Sapphire enhancer ring - cock ring by Cal Exotics - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

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A ring that proves a hard man is good to find...

A solid product from CalExotics which works well to strengthen and prolong an erection, but remains fairly easy to snap on and pull off. The smaller size of the rings make it a lot less uncomfortable or distracting to wear than other rings, but it still has a sturdy design that looks like it could last a long time.
Easy to get on and get off, works very well to strengthen an erection.
Blue rubber isn't very 'hardcore', TPE isn't entirely sterilizable.
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Made from gleaming blue TPE, the Sapphire Enhancer is another cock ring from CalExotics, which features both a ring for the shaft of the penis, plus another ring to cup the balls.

The concept is similar to most other cock-rings. In conjunction, the two tight bindings are designed to stiffen and prolong an erection during sex and foreplay.

The thicker 'top' ring is designed to go around the shaft of the penis, above the balls. It features round 'balls' along to ring to add sensation during sex - and also makes it considerably easier to remove than other 'flush' rings.

In fact, the thinner 'ring' makes it much easier to put on and take off than other CalExotics products, making it a much more spontaneous product to whip on. The ring itself still closes tightly around the shaft and does a very good job holding the blood in and engorging an erection.

The second ring snaps around the balls and is similarly lined with 'balls' which add grip and stimulation. Other CalExotics products feature 'teeth' and, all in all, the balls are a lot more comfortable.

Once both rings are on, they tightly (but comfortably) work together to give an attractive, yet impressive boost to blood flow. The nice thing about this is that both rings are fairly thin, meaning they don't reduce the 'effective length' of an erection by being too thick.

Material / Texture

The ring is made from thermoplastic elastomer, a rubbery substance that is phthalate-free. That makes it stretchy, fairly sturdy and safe to use. However, it's not possible to totally sterilize TPE, meaning that it's not entirely safe to share with other partners (probably more of a problem for whoever's on the receiving end, rather than the wearer).

The TPE is very firm, meaning it's got a good blend of tightness and elasticity to make removal easy enough, while still offering a strong grip to boost an erection. A good compromise.

Although mostly smooth, both the ball ring and cock ring components feature 'balls' along their length. This gives a nice bit of extra sensation without being too intense. The 'balls' also make getting a grip to remove the ring much easier than comparative products.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The two ring design works well - which is presumably why CalExotics has made several variations on it. The fit is reasonably snug on larger cocks, without being uncomfortably tight.

Compared to other rings, this one is much easier to snap on and off and the rounded 'balls' on the rings are more comfortable than other products. To make it easier to remove, you might want to try either silicone or water-based lube (both are apparently safe with this ring) on the cock first - but be aware that silicone lube isn't safe to use with other toys or condoms.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This ring works by tightening around the shaft of an erect penis, to engorge an erection with blood. It works VERY well for that purpose, especially with a larger penis (which makes the 'grip' even tighter).

Care and Maintenance

TPE is pretty easy to look after. Apparently you can use silicone oil on it, but playing safe with water-based lube protects any less oil-friendly toys (and condoms).

It's impossible to sterilize TPE, but you can clean it with warm water and soap. Dry it thoroughly after use. The box makes as good a storage place as any.


The enhancer comes in a reasonably large box, the same size as a perfume bottle. It doesn't contain any instructions (although it's fairly intuitive to use!).


Having tried the Sapphire Magnum Ring I was interested in comparing this product.

My overall impression was favorable - the thinner 'ring' makes it much quicker and easier to put on and remove, yet the ring still gives a really strong boost to any erection.

The blue rubbery rings look pretty cool and, as my wife mentioned, the engorgement of my penis made me look 'huge' and the extra hardness was new and exciting to her (although she still says she prefers my 'natural' state' with a normal erection.)

I liked both CalExotics products, but if I had to pick between the two, this is the one I'd choose. The fact that it's easier to whip on and off, makes it a much more spontaneous product to use than the beefier 'magnum', but still gives the same great erection-boosting results.
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