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A First Step for Virtual Reality Sex

The RealTouch interactive device takes men one step closer to virtual reality sex by synching programmed sensations with actions as viewed in video porn clips. Although the concept is innovative, I liken the experience to the first cell phone: bulky, inconvenient, and expensive with most of the drawbacks owing to the technology being new. In its current design, the RealTouch is a decent product but has a ton of potential.
Innovative concept, straight and gay videos offered, high quality and variety of videos.
Expensive to maintain Pay Per View, large and bulky device, use requires internet connection.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The RealTouch interactive sex device for men is designed to immerse you further into your favorite porn clips by letting you experience exactly what the stars are feeling as you watch. The device works in conjunction with specially coded videos so that you too can enjoy the porn star experience. Ever dreamed of fucking Tori Black? No problem. Simply load one of her clips and experience what it feels like to be sucked and fucked by her. The RealTouch Video site features over 1000 straight and over 300 gay video clips ranging from 5-15 minutes in length. The device can either be used solo or potentially with a partner to fulfill your secret threesome fantasies.

Although the device is rather large, the functions are hands-free and may especially appeal to individuals with any condition that may make masturbation challenging (carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, laziness).

Material / Texture

The masturbator portion of the RealTouch device consists primarily of a hard plastic shell, two internal conveyor belts and an orifice made of TPE. The outer casing is shaped somewhat like a large peanut and is made of a thick plastic designed to protect the inner mechanics of the device. The outer surface of the shell is textured to allow for easier gripping of the device, particularly if any lubricant gets on your hands.

Close up of logo and texture on case:

The entrance orifice and the two internal conveyor belts are composed of a soft, flexible TPE that is somewhat fleshlike, although not completely convincing. The material is extremely sticky, especially on the conveyor belts. The TPE has a mild odor but is not at all noticeable during use. The twin belts are covered with horizontal ribs spaced 3/16" apart and measuring about the same in height. Although the ribbing does provide extra stimulation, the softness of the material prevents it from being overly rough when adequate lubrication is used. The texture of the ribbing can be programmed to provide a full range of sensations from very mild to extremely intense.

Stretchiness of TPE:
    • Somewhat porous
    • Sticky
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Weighing in at almost 3-1/2 lbs. and measuring 10" long with a maximum circumference of 16", the RealTouch device is larger than your average masturbator. In contrast, a typical Fleshlight weighs under 1-1/2 lbs. and measures almost 10" in length. The cover for the RealTouch device is removed by depressing two buttons that release the locking mechanism. Although large, the device is comfortable to hold in place with either both hands around the middle or with one hand applying pressure from the base. The necessary functions of the device are hands-free except to hold it in place and when selecting a video.

RealTouch vs. Fleshlight vs. Tenga Flip Air Lite:

The orifice has a 1" diameter but can expand to accommodate up to 2". Since the orifice is designed to squeeze and apply circumferential pressure to the base of the penis, men with a girth of 2" or larger may find the device to be uncomfortably tight. The TPE flap that covers the orifice helps to prevent excess lube from spilling out during use, although some lube still escapes.

Close up of orifice:

The twin belts are approximately 6" long and 2" wide. Again a warning that anyone with a larger diameter penis may find the device uncomfortable to use as just beyond the belts near the entrance are small screws that could potentially be felt during use. The device will only accommodate a penis of about 6-1/2" in length. A longer penis can still appreciate the sensations but will not be able to completely insert into the device.

The device contains a lube dispenser that holds approximately 1.75 oz. of lube, enough for a typical 30 minute session. The nozzle of the Wet lubricant bottle that is included with the device fits perfectly into the lubricant reservoir for easy filling. The dispenser can be programmed to deliver additional lube during use to ensure that the belts are adequately lubricated.

There are two heating panels located on the inside of the device to warm the belts during use. Although the heating panels do warm the belts, it seems to take about 10 minutes of use to feel the temperature difference. The outside plastic shell also gets noticeably warm during use, but not uncomfortably so.

