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Magic banana

Vaginal exerciser by Sexy Living

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Versatile Vaginal "Banana"

If you are looking for a vaginal exerciser and have not had a good experience with the Ben wa balls, this would be a tool to try. Besides being used for strengthening vaginal muscles, it can also be used for thrusting, g-spot stimulation and a few other things.
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The Magic Banana is a versatile tool for the vagina. It is marketed as a vaginal exerciser but can also be used to explore your vagina and achieve different types of orgasms (or so it claims). The Magic Banana can be used by any woman,those experienced with sexual toys or beginners, virgins and those that aren't. It can be used alone or with a partner, though the manual suggests you become familiar with the toy and your own body before bringing a partner into the mix with the toy. This is made for vaginal use ONLY. Do NOT insert this anally!

Material / Texture

The Magic Banana is pretty flimsy, it bends easily and can be easily squeezed together by the vaginal muscles. It is made of plastic and silicone. The tube is made of a softer plastic while the cord inside is made of silicone. The tab or handle is made of hard, typical plastic. The tubing feels similar to the stuff they use in hospital surgical situations. I find it easier to use with lubricant, which the manual says only use water based lube with it. There was no smell that I noticed with it. While it is flexible, especially in hand, it does provide some resistance when used vaginally to exercise the muscles. As mentioned before, any woman can use this tool.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Magic Banana is pretty discreet. It doesn't look like your typical vaginal exerciser or sex toy. Like others have said, it looks a lot like a bike lock. If left out, no one would know what it was unless you told them or they decided to jump on google and search since it does say "Magic Banana" on the black handle.
When not squeezed, it can look a bit intimidating. The soft, smoothness of the tubing allows you to squeeze it together for easy insertion, and once squeezed, it is a lot more friendly looking.
The measurements are:
Length: 9 1/4"
Insertable length: 7 1/2"
Circumference: 2 1/4"
Diameter: 1/4"
It is long and toward the middle, it has a slight curve (or a "smile" as the manual calls it)
The overall circumference of the tubing isn't scary, the thing that would intimidate most people is that it expands once inside so you can use your muscles to squeeze it and strengthen them.
You could travel with this, as the shape is discreet. It will easily fit into a suitcase or overnight bag. Depending on the size of your purse, it could fit, but you my risk people catching a glimpse (if you care).

To show the curve:


Of course, to use the Magic Banana, you have to insert it vaginally. The easiest way (and a bit of a pain) is to apply water based lubricant all around the tubing. I applied it all around, the tubing is easy to squeeze to a size comfortable enough to insert, so I thought this would be easy, I was a little wrong. It really is a pain to keep a grip, keep it squeezed and insert it. My fingers were slipping, even when using my hand to grasp it, I was losing grip and had trouble getting it in. I was so frustrated with it, but after a handful of tries, I was successful. Once in, the black handle is what you use to hold it in place or to thrust with.
Once in, I was really only able to insert it about halfway before I started experiencing pressure. I can't get it all the way to the handle, I tried but the pain was just too uncomfortable for me. It was just like a lot of pressure that made me feel crampy in my stomach, like when I go for an exam and they use the speculum (that is what it reminded me of). With it in comfortably, I tensed and released my muscles and was surprised that I did feel the Magic Banana being squeezed and then expanding back out when I released. So with regular use, I do think this has potential to work, I mean I could feel it.
The manual states that in order to achieve results for vaginal exercising, that you must do this 2 times a day for 3-5 minuets a session-that's not bad if you ask me!

The manual says that you can get g-spot stimulation from this toy. The g-spot is located 2" inside the vagina, under the pubic bone, so you don't have much to insert when using it for this purpose. Since it is flexible and not something more firm, it may or may not be stimulating, it all depends on your anatomy. I didn't test this out because the few times that I'm pretty sure my g-spot was stimulated, it caused cramping for me and I didn't enjoy it.

You can also use this as a dildo, you can tilt it up to get clitoral stimulation at the same time as well.

The manual mentions several benefits to using the Magic Banana which are:
-Reduced menstrual cramping (best used in the shower)
-Improved sleep by releasing tension through orgasam
-Better orgasms (vaginal, clitoral, cervical, and g-spot) through exploration
-Enhanced muscle control

The manual also mentions that it may take some time to become familiar with your body and the toy working together, so be patient and enjoy the experience.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Magic Banana is easy, you can clean it with just warm water and mild soap. You can also use a toy cleaner or wipes. I would be careful when applying lube and take extra care when cleaning near the base of the toy where the tubing meets the black plastic handle as fluids can get down in there, I would guess that letting the water run down into that area wouldn't be a bad idea to ensure cleaning.
I'm not sure where I'm going to store mine yet and I have been putting it back in the box it came with.


The packaging isn't discreet, it shows the toy and has information all over the box about it.

The manual is helpful, here is a sample of of it:

Follow-up commentary
I haven't used it regularly to really know if it works or not, but I can say I can feel a difference while using it, as in my muscles getting tired and squeezing the looped part. I still can't insert it all the way because it causes cramping deep in my stomach.
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