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Vibro balls sex toy review

For being my first experience with vaginal balls I was really quite impressed. Using them in conjunction with other toys was pleasurable. Using them while doing my daily activities made me feel quite naughty and definitely had me wanting to be home with my partner at the end of the day, it was a buzz.
The perfect little secret to keep all day while improving yourself!
They rattle audibly if your in a quite place and take getting used to.
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At first glance I was almost... uninspired by the Vibro Balls by Pipedream|Vaginal balls by Pipedream. They're not particularly pretty. They have a nylon cord strung through them which strikes me as incredibly unhygienic. It's secure however, I swung them around a little bit to test the theory, and they weren't going anywhere, so I wasn't concerned with having to stage a search and rescue retrieval team. They have a ridge along both of the balls where the material is connected (Again fairly securely), something that is almost begging to be dirty and get lube and all sorts of bodily fluids stuck in them. Not to mention the surface itself is covered in 12 little.. craters? Another spot that's bound to hold all sorts of germs. You look at this toy and think, "Nope, no thanks." But everyone and everything deserves a second chance. So away we went.

As far as first experiences go it was something that took a bit of getting used to. The Vibro balls|Sex toy reviews: Vibro balls by Pipedream move as you move. So if your walking, they're rocking. If your running they're going crazy. If your just sitting there and fidgeting, you can feel them every time you tighten your body. It was.. different. But as time went on it became a good different. I work part time in a call center, so for 4 hours a night I get to sit at a little desk and twirl around in my chair making calls. I decided to do something productive and wear the Virbo balls to work. We girls are always being told that we need to ""keep in shape", and I mean really, I wasn't DOING anything that require hardcore attention span. Boy, I felt kinky. all night spinning in my chair, stretching, getting water, tightening all the muscles in my body and releasing them in stages.. it was incredible. To be fair I'm not sure if it was the balls themselves or the experience of wearing a sex toy to work, but by the time I got home I was quite excited. Similarly, after that evening's experience I decided to wear them when I went for a jog. Normally any form of physical activity gets me in the mood for more physical activity, but after jogging with these guys nestled deep in my body, thrumming and giving more every time I pushed myself further in my jog, I was so torn between jogging longer to prolong the feeling, or running home and sharing my newfound enthusiasm with my partner.

As far as using them as a stand alone toy, they wouldn't be anything special. If you want to add them to the use with another toy they work pretty good. I have a clitoral vibrator|Exotic clitoral vibes that I'm in love with, and I used that while tugging slightly on the nylon cord, spasming around them, and quite enjoyed it. For my first experience with vaginal balls|Exercisers for vaginal muscles, I was pretty impressed. They were certainly a great starting experience, and a great first.
Follow-up commentary
This little toy was a wonderful starting point. But since then it's been quite... beat up. I'm not sure how, but I noticed one afternoon that it had deep scratches on the surface. These were hell to clean once I noticed them. Then I just decided that this wasn't a mind blowingly awesome toy, so I sent it to toy heaven. However, I HIGHLY recommend trying a set of vaginal balls. While I had them, I thoroughly enjoyed the benefits and pleasures that I received from them.
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  • Glad you like them- but you're right, lots of shortcomings in this particular version. Check out Smart Balls!
  • Dame Demi
    Yes, if you like these but are worried about hygiene issues, definitely make the small investment in a set of Smart Balls!  It took me over a decade to try vaginal balls, but they're soooo wonderful as the ultimate, discreet sex toy you can wear/use anywhere to feel deliciously naughty!
  • her.royal.redness
    Thank you for the suggestions!! I think I'm going to have to invest in them! Everyone seems to love them and let's face it, they are alot prettier than these ones are! Big smile
  • jaejae
    Love this review (even if the product itself seems underwhelming. I think I'm going to check out the Smart Balls, but this at seems to support vaginal balls being fun!
  • her.royal.redness
    Queer Art Rebel- Thank you for your kind words! It IS a fun product, I just think the Smart Balls are a much better investment!
  • SydVicious
    Great review! I'm going to check out the smart balls! I have been trying to branch out and try a few new things and vaginal balls just seem like a fun addition.

    Also, I love your Jessica Rabbit pic! =-)
  • Hotlink
  • thatonechick
    Nice to know about the craters, seams and potential scratches... and nylon cord... Doesn't sound hygienic at all. :c I will look for something easier to clean.
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Great review!
  • krisvida
    Thanks a lot.
  • LavenderSkies
  • Jo lala
    Great review
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  • pitona
    thank you
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