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100% Satisfied! - A Beginner's Perspective

I did have to trim the sleeve a bit to give some room for my member, but that's not a big deal so I will not consider it a con. The only con I can think of is the length of the cylinder. It could be longer. But other than that I was very satisfied with my results and I will use this thing every night until I find one that suits my size. Great pump, guys!
Sturdy, good quality materials, no breakage, works well
Cylinder could be two or three inches longer
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Reading reviews of this pump from EF and other sites - and even reviews of other pumps - had me worried that this was going to be a disaster. I was about to own a penis pump for the first time in my life and I went as far as to choose one under the price of $30. I had been warned by my friends not to buy anything cheap. But now I'm wondering what the hell they were talking about! This pump is fantastic and it really does work! It looks less cheap when you're holding it in your hand.

This is best used if you need to get an erection when you can't. Maybe you have erectile dysfunction, are too tired to go again, or would like to get a more full erection. I don't have an erection "problem" I guess you would say, but my girl wears me out. She wants to go again and again, and I usually need a break of ten minutes or so in between sessions. For those 10 minutes I cannot get an erection because my dick is too sensitive. This pump helps me get an erection within minutes, and gets rid of the painful sensitivity after an orgasm.

I have even noticed a significant increase in size after using it the whole 15 minutes each time... and I have only owned this pump for hardly a week! And when I say size, I mean temporarily. I will tell you - penis pumps shouldn't be purchased to maintain a larger size permanently. To increase your size temporarily, a cock ring can be of help as well. Permanently increasing your size with a pump is not a realistic goal for everyone and I have never heard of it happening. It is explained a little bit better in this article.

To ensure safety:

1. Pump twice to get good suction. Pushing the pump firmly against your body and/or using lubricant around your penis will help. I didn't really need lubricant it as I use this after a hot shower. Which by the way, relaxes the penis tissue making pumping more successful.

2. Pump slowly after that. Pause for about a minute between pumps (excluding the first two).

3. Don't pump too much. About 3 more pumps does it for me with this one. I already touch the end of the cylinder on the 4th pump so it is uncomfortable if I go any further than 5 pumps MAX. I am 7.5 inches in length hard, and the cylinder is 8 3/4 inches.

4. If anything hurts, stop. There is a quick release, thankfully!

5. Do not use pumps if you bleed easily or have a blood clotting disorder, are diabetic, or if you suffer from any peripheral vascular disease. Do not use pumps if you are taking anticoagulants, aspirin, or any other blood-thinning medication. In the event of discomfort or any unusual body changes with use - including bruising, pain, bleeding or loss of sensation - discontinue use immediately and check with a sex-positive physician. Do not place over sore, swollen or infected areas, areas without sensation, above the neck or on lactating breasts.

6. If you're aiming to really increase size of erection, do not use for more than 20 minutes! I have always been told 30, but if you have left it on for 30 minutes you can damage tissue.

Material / Texture

The cylinder itself is made from thick, hard plastic. Very sturdy, and I do not expect it to crack anytime soon - or ever. The tube leading from the pump to the cylinder is covered in a plastic sleeve, and the quick release valve is plastic as well.

The sleeve (where the cylinder cups your dick) is made from rubber. It does not smell at all. However, it picks up lint like a lint roller. Rinsing it with cool water is very necessary for that reason. It does help with suction as the material is sort of sticky.

The pump is made from what seems to be a hard rubber or a soft plastic. It is very sturdy, so I don't want to say it is plastic. Neither the box nor the product page really says what it is made of.

All of the pump is red except for the quick release valve.
    • No odor

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This pump is 8 and 3/4 inches long. It is 8 inches in circumference, and 2 1/4 inches in diameter.

If you are already 8 inches, or almost 8 inches like myself, I would look for a pump with more room inside. I found it uncomfortable when the head of my cock pressed up against the end of the cylinder. But for your average guy's schlong you should be okay. I'm not going to complain, though, since I do not leave my dick in for long. Eventually I will probably look for another penis pump that is longer.

It has your regular cylinder shape. The cylinder is hard plastic, and is not flexible. I think it should be longer to accommodate men of all shapes and sizes. It did definitely work for me. Great results. I had to trim the sleeve from the inside by about 1 cm. otherwise my cock felt like it was being squeezed a little too much. I am very thick in circumference. But if you're a thinner guy, I don't think it should be a problem because you want to have a squeeze or a cock pump is useless.

I wouldn't say it is easy to hide. It didn't come with a case or anything. But my wife has an old makeup bag in which it fits perfectly. We store it with the tube removed from the cylinder to avoid any sort of damage or accident. I wouldn't travel with it, as it could crack.

Care and Maintenance

You can wash this with cool water and hand soap if you need to, but you can only wash the cylinder and sleeve. Don't try washing the tube or pump, because you can really mess it up if you get water inside of it. A buddy of mine gave me that tip.

Like I said, I store this thing in an old makeup bag of my wife's.

It is compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. Avoid using oil-based lubricants with this product.


The packaging was really crappy, I have to admit. No instructions, no warnings, no tips. Just the same package you see on the product page. I didn't like how you could see right through it. If someone would have opened my box, they would know I bought a penis pump and that's embarrassing. Once you remove the penis pump from its casing it is hard to fit it back in, so I wouldn't keep it around. The box is flimsy anyway.


I would say that overall I have had a good first experience with this pump. I was nervous, as I have never used one before, but I was satisfied with the results it gave me. There was no breakage or cracking if you use it correctly. Easy to clean, and easy to care for. Hiding it was a pain at first, but my beautiful wife took care of that for me. I will probably look into finding a longer penis pump (cylinder) to use in the future since my package isn't the right size for this pump. But the average guy would really enjoy it and I don't see why it got bad ratings on other sites.
Follow-up commentary
This product still works very well and I would have expected it to break by now but it hasn't. Definitely a great buy. One should not be fooled by the low price!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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