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Wet and bored, it's time to just put it away.

A well made vibrator that just doesn't fit my body, the Galaxy G-kit is attractive and offers some good vibes. However, unless it fits your body's design, you may not get to join in the reindeer games.
Firm with some give and flex, sterilizable, easy to care for, extremely well made
May not fit all body types
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extremely useful review
The Galaxy G kit is well made – really, superior all around. It comes in two parts, a dildo with a ‘bullet hole’, and a separate ‘bullet’ vibe. The dildo is made of firm silicone, which has only a little give and some medium flex, generally two things I deeply appreciate in a g-spot dildo. The ‘bullet’ is hard plastic, with a respectably long power cord (about 2 feet long).

Of course, silicone may only be used with water based lubricants. Even though plastic can be used with other types of lube, please only use water based for the vibe when you are pairing it with the dildo, as any other type may have a negative reaction. Each part of the G-kit may be easily cleaned with toy cleaner or soap and water, and the dildo alone may be boiled or wiped down with a bleach solution for sterilization purposes.

I quote ‘bullet’, because it is really barely a bullet. It’s practically a shuttle, it’s practically a wand. With fresh batteries, the lowest setting is a nice, deep 2. The highest setting is a high pitched 3 or 4. I prefer the lowest setting when I apply the vibe directly to my clit, because I prefer deeper vibrations. I use the highest setting when I insert it into the dildo, because the silicone tends to diffuse the vibes and lower the overall pitch. By itself, I really enjoy the bullet, but it is just a bullet, and doesn’t do anything special apart from vibrate and be unusually large.

The bullet is controlled by a dial, which is easily adjusted, although it does seem to sort of oddly start and end with a ‘surge’ of power… which may be intentional.

Because the bullet is so huge, the hole in the dildo is huge too. This means that most bullets will not fit into the dildo, so finding a replacement should the included vibe die may be difficult. It may be easier to purchase a very slim traditional vibe|Flexi slim pink pearl - Traditional vibrator and use that, instead, if the need or desire arose. I’d offer up measurements, but sadly I lack a measuring tape. I may get back to you on that in the future.

I don’t find the dildo to be very pleasurable for thrusting. Because it’s so firm, it tends to sort of ‘twang’ off my pubic bone, making for a rather weird and not quite sexy popping feeling. So, I tend to just twist it or roll it back and forth, when it’s inside.

That in itself would be pleasurable, but it seems to not stimulate my G-spot at all. I’m not entirely sure why, but since I don’t know where it is, I can’t really fix it. I don’t generally mind not having my G-spot stimulated, because vibrations in its general area usually helps to get me going, and stimulating my clit sends me off and up.

So, here is where the dildo’s clit stimulator comes into play, and the accident of my anatomy.

There is a wing-like area to the dildo that’s fairly common in g-spot dildos|G-spot curved glass shafts. The firm silicone should have made the wing lots of fun, but for my body? It’s too short to hit my sweet spot. I can’t seem to come unless the topmost part of my clit is stimulated, stimulating any other part of it is fine, but doesn’t really do much of anything for me. The wing is too short to hit that part of my body, and it’s just long enough to make stimulating it myself impossible. The wing that is meant to act as a clit stimulator, then, acts like a shield. The Clit Guard 2000. The Clit Defender 2.0.

I have not been able to get off from the dildo even once, even though it sports most of the features I admire in g-spot dildos, on account of that wing. It’s really quite a shame. I don’t really blame the toy, this time around. I can tell that it just doesn’t fit my body, when I use it. It doesn’t reach my g-spot, it doesn’t hit my clit’s hot spot, and there’s just no helping that.

Good for ladies with a g-spot 2.5 inches inside their passage, and who have clitorises which are sensitive on the bottom of their button, or perhaps have a shorter distance from their vagina and clit than I do.
Lying there, incredibly wet and bored, and a little bummed out, I began to think to myself, “Perhaps, Vixen Creations is catering to a lady with a slightly different physique than I possess?” It’s really the only conclusion I can come up with, because as dearly as I adore their ideas, materials, packaging, and even their execution… Vixen has only created one dildo that truly gets me off, and sadly this one isn’t it (for the curious, it’s the Orbit).
I've used this dildo/vibe a good four or five times, each in highly dedicated 30m to 1h30m sessions. Prodding, twisting, awkwardly thrusting, rolling, removing, reinserting, lubing up again, pulling out a little, inching back a little, raising it up so it almost reaches that sensitive part on my clit... lubing up again, huffing in frustration, damn it all! work!
Fuck it! I'll just use my Nagi|SinFive Nagi Review!
.....Really, when a sex toy brings you to the point of grim determination and ridiculous swearing at inanimate objects, it's time to shelve the thing and call it a day.
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  • Spiking Glue
    Hm, I just realized I kept calling this 'vibrator' a 'dildo'. I guess I just conceptualize it as a dildo -- because that's the main part I interact with, and the vibrator is a bullet that I can remove. What's more correct, I wonder? Hmm.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    It sounds like a very powerful toy, but not my cup of tea. I'm sorry it didn't do much for you, either!
  • Dame Demi
    Sorry it didn't work for you, but thanks for a very entertaining review! Though I'm sure personal anatomy plays a huge role, the clit stimulator looks very small to me in general, and I think many women may have the same problems you did.
  • Minxy
    Bummer,this toy appeared to have nice hygenic quality and great potential. My mind has changed now. I agree with Dame Demi entertaining review. I think it's extremely hard to produce a captivating review when your not even remotely stimulated by the toy. Great job!
  • Spiking Glue
    [Backseat Boohoo] Yeah, it's lame. I had really high hopes for it, being made by Vixen, being shaped as it is, with the curve it has... just another one for the pile in the end.

    [Dame Demi] It looks small. *nods* It really does reach my clit, but it only hits the bottom part of it, and perhaps a little of the mid-part as well. I really need the stimulation to be from the upper right part of I'm to benefit from the vibe. It's specific, I know, but way it goes. :) I'm glad you found it entertaining. I debated doing a whole Barbarella thing with it, but after yet another session of cussing, I hurridly typed this out, edited it, and upped it.

    [Minxy] It's a shame. *nods* A truly quality product that just doesn't work for me. :/ Thank you so much for the kind words -- I agree, the toys that don't work tend to be the harder ones to write reviews for. Thankfully, this one frustrated me enough to be slightly inspirational in the head-desk factor.

    Thank you, everyone, for your votes and comments. :D
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    Great review!
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    Wonderful review!
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    great review!
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    thanks for the review.
  • K101
    Crap! I had found this vibe after searching for one very similar to my Snuggle Puss and I was hoping to find one very close only with stronger vibes and where the petal thingy would actually reach the clitoris Bummer! I was so hoping this one would be my match, but it sounds like this is off too. I hate that it turned out badly for you. The snuggle puss by downunder toys is what I have and really liked the idea of the toy only it has a lot of flaws and now I'm back to my search. SIgh, lol. Thanks so much for the review! What is up with these kind of vibes not reaching or fitting most people's anatomy? Strange...
  • Iron Man
    Thanks for the review.
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    NIce review!
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