Senso 6 pak - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by tantric

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a stretchy ring to make you sing.

These wont break the bank and everyone should find more than one way to achieve pleasure with these funky colored rings. These would be great toy for beginners and experienced pros alike to experiment with cock ring play.
Inexpensive, lots of creative possibilities
material safety.
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I honestly came upon these colorful little gems because I was six dollars shy of free shipping. Rather than pay shipping, I though I would toss these in my cart. If they were fun then great, if not, no big loss.

These cock rings are a slightly different twist on the standard stretchy cock ring. To start with they come in a six pack rather than just one or two rings. Manufactured by California exotics, the package features a couple embracing and claims them not to be cock rings but “super stretchy enhancers”. These rings are made from Senso plus, a non sterilizable, soft polymer. The package also claims them to be “Hygienically superior”. Superior to what I ask? Senso Plus only gets a 2 for material safety. Senso materials are know for attracting dirt and bacteria, so be cautioned. One more word of caution. These rings can only be used with water base lube, If you use silicone lube it will melt them.

Enough bad news, how about the the good? They do have a slight scent. It is ever so subtle, nothing like jelly, almost a sweet smell. The material is true to the claim of being “super stretchy”. Each ring has it’s own unique feature. The lemon yellow ring is surrounded by rows of long super flexible nubs with a small nub in between. The orange ring has what looks almost like a gear pattern, with each protuberance coming to and wedge like tip. The Fuchsia c-ring has a center row of long soft nubs and on either side are small nubs. The teal ring has four arrowhead like projections, with a nub on either side. The light pink c-ring is surrounded with eight spherical nodules and a nub on either side. Finally the blue c-ring has eight diamond shaped projections with a nub on either side. Each ring is about .75 inches thick un-stretched.

Now I also must to admit I am spoiled to a collection of Gear Essentials metal rings. For me nothing else can compare, so I will try to set that aside as I continue with my review. With a little lube these rings can be stretched on and into just about any position. You don’t need to be soft to get them on like you do with ridged cock rings. You can add these at any time during your play session. These are so soft they really cant cause either partner any harm or discomfort from the nubs. (be aware that they do put enough pressure on the cock to be considered dangerous if worn for long periods of time). I had a great time finding new things to do with them. Since they are so pliable, and each one feels slightly different. I was really able to come up with some fun combos.

These rings are able to keep me a bit more rigid but they lack a certain something I get from metal cock rings. I don’t really find they delay my ejaculation but I rarely experience that from a ring. I know some folks do and some don’t. I do feel as though I cum harder when wearing a ring.

I wouldn’t really recommend letting this material contact most other toys. They are latex safe but silicone melts them and I have no idea what jelly would do. I would recommend to play it safe.

Clean up with soap and warm water and let dry completely before storing and they should last a while. At such a low price point it’s not a big loss if they don’t.
As a traditional ring around the shaft and balls they work as intended with some extra stimulation from the nubs and projections. The real fun comes into play when you set your imagination to work. Just to give a few examples of fun things I did with them. I placed one around the base of the shaft and one around the scrotum, pretty basic but a good start. You can then add another, and another. one worn traditionally, one around the scrotum and one around the shaft. For something really fun put them all up and down the shaft forming a sleeve. Use it for penetration. Experiment to find out what combo is most pleasurable for you and your partner. You can also wear them around your fingers to give a female partner a very interesting fingering session.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I'm glad you enjoyed. When we used these, they had to be put on while he was soft or it hurt him because it was too tight
  • Naughty Student
    These seem like a fun set to play with, nice review!
  • LikeSunshineDust
    Thanks for the review. I was looking at different cock rings yesterday and thought about getting this set. My boyfriend has never used one, but these look very beginner-friendly.
  • Juliettia
    You wouldn't happen to know if they pull at hair do you?
  • tantric
    they can pull hair if your not careful, use more lube and it takes care of the issue.
  • Darklyvan
    ty for the review
  • breebree
    thank you
  • jmex83
    Thanks for your review!
  • RxL00
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