Senso 6 pak - cock ring by Cal Exotics - review by Adriana Ravenlust

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Senso, So not Sensational

Looks can be deceiving and such is the case with the Senso 6 Pak. Although uniquely shaped and coloured, the Senso material is weak and almost all of the rings have broken - some of which we haven't even used. Spend more money on a higher quality product to prolong erection and stimulate the receiver.
Lots of fun colours and shapes, stretchy, affordable, rings prolong erection
Rings break easily, textures cannot be felt be receiver, Senso material pulls at hair and skin
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I was looking for something to do just a little bit more than the plain rings we had tried. I was also looking for something just a tad smaller. When I stumbled across the Senso 6 Pak in a local store and they weren't marked up 20%, I gladly picked them up after squishing the plastic package to see how soft the Senso rings really are. Very soft. However, while these rings might come in fun shapes and bright colours, they really weren't what we were looking for.

Cock rings can be worn around the base of the penis and/or testicles to restrict blood flow from leaving the area, resulting in a harder erection as well as prolonging orgasm. We tried using the Senso rings in both manners to no avail.

The rings, made of Senso material are super soft and super stretchy. The colours are really vibrant and this set features rings in blue, aqua, tangerine orange, yellow, a light pink and a deeper colour. Each ring also has differently shaped protrusions to provide stimulation. The blue ring consists of several diamond-shaped spines where as fuchsia and yellow rings have rounded spines coming off of them in different patterns. The tangerine ring is similar to the blue with thinner, pointed spines whereas the aqua has only 4 spines in a sort of spade shape. Lastly, the light pink ring has a number of spherical shapes making it the most unique of the bunch, in my opinion. In the package, I found these very appealing to the eye.

I am not familiar with Senso material except from playing with these rings and reading Eden's material guide which suggests using only water based lube, which we did. Although some of the spines are pointed, the material is very soft so there is no worrying about pain. The Senso rings also had no odor. I did wash them with soap and water before use. Because of the nubs on these rings, it does take a bit of extra care to make sure they are clean and this is a porous material which cannot be disinfected so I would only use these with 1 partner, which was our plan anyway.

One thing about this material is that it will collect lint and hair easily. It's not exactly sticky per se but it does feel like jelly in that sense. Unfortunately, this was obvious during our playtime when the Senso rings pulled at his skin and hair rather uncomfortably. For this reason, I would recommend using this product only with lots of lube.

While the Senso material was super stretchy, I found that it quickly wanted to return to its original shape. Also, one of the rings in the pack seems to be slightly deformed. The band part of the ring seems to be curled stuck to itself on one edge. I did not notice this immediately out of the package so it could be a chemical reaction of sorts which has happened since opening the Senso 6 Pak. I would advise not storing these rings so that they touch each other or other toys (which I was careful to do).

The Senso 6 Pak seemed like a lot of fun and I was excited to show my husband the surprise I had picked up for us. Unfortunately, there is one thing I was not able to discern from reading Eden's product description: Senso is a horribly weak material. So far I've had 4 rings break. 1 broke from use and 3 just broke. The bands of the ring are rather wide (if not thick) so it seems like they broke easier than they should have. This is not a strong material and I would consider these rings disposable if you are buying them.

Furthermore, while these rings may look pretty neat, the different shapes just didn't do anything for me at all. I could not feel them a bit. I definitely think the different nubs and spines are more for show than anything else which is a shame. Had I known that, I definitely would not have purchased this product.

In the end, although this product was not great, I did find it to prolong his erection but we were too busy dealing with all the other shortcomings of the Senso rings to notice. In fact, when asking what my husband thought of these cock rings, he only muttered a string of expletives (good thing I am the one writing this review). I have no qualms saying that Senso material is not worth the money. Next time, I will spend a bit more to ensure that I get a cock ring which works more than once, without breaking or pulling on hair and skin, even if they aren't so brightly coloured.
At first use, we tried sliding a ring onto his already erect penis. This is not the way to go with the Senso rings. It was incredibly tight for him, despite the stretchiness of the ring. When trying to stroke him, the material pulled at his skin so I applied a bit of lube (perhaps too late) which did seem to help. I didn't notice a notable difference in his erection and he soon asked to take it off because of his discomfort.

After this experience, I considered stretching these rings out a bit from their original 5/8" diameter so I slid them all around a bottle of lube I have which definitely has less girth than a penis but a bit larger than the rings. This also worked well for storage.

When I next convinced him to try another ring (and this was not an easy feat. He was done with these rings long before I was) and pulled 1 off the bottle of lube, I found it torn. Because this was the only 1 of 6 rings to do so at the time, I chalked it up to a defect and grabbed another ring. The first ring we used was the pink one with spheres, I believe, and the second was the tangerine ring. Honestly, I couldn't feel a difference and they quickly blended together.

This time, we slid the ring around his cock and balls before he was erect and it worked much better. It was a little awkward as he walked around folding the laundry I forgot we had on the bed, before we could play, but it was not uncomfortable like before. I must say, the ring did not look nearly appealing on his cock as it did in the package.

Our experience was better this time, though. As he became erect he did not experience any of the tightness from before and I noticed his erection did seem stronger. The length of penetrative sex was also longer than it usually is, which I think is thanks to the ring. However, same as before, I could not even feel the ring.

As we finished up, he had a bit of difficulty pulling the ring of his member and I believe even some pain. He tossed the ring as me and I was headed to clean it up when I noticed it had torn some time during play or removal. In my mind, a cock ring which cannot hold up to being worn on a cock is not much of a cock ring. This ring went straight into the trash.

As I went to write my review, I pulled the rest of the rings from my storage bottle only to find 2 more of them broken. This leaves me with only 2 rings left. Ironically enough, 1 of them is the first one we used (and is the deformed one). Why it has held up when the others have not, I cannot say.
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