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Little chroma

Traditional vibrator by Jimmyjane

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(Very) Little Chroma

The Little Chroma is a very well constructed vibe that can indeed last a lifetime because of its replaceable parts. It is small and discreet, and would probably be worth the investment for someone who does not require intense vibrations.
Exceptionally well constructed, metal, replaceable motor
Only one speed, vibrations just aren't powerful enough
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It is hard to know what to say about the Little Chroma. It is, in many ways, a very mechanically advanced toy; in others, its very simplicity causes it to fall short in several areas.

To start with, the Little Chroma is, well, LITTLE. It is definitely smaller and more slender than a cigar--barely larger than a tampon, actually. I ordered the olive color, which is far brighter and more colorful in the picture than it is in real life. Mine looks like a grayish-blackish color with a green tint. Not quite as pretty as I had hoped.

Now, on to its merits. The Little Chroma|Little chroma vibrator is made of metal, which makes it very hygienic--it can be washed in the dishwasher if the motor is removed. What is this? If the motor is removed? Yes, the Little Chroma’s motor is exactly the size and shape of a AA battery, and can be removed for cleaning, or replaced, if necessary! This is a vibe that can truly last a lifetime--if you want it to, that is!

The metal retains heat and cold very well, is compatible with both water-based and silicone lubes, and the vibe itself is waterproof “up to depths about 10x deeper than your bathtub,” according to the description, and I did find the vibe works very well when completely submerged. The vibe’s base has two holes in it for threading a cord if you want to use it for anal play (which I still do not recommend for something this small and slender), but I think a wrist strap would not be amiss if using for water play since the vibe is very small and smooth.

The Jimmy Jane's vibrator operates with a screw base that turns it on, and here begins my list of negatives about the toy. The screw base operates well, is textured for grip, and can be lubricated with petroleum jelly, per the instruction booklet, if it sticks. The base also insures the waterproofing of the toy, whether for play or for cleaning, which leads me to my first issue with the Little Chroma. Turning the vibe off requires unscrewing the battery compartment somewhat; so if you want to keep it dry inside, it requires keeping the vibe running while you clean it, or the entire time you have it in the water, to maintain its waterproof integrity. This is not really a huge deal, but I still found it somewhat of a hassle to have to wash a still-vibrating vibe!

My main concern with the Little Chroma, however, is that it has only one speed. According to the instruction manual, it is “the right speed… tuned to the resonant frequency of the human body.” O…k. What I found was a vibe that feels nice, and IS capable of getting me off, but honestly, I would kill for just one more intense setting to really push me over the edge. Insertion is simple, with or without lube, but fairly ineffective; I find this toy better used for external stimulation, since the vibrations are mild enough to be used directly on the clit. The motor is located in one tip, so the manual suggests using different areas of the vibe to increase or decrease the vibration level, which I found works, to a point. I just wish the strongest vibrations were a little stronger.

Finally, let me state the Jimmy Jane's Little Chroma is probably the quietest vibe I own--it is virtually silent, even at close range, so great for those for whom discretion is a must.

All in all, this vibe has a lot going for it, I just wish it had a little more power. It runs on one AA battery, which is included (always a nice touch!) It is, however, well designed and constructed, and probably will last a lifetime with proper care and the replaceable motor option. Whether these benefits are worth the hefty price tag is a judgment only you can make.
The Little Chroma was capable of bringing me to orgasm; but it was not a screaming, thrashing, intense, rock-your-world orgasm. This is not a toy to get you off quickly and thrillingly. It is, rather, more of a toy for sensually making love to yourself (or having a partner make love to you), and working up--very slowly--do a deep and resonating orgasm. I personally like using a cooling lube with it, like Tantric Lovers' Stimulate 'Er Gel|Tantric lovers stimulate-'er gel - Gel, to make the cool sensations last longer. The vibrations on the Little Chroma are mild enough that it can be used directly on the clit, and can even continue to be used after your first orgasm, even if you are really sensitive. This is a wonderful feature if you are capable of easy and quick multiple orgasms; personally, it failed my “two orgasm” test. Try as I might, the second time I just could not bring myself over the edge, despite pinpoint direct stimulation of the clit. On a side note, I found the base area, where the vibrations are least intense, is excellent for massaging the temples during a migraine or just to relax.
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