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Overall, the silly feeling you might get from wearing a flower on your penis is worth it for something that will last you a while and let you change out the bullet. At the very least, if this doesn't work out, you can always wear it on your finger as a ring!
Relatively inexpensive, Stretchy, Bullet can be changed out
Not sterilizable, Material seems a little flimsy
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The Gossip Ring is an adorable little cock ring. It might not fit all of the really well endowed guys, but for the average penis, the only problem you might have will be that it's shaped like a flower.

Not to say that a more advanced user won't enjoy using this ring, but it is designed more with beginners in mind.

Material / Texture

The Gossip Rings are made of TPR, making them body safe and phthalates free. They're pretty darn stretchy, have almost no smell to them whatsoever, and pick up surprisingly less lint than one might have thought. The material is shiny, squishy, flexible, and doesn't have much drag to it. There are a few seams that are obvious to the eye, but not at all while in use.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This little bullet packs quite a punch when held in the hand, at least for its size. For most clits, these vibrations won't be enough to get you off in any kind of timely fashion. However it does provide a nice buildup and tease. There's only one setting, that you can access by just pressing the button at one end, and it's amazingly quiet. Even in our quiet bedroom, you couldn't hear it unless you were trying to use it as an ear plug really.

Onto the cock ring itself, from my end, it was nice. It held the vibrations in a place that worked well for me without needing a lot of extra attention. The flower provided a nice little cushion, although the end of the bullet sticking out can be a little painful if you're continually grinding on it. My husband says it fit him nicely, tight enough that it could be easily felt, but not so tight that it did anything else. He's about 5" around, but when I tried the ring out on Marco Blaze, who comes in at about 6" around, it seemed like it might have been too tight. Somewhere in between the two would probably be the sweet spot, so to speak.

I did discover that the smallest bullet from my Bullets Galore kit fit in the place of the provided bullet. This was really nice because it allowed me to use my favorite sex addition without having to hold it in place the whole time. I wouldn't try anything much bigger than that bullet, which is 2 1/2" around.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is pretty simple, wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, or your favorite toy cleaner. The bullet is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet while cleaning, but it's not necessary to really submerge it. You'll probably want to remove the bullet from the ring while cleaning, just to make sure you get any bits of lube or other fluids that may have found their way between the ring and the bullet. Since the ring can't be sterilized, you should avoid sharing it with anybody else.

You can safely use any water or silicone based lubricant while going at it, and it shouldn't affect the ring at all. For storage, you can either keep it in the container it came in (what I do) or keep it in a ziploc baggy in a pouch with other toys of similar size.


The packaging for this really impressed me. While not being overly discreet, as the front half of the cylinder is see-through, and says things like "Hustler Toys" and "relax, it's just sex," it's still nice enough to give as a gift. The back gives you a little breakdown of everything that's inside, tells you it's waterproof, uses 2 button cell 1.4 Volt size 13 batteries, and can help you burn up to 40 calories an hour.

There is a little instructional pamphlet taped to the inside of the lid, but luckily this ring is pretty easy to figure out on its own, since the pamphlet was more of a generic 'how to install batteries' kind of thing.

The ring itself is situated with the hole end through a little slit in a plastic window. It's held in place with a little plastic tube in the back, similar to the way a ring might be on display at a store. The window is meant to divide the cylinder in half, and is partially glued down. It's a cheap enough glue that you can pull the whole assembly on out (intended to be that way), but holds well enough that you could shake the tube upside down all day long without losing anything.

Personal comments

If using this ring with a condom, make sure you put it on first, and then the condom. If the condom is underneath the ring, you can end up with excess friction and the condom can break.

Also, if it feels uncomfortably tight, take it off immediately. Don't wear it for more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time, blood flow issues can arise and those can become very severe.


Overall, we were pretty pleased with this ring. I've been spoiled by my previously mentioned Bullets Galore kit, so the vibrations from this little bullet weren't quite enough for me. Those who have sensitive clits will probably enjoy it, but for those in the clit 'o' steel club, you can swap in any bullet of your own that's about the same size.

It went on my husband very easily, and he had it stretched out quite a bit so it could come on and off over his condom while I was experimenting around and changing out the bullets. Unfortunately, at some point during all this stretching, a small tear formed on the band. I didn't notice it until I pulled it back out to write this, but I've since played with the tear (I know, bad me) and haven't been able to make it any bigger, even though I tugged quite a bit.

In the end, we're happy with it. We weren't expecting something that will last forever when we got it, and being able to swap in my own bullet easily, to me, makes up for the small tear that hasn't grown at all yet.
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