Each of the belts and the orifice can be programmed independently of one another, although there are some limitations such as the belts, if both operating at the same time, have to be in the same direction. Each command includes direction (in or out), speed, duration, how the movement fades in and out, and frequency. Also, each command has a wide range resulting in a countless number of possible sensations. Additionally, lube dispensing and heat can be programmed.

The power cord has a grounding prong and approximately 10' of cable. The device mini tower, which translates the commands to the device, connects to a computer with a USB plug and 6' of cable. The RealTouch device plugs into the mini tower with a 4' cable. Please note the lengths carefully as you are somewhat limited in how close to the computer the device needs to be.

Although the device and all of the components together make for a rather large package, the RealTouch could theoretically be suitable for travel. However, be advised that it requires a computer with an active internet connection to work. The videos, along with the device commands, are streamed to the computer directly from the manufacturer's website.
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

Use of the RealTouch requires a PC running Windows XP SP2 or higher, 500-MHz Pentium-class processor or better, 512MB of RAM, and the latest version of Windows Media Player. The device does not currently work with Mac computers but that is in development.

The device comes with a CD containing 10 free straight porn videos. The same free videos are also available directly on the website along with 4 free Male Enhancement videos designed to increase your stamina. Also available for free at the site are 10 free gay videos and 4 gay Male Enhancement videos for a total of 28 free videos. Despite being free, the videos still require an internet connection to experience.

Use of the device requires downloading of a 4.65 MB platform agent. This program authenticates your account when you connect the device and also allows you to alter the intensity of the device, adjust the amount of lube dispensed (including a lube burst option), and enable/disable the squeeze function. These options do not let you control the device but fine tune the experience coded into the video to suit your personal preferences.

Prior to using the device, the RealTouch performs a 2 minute warm-up. During this time, the device begins to heat up and primes the device with lubricant. Do not use the device during the warm-up phase as the experience will be less than satisfactory without proper lubrication.

Because each belt and the orifice can be configured with a wide range of commands, the device can potentially simulate the light stroke of a tongue gliding along the shaft to the tight squeeze of anal penetration. As a generalization based on limited experience, the lighter sensations such as oral and hand jobs were more realistic when compared to vaginal/anal penetration. The speed and pressure used during many penetration sequences are designed to mimic tightness but were uncomfortable at times, even when the intensity was decreased.

Although the device is designed to be used with specially programmed videos, it is possible to program your own code to accompany the video of your choice. The company offers a Content Developers Kit for free. The kit includes instructions on the functionality of the device and how the code for each command is created. Be warned that it appears to be extremely labor intensive. In a 13 second video clip sample where a hand strokes a soda bottle, then uses a finger to stroke along one side, then the other, and then resumes stroking, the code is over 100 lines long.

The amount of noise produced by the device varies based on the programming. At its loudest, the device can be heard in a room but can easily be masked with any background noise or a heavy blanket. Additionally, use of headphones will screen out the noise for the user and enhance the experience. The device is not waterproof and as such should not be used in the bath or shower.

Care and Maintenance

Since both the orifice and internal belts are composed of TPE, the device can not be completely sanitized and should therefore not be shared except with fluid bonded partners. A condom should also not be used with the device as it could lead to serious injury if it somehow becomes entangled and pulled into the device. I don't even want to imagine what that looks like.

After each use, the device should be opened and the pieces thoroughly washed. As a warning, the device uses a significant amount of lubricant during a 30 minute session. As such, be prepared to wrap the device in a towel or transport it quickly to a sink as a lot of lubrication will leak out of the device. Although the device is not waterproof, it can be rinsed under warm running water as long as the power cord is not immersed. An antibacterial soap or toy cleaner may be used to wash the device. Be sure to rotate the belts manually to clean all surfaces. The lube reservoir should also be intermittently flushed out to prevent clogging. The Wet lube bottle supplied with the product is designed specifically for this purpose and can be filled with water to flush out the reservoir. Since the device can be opened up, cleaning is a relatively simple task.

