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Getaway Pure

G-spot vibrator by Nomi Tang

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Why Won't You Getaway With Me?

The Getaway Pure is an innovative vibrator that puts a spin on the traditional, and well-loved, Better Than Chocolate vibrator. This one includes a long, g-spot curved shaft to make your Better Than Chocolate able to be inserted.
Silky silicone, Easy to insert, Innovative controls, Pretty packaging, Different models
Doesn't hit the g-spot firmly, Handling issues
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The Getaway Pure is a Nomi Tang vibrator that is the new cousin of the Better Than Chocolate. The entire Getaway series basically features the exact same controls of the Better Than Chocolate - except with a shaft to make the vibrators internal and g-spot vibrators. The Getaway Pure features a beautiful, sky blue color that is accurately portrayed in the pictures as well as a subtle g-spot with a rounded head. The Getaway Pure is completely smooth, and it's really beautiful to look at.

The packaging is nice. Like all Nomi Tang vibrators, the Getaway Pure comes in a white Nomi Tang box that includes a satin-lined storage tray for the Pure itself. The box also includes a satin white storage bag and an instruction manual. The box is perfect for storage as it's very well-made and very thick, but the satin bag will easily hold the vibrator as well. The box is cute, and it's perfect for gift-giving as well.

The Getaway Pure runs on two AA batteries. These batteries are inserted through the base of the vibrator. The vibrator's base is extremely easy to unscrew and rescrew, and there is really no problem inserting the batteries. The batteries are inserted into a tray, and the tray does require you to bend it in half to insert the batteries. As the tray is made of plastic, I do worry that this will cause the plastic to break at some point which will leave me with two seperate "trays" which defeats the point of a tray though.

One of the most amazing things about this vibrator is the control scheme. It uses touch controls in order to control the vibrator. The controls are pretty accurate, but you do have to watch how much lubricant or bodily fluids you get on your hand. It doesn't respond well when it's wet, so you have to stay relatively dry for it work accurately. The push button turns the vibrator on and off, but you can control the vibrations through the scroll pad. Scroll one way with your finger to make them stronger, and scroll the opposite way to make them weaker. If you hold down the Nomi Tang symbol, it will go into the patterned modes. If you hold down opposite of the Nomi Tang symbol, it will lock the vibrator for traveling.

One of my biggest complaints about the Better Than Chocolate was the fact that the battery compartment was so difficult to open. Thankfully, with the Getaway Pure, the battery compartment is much easier to open. This is base you can grip onto the long shaft while trying to twist it off of the vibrator to insert the batteries. However, now there is a different problem. There is a battery tray with this one, but unlike any other vibrator battery tray I've seen, this one's tray is flexible - like they are vaginal exercise balls are something.

The vibrations on the Getaway Pure are moderate. They aren't too strong, but they aren't too weak. This would matter more if the vibrations were external, but for the Getaway Pure, they are meant to hit up against the g-spot. They can definitely be used externally, though. The vibrations are in the middle of buzzy and rumbly, and they definitely feel pleasurable. The vibrations probably couldn't be heard through a closed door (especially when pressure is applied or if it is inserted), but it can definitely be heard in the same room. If you need to be discreet, just make sure no one has their ear to your door, and you should be fine.

Handling the Getaway Pure is an interesting task. You see, the Better Than Chocolate was originally designed as a clitoral stimulation vibrator, and as such, that's the shape that it was given - to make it easy to hold up against yourself. The Getaway Pure is supposed to be a dildo which requires an entirely different set of handling. You definitely can figure it out, but it definitely takes a bit of time, and it never really is "the best" position for getting a lot of leverage and strength behind your thrusts.
For use, the Getaway Pure works pretty well. I love how they used the silky-type of silicone as it makes it much, much easier and comfortable to insert. It feels a bit like plastic, but it's plushier and softer, and that works out great for me. There certainly was a learning curve where I felt like an idiot trying to hold the vibrator for a couple uses, but I figured it out in the end. I kinda hold it like I would a baseball bat. It reduces the insertable portion to about four inches, but it works better than anything else I've tried. The vibrator is extremely easy to control during usage, and once I got my "groove", I never had any problems accidentally flipping through other vibration speeds. At first, I'll admit that I accidentally changed it quite a few times, but it's because I couldn't figure out how to use it best.

How does it feel internally? It feels good. I love how easy the silky silicone makes it to insert this toy. At the same time, though, the g-spot curve isn't very pronounced, so it really didn't hit my g-spot at all. As you may or may not know, though, my g-spot has always been very picky, so I wouldn't take my issue with the vibrator to mean that you will have it too; if most traditional g-spot toys work for you, this one probably will too.

Cleaning the Getaway Pure is pretty easy. It is waterproof, so you don't have to be too careful with cleaning. You just have to use warm water and anti-bacterial soap, and if you want to share this with a partner, I highly would recommend covering it with a condom. It's only compatible with water-based lubricant, so make sure not to use silicone-based lubricant. The Getaway Pure doesn't pick up any lint or fuzzies, so you don't have to be too careful about storage.

Overall, I like the Nomi Tang Getaway Pure, but I can't say that it's one of my favorite vibrators. I wish the vibrations were a bit stronger for external use, and while the silicone is silky soft and perfect for insertion, the g-spot curve just isn't right for me. I am looking forward to what Nomi Tang comes up with next, though, as I realize that the vibrator's flaws were mostly with my body and not the toy itself. I wonder if they'll do a rechargeable one next; I'd love to see that.
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