is also listed as including batteries (however, mine did not come with batteries).

Personal comments

It's not necessary to love pink in order to love the Nubby Vibrating Glass - however, favoring that particular pastel doesn't hurt as the entire toy features a metallic pink body.

This truly is a divergent glass vibrator that captures the essences of individuality, beauty, and peculiarity.


The Nubby Vibrating Glass is unlike any other vibrator I've ever tried. Not only does it feature the properties of glass toys but it offers 8 different settings of vibrations.

I will admit, this toy is large, even for me. While I'm not a total Size Queen, I do enjoy toys with heft, however, the nubs on the shaft of this toy create a girthy wonder that feels bigger than it is... and it's already fairly big with a diameter of 1 5/8".

The first time I tried to use it I was not lubricated enough and nearly fainted when my husband tried to insert it past the head. The nubs on the shaft pushed and pulled at the inner folds of my vagina and felt extremely uncomfortable. Once he lubed both the toy and myself up, I was met with sensations that I (after 100 reviews on this site) had never felt before.

The nubs combined with the vibrations was absolutely amazing. If you don't like texture but still want a vibrator that warms up with your body temperature (whether during or prior to use), simply insert the toy and then leave it inside. Be warned though, when you start to thrust, you will feel every (and I mean every) bump on the shaft.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Sammi
    Wow - vibrating glass?! This looks very intriguing.
    Great review!
  • Carrie Ann
    I've wanted one of these for awhile but the metallic appearance of them just isn't appealing to me.

    You should post a pic on the blog so I can see how it looks "for real". *nod*

    Demanding wench, ain't I?

    As always, excellent review. Smile
  • Nashville
    Sammi, I know, right? Smile I was just as excited!
  • Nashville
    Carrie... this is only because you called yourself a wench. See the pictures on my blog here: []
  • Femme Mystique
    Yowza! I want some vibrating glass.
  • Mamastoys
    I love the thought of vibrating glass. This is a great reveiw which I really enjoyed reading. Thanks!! Smile
  • her.royal.redness
    Vibrating and glass...? I'm in heaven. It's a shame it's trickier to clean tho! Thanks for the review!!
  • Epiphora
    Carrie: there's a dark blue one out there that isn't metallic at all. It's much nicer looking than this, in my opinion.

    SD: Great review, as always!
  • Nashville
    Playful, it's truly a wonderful addition to any toy box!
  • Nashville
    Mamas, I'm glad you enjoyed- this is the first review I've written in the new format.
  • Nashville
    Royal Red, most definitely- if it could be boiled well then... it would be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Nashville
    Epiphora, thank you. And yes! They do have other colors- light blue, dark blue, and clear. []
  • deceased
    Great review. Doesn't glass rock?
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I like this idea but I don't think these vibrating glass toys look very.. classy, maybe? It does look spacey, though! Nice review
  • Nashville
    Kuuipogal, it does!
  • Nashville
    Adriana, I thought photos made it look cheap because of the metallic coloring under the glass but once you hold it in your hands it's a completely different toy. Thank you for the compliments! Smile
  • Retro.old
    thanks for reviewing!
  • emilia
    Thank you
  • LoveDove
    Great review, thanks!
  • sXeVegan90
    Thank you for the review.
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