After washing, the device should be towel dried and left out to air dry completely. The orifice has a lip inside of the TPE flap which has a tendency to pool water. Be sure to pay special attention when drying this area. Even with careful drying and shaking the device to remove excess water, I found it took the device a long time to dry properly. The internal belts also contact one another, and combined with the ribbing have a tendency to retain small pockets of water. Therefore, the belts should also be rotated manually during drying. After 24 hours, I shook the device and still found water and lube (even after flushing the reservoir) came out from unknown areas. You definitely want to ensure that the device is completely dry before storing to prevent any mold or mildew growing on the belts. The RealTouch should be stored either in the original packaging or any container large enough to protect the device.

Only water based lubricants should be used with the device. The Wet Original Gel Body Glide that is provided with the device is not a particularly thick lubricant and is similar in consistency to System JO H2O. Ideally, whatever lubricant is used should have enough viscosity to adhere to the belts but also thin enough so as to not clog the lube dispenser. It may take some trial and error to determine what type of lube works best for you.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


The RealTouch comes in a rather large 13-1/2" x 11" x 6-1/4" box. While the box cover does not contain any nudity, it does portray four women in lingerie and clearly states that it is an interactive sex device for men. The back of the package displays the device and some of the features that it offers. While the packaging is tasteful enough to be used as a gift, it is certainly not subtle and so discretion should be used.

Inside, the various components of the device are compartmentalized within a second cardboard box. Each of the components are carefully wrapped and packaged to prevent damage during shipping. A three page Quick Start Guide is included that goes over step by step instructions on how to set up the hardware, create a RealTouch account, install and configure the software, and testing the device. Each of the steps are easy to follow and provide an estimated time to complete each task.

The cardboard boxes can either be saved to store the device or recycled.

Personal comments

Overall I liked the device, but I did not necessarily enjoy all of the sensations it produced. All too often the penetration scenes seemed too rough on my penis and I typically like intense sensations. I was also frustrated by the fact that I had little control over the sensations I experienced since they were coded to the scenes. There was no way to repeat a segment I found pleasurable without simply replaying the same portion of the scene over and over again. Because of this, I have not yet climaxed while using the device. Most men, myself included, require a rhythm and consistency to climax. The scenes simply change too often for me to get into that rhythm.

I think the device should ideally have some customizable feature where the user can easily control exactly what is experienced. Although the code can be self-programmed, it is certainly not user friendly at present. I also don't like that use of the device requires an internet connection to the product site. Should the company have an unfortunate demise, the device becomes useless.


Unfortunately, the experience is inconsistent owing to the fact that videos are coded by different programmers. Oral on one video successfully simulates a tight sucking sensation while in another there is barely a flutter felt. Also, this device is a lube hog. Use of 1.75 oz of lube per 30 minute session will quickly add up in terms of volume and cost. However, do not skimp on the lube. Proper lubrication is necessary for the belts to glide properly. And because so much lube is used, some will leak out of the device orifice during use. While the amount was not huge (1-2 teaspoons), the mess was minimized by sitting on a towel while using the device. The lube is also cool when dispensed until it is warmed up by the heating units. The cool sensation was a nice contrast but may not appeal to all.

While the site offers a lot of videos, it is difficult to search and sort through choices. For example, you can sort by blowjob, but every video with any oral sequence will appear and you have no idea exactly how long the sequence is in the video until you view it. A better search functionality would be a huge benefit. Some of the videos also appear to be dated although there were also some recent porn clips.

The site offers three methods to pay for the Video on Demand:

1. Pay Per Minute allows you to pay down to the second and prices range from 49-99 cents depending on plan purchased. Purchase of the device also comes with 60 free minutes. A nice feature of the Pay Per Minute is that the time is calculated down to the second. You pay for the actual amount of time you view a video and not for the entire video.
2. Rent any video and view it as many times as you like over a 7 day period for a flat rate of $9.95.
3. Purchase any video for unlimited use for $29.95.

It would be preferable if the Rental and Purchase prices were based on length of the clip rather than a flat rate since clip length can vary significantly.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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