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Glad I have it but I wouldn't be missing much if I didn't

By reading most of what I wrote, you're probably thinking that I don't like this toy, but I actually love it. Sure, it's not my go-to for when I need an orgasm now, but I'm glad to have it for those kinky times when I'm in the mood for it. If you're lazy/ just want a quickie, this is not the toy for you. If you can afford it, I say buy it. If you can't, well you can live without it - or at least wait until they improve the design. If it were easier to clean and store I would use it every day.
Syncs with videos
Lots of Features
Difficult Clean up
High maintenance
Videos costs $$$
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IT WORKS WITH MAC NOW! Beta version just released, no need to use bootcamp if you're a Mac user. In my opinion, this toy is NOT for beginners. The complexity and power of it might be too intimidating to even get an erection (warning: do not insert flaccid penis). This isn't a thrusting into toy and requires no jerking movements on your part. It's very big, very heavy, and oddly shaped so it's kind of hard finding a position that will support the RealTouch without having to hold it yourself. I'm most comfortable when I stick it in between two pillow on my bed and let it do all the work. In that sense, it's freestanding but holding it on your dick when you're sitting at the computer chair works too, I just don't like lube leaking all over my lap. There are so many cords that are required to use this toy (one to the computer, one to the realtouch, two to the power adapter) that I got flustered every time I wanted to change positions because of all the wires I had to move with me. I use this toy when I have the TIME. Set-up, loading the videos, clean-up makes this a special occasion event.

Material / Texture

The material has a very soft rubbery feel to it. Not quite like Fleshlight real skin, but not quite as rough as cheaper toys; it's somewhere in between. The conveyer belts (the things that are stimulating your penis) are super soft and plushy, but there are other functions that can make it firm and mimic squeezing so the feel can vary during use depending on the video you are watching. The texture is fine for beginners, the toy itself is for more advance users. The texture reminds me of a Fleshlight super-ribbed feel, lots of horizontal lines that stroke your dick, a beginner may cum too fast if not used to it.
    • Plush
    • Smooth
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Design gets a D+ in my books. There is a removable outer shell you use to get inside to clean and add lube, but I find it slides off easily even with the RealTouch performance sleeve. Because of the outer shell's orifice being a little too far from the conveyer belt, I didn't feel like the base of my penis was getting all the attention it should. The way the outer shell is grooved doesn't fit well in your hands and is pretty heavy to hold if you're holding it. There's lot of cords too that prevent its mobility. I say the RealTouch is at least a couple pounds and is fairly big, the largest toy I've ever owned. It compares to about two fleshlights stacked side by side, not easy to hide at all and definitely not a travel toy. I will say that the way the inner belts hit each other and the RealTouch platform agent that allows for the toy to be modified to your liking this toy can be used for men of all sizes. The smallest penis to the largest will experience the same intensity

Functions / Performance / Controls

If you're a MAC user, RealTouch suggests you should have a broadband connection. I have high speed DSL so I thought it wouldn't matter. For the most part, that's not an issue. I noticed the RealTouch was about 1 second off from perfect synchronization from the video, but it didn't bother me much. With a broadband connection I'm sure it would have synced better.
    • Feels realistic
    • Hard to figure out
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

I use a water base lube with this toy, I feel like it's easier to clean and you will thank me for that tip. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being super easy to clean, this toy is a 2. There's two conveyer belts you need to wash and to do so you have to run warm water over the inside while you manually pull each belt until you feel its clean. There's really no way of telling if you got all the cum and lube out of it, you just have to pray you got it all. You cannot submerge the device in water because it has electronic pieces to it, even when cleaning it. The toy must be air dried and unless you live alone, you'll have a hard time finding a good hiding place for it that still gets ventilation. You need to keep the device lubed through the internal reservoir with the suggested RealTouch lube which is silicon and water based. Lots of cords, wires, cleaning solution, lube to store with this device; you should probably keep the original box just because you know it will all fit in there. High maintenance is an understatement
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


I was shocked to find a HUGE box on my door step from USPS. I opened it and the RealTouch box slighter smaller but still pretty big. Ball park 15" x 15" x 8"

It says don't throw away box, I'm not sure why but I did anyways. You might want to keep it if you don't have a huge toy chest like I do. You can throw away the cardboard sleeve that wraps the inner box, it just has pictures of naked ladies on there, I don't need my roommate to see that.

Personal comments

I got the RealTouch for straight men (even though I'm gay) because it was the only one available. Let me tell you that it doesn't matter which one you buy because you can set your preferences when you register the device. Not sure why Eden sells two versions. I'm sure the cardboard sleeve is different because mine had vaginas all over it. No thanks
    • Gay
    • Straight


SET UP IS A BITCH. Maybe I just had a bad experience, but it was confusing as hell. Before you start anything, the first step is to add lube to the device through its own internal system. That took 25 minutes (I timed it) and my hand was sore from squeezing the bottle so long. The lube you add is included and it's silicon/water based meaning it's thick. Trying to get that in a small hole requires you to go slow so you don't spill. It takes about 3/4 of the bottle before it's completely full. Put on some music or watch a non-erotic tv show (it will be quite a while before you get your dick into this device at this point) while you add the lube. Once I run out of the provided lube, I'm not sure where I can even buy it. Next you plug in the device to the power adapter, then the power cord to the wall, then the cord to the adapter, and then the adapter to the computer. Once you do that the device has to warm up for two minutes. It's going to a be a loud 2 minutes so make sure no one is around. The device will do this warm up every single time you plug it into the computer. I had to register, then download the software, then download more video software I had to find myself because I'm a Mac user, then change my preferences, restart my computer, then finally we were in business. As bad as set-up was, it was totally worth it. The first free video I watched was of a guy getting fucked and when he was cumming I could feel the toy squeezing me in sync like the actor's ass would contract during an orgasm. During a blow job scene when the actor was licking just the bottom of the guy's dick, only one conveyer belt would move and it felt so real. Whenever someone is getting their balls licked in a scene, the RealTouch vibrates near that area so you feel it, too. I had to turn the intensity down because it felt like the vibrations were so hard that it prevented me from cumming. In the end, I kind of had to thrust in a bit to get myself to that point; it could be because I'm not used a truly hands-free experience. Oh and the provided lube, it didn't do anything. I kept pressing the "lube dispenser" button on my computer but it still felt dry. That lube might just be to keep everything moving inside, not for penetration. I had to use my own ID glide in it - it felt great though.
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