Pleasure pearls - vaginal balls by Cal Exotics - review by Adriana Ravenlust

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I would definitely try a pair of vaginal balls again, perhaps made of a softer material and connected. However, the Pleasure Pearls were too hard and too small for a first time vaginal exerciser.
Resilient, well made, smooth, cute holder with tabs.
Perhaps too small, plastic tray is cheap, tacky box, hard plastic made me feel bruised.
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I requested the Pleasure Pearls for review because I was looking for something a little different. I hadn't used anything for vaginal exercises and I thought it would be a good idea to try something that would strengthen my PC muscles. What could go wrong with more muscle tone or possibly having better orgasms? Unfortunately, the Pleasure Pearls did not do this for for me because I think they simply were not the product I needed.

The Pleasure Pearls come in a small paperboard box depicting a scantily clad lady, which always turns me off. Inside the box is a little clam shell holder made of plastic which I thought was extremely cute. There are even little tabs extending from the holder to help open it which I thought a good idea. However, the pearls themselves, small plastic balls which are weighted, sit on a plastic tray which cheapens the overall effect.

I found the pearls to be very smooth and although I could see a seem and feel it with my fingers, I could not feel it once inside me and it was smooth enough that I didn't worry about snagging any tender bits. The pearls felt substantial despite their small size - a diameter of 3/4" - because of the fact that they are weighted. For those unfamiliar, they feel a bit like a smaller version of the hand relaxation balls.

As I suspected from their smooth exterior and small size, I had no trouble inserting these balls with a dab of lube. Because they are plastic, silicone and water-based lubricants are both ideal. However, I think I would have been able to insert them without any lube at all.

Although I felt them going in, once they got past a certain point, I could not longer feel them and that is where my biggest issue is. I was hoping for a gentle reminder to flex my muscles as I went about my daily routine, but not being able to feel the Pleasure Pearls negates the purpose of them. At this point it also felt as though the balls were perhaps pressing on my urethra.

As I was walking or standing, however, I could feel the Pleasure Pearls. Once again, it was not in a helpful way. As I moved, I would begin to feel the balls as they were slipping lower and out of place. By the time I really was able to detect them, it would be to the point where they were dangerously close to coming out and there was nothing my PC muscles could do to hold them in, short of becoming a vacuum cleaner.

It even seemed to make flexing my PC muscles more difficult. One might argue that resistance is what helps tone, but it felt as though it would be more effective for me to continue to do exercises without the Pleasure Pearls rather than with them.

As I now know, I probably should have opted for a larger set of connected balls to start my journey of vaginal excercising and eventually moved to a smaller ball. It stands to reason that a vagina with muscles already toned a bit would do better with this set and perhaps be able to feel them better.

One thing that was easy to accomplish was taking out the Pleasure Pearls. Simply squatting with ankles together and a little push removed these balls quickly and painfully.

However, I was also not fond of the material of this product. Although easy to clean and scent free, my vagina felt a bit sore and tired after wearing these pearls for a period of time (several hours), not in the way of having used my muscles but in an uncomfortable, bruised way. Although I tried the Pearls once more for a shorter amount of time, I didn't feel as though they worked any better and I still felt sore afterward.

Of course, given my experience, I can tell you I also did not experience any orgasms with this product; although that wasn't my intent to begin with, I know some people aim for that.

Overall, these did not work for me. I definitely want to try Pleasure Pearls again after I have more experience with a larger, softer exerciser and perhaps I will gain more from it then. For the mean time, I cannot recommend these as a first time toy and would advise trying Smart Balls or something similar, instead.
One thing I was impressed with was the quality of the Pleasure Pearls. I accidentally dropped one on my tile bathroom floor and it suffered no ill effects.
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  • catsin
    It's so sad because they come in such a cute little package!!
  • Cat E.
    Nice review.
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