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The XXL Pussy to go is a slightly bigger than usual male masturbator that comes housed in a large grey cannister. The material is soft yet durable with a pleasurable inner texture. This masturbator is also fitted with a vibrating bullet that is wired into the base to add an extra pleasurable dimension to the experience.
Vibrating Function
Pleasurable Texture
Possibly a bit to large for most
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This is a hand held, vibrating masturbator for males that is contained within its own casing with a similar look to other 'fleshlight' style toys. It is a plus sized toy with dimensions that can easily accommodate even the most well endowed man whilst being tight enough to please the average Joe. But unless you're ready to give Ron Jeremy a run for his money I'd recommend the regular sized [|pussy to go} as this one is quite hefty making use not quite as smooth as it could be.

Although it may be made primarily for solo use it is quite enjoyable to add a little something extra to a hand job from a partner. I wouldn't recommend it for travelling though simply due to its size and weight.
    • Couples
    • Males

Material / Texture

Just putting my fingers into this sleeve makes me wish I had a Penis! It is so soft, silky, supple and sumptuous that it certainly makes me jealous that this toy is for boys. In my own limited experience it really does feel a lot like the real thing.

There are three components to the Pussy to go XXL; The supple sleeve, the hard case containing the sleeve and the small vibrating bullet in its base (along with its electrical components).

The outer shell is made of a silvery grey coloured hard plastic that is smooth yet easy to grip. Towards the top of the container there's also a slightly raised scroll design which helps even the most slippery, lubed up hands stay in control of the action. Scroll Pattern on the casing However there are large seams running down each side of the case. Whilst these seams aren't particularly sharp the top edge of the container, right where the thread which the lid screws onto is in fact quite sharp as is the inner lip that prevents the sleeve from being pushed right through the casing whilst thrusting.

The inner sleeve is crafted from flesh toned TPE, a very soft, flexible compound that is Phthalate free, Latex free and hypo-allergenic. Sadly it is slightly porous and cannot be fully sterilised. On the plus side though it is compatible with both Silicone & water based lubes and it doesn't have any kind of smell or funny taste.

The texture of the TPE is luxurious. soft, squishy, supple and velvety. The inside of the sleeve is covered in small pea sized bumps that provide extra stimulation during thrusting. It feels absolutely amazing, with an almost perfect balance between it's firmness and elasticity. Once lube is added it only gets better and is about as close as you can get to the real thing texture wise.

The final component it the bullet which offers you the option of adding vibrations to the toy if you wish to do so. The bullet it made from hard plastic and is connected to the base cap via a plastic insulated cord that attaches to where the batteries are placed
    • Plush
    • Somewhat porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The most important part of this toy is quite obviously the sleeve itself. Although the opening at the entrance is only about half an inch wide it stretches to fit any size, its elasticity only confined by the external casing. (Outside the case I can fit my fist inside of it) Whilst its size might make you think this wouldn't suit the average sized guy but I can assure you it is a toy that works no matter what your size, however unless you need one this large I'd certainly recommend a smaller, less cumbersome toy. The oversized casing makes this a much more difficult to use than it needs to be as just because you have a large penis you don't necessarily have the huge hands needed to articulate this piece of equipment.

And at 10 & a half inches long with a circumference of between 11.5" & 8.75" I most certainly class this as a big piece of rather cumbersome equipment, Obviously there are guys out there that need larger toys, however I think a hand held sleeve may be a better and far easier to use choice. But that said you do always have the choice of using just the sleeve rather than the whole toy.

The sleeve is incredibly stretchy and can easily double its 8.5" un-stretched length, just as the entry hole that is barely an inch can stretch way beyond the limited confines of its casing. Whilst its large size makes it cumbersome and not the most user friendly toy in the world it is its elasticity that made it really stand out for us. It is big enough to accommodate even the largest end of the scale whilst remaining tight enough to be used by those far closer to average.
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

The material of the sleeve is quite dirable and very difficult to damage during normal use. We experimented quite a lot with the sleeve outside of the case and although we didn't puncture the sleeve using it outside the canister does run this risk.

The bullet that turns this into a vibrating masturbator is simple yet effective. It slots into a hole at the end of the masturbator sleeve and is accessed by unscrewing the bottom cap. Within the cap are the 2AA sized batteries that power the bullet and the single control button is located in the centre of the end cap. This makes it very easy to use and control. It isn't the strongest bullet nor the fanciest but it is easily replaced if you have a wireless bullet you would rather use instead.

Care and Maintenance

Although boys toys such as these usually require more clean up than girls toys it is still quite easy to clean and maintain.

For the easiest clean up of all you do have the option of wearing a condom whilst using the sleeve, doing so is also the only way you could possibly share the toy safely as it cannot be sterilised.

If you don;t want to use a condom with this toy clean up is still very easy. The sleeve is simple to remove from the outer casing and can easily be inverted for cleaning. Warm water and disinfecting soap is fine for cleaning all of the sleeves surfaces. Whilst you can fully submerge the sleeve on its own you need to keep water well away from the bullet and its related cords and mechanics as water will destroy it.

After cleaning allow the sleeve to dry fully both inside and out before you return it to its casing. To ensure the longevity of the vibrating bullet always be sure to remove the batteries in between uses.

As for storage the casing itself is enough for storing the product, it's actually quite discrete in the sense that it just looks like a big silver container. It's just a matter of finding a suitable place to keep it where it will fit. This has found its home on the top shelf of the bedroom cupboard.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


It arrives in a box made of cardboard that is just a little bigger than the toy itself. It has images of the toy, a naked girl and a little bit of information regarding the toy on it. It is in no way discreet, but as this is the kind of toy that has storage built into it you can simply recycle the box and completely forget about it.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative
Follow-up commentary
After months of use the Pussy to go XXL is still going strong and the material is holding up quite well.

We now also have a fleshlight and have found that whilst fleshlights are suitable for almost any size there is a bit of extra room with the Pussy to go XXL.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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