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Clitoral use review of Gia

The Gia Darling stroker is a great choice for anyone interested in a toy of this design. It is easily useable, and the shape and size of the opening is very effective for pre-op FtM or cis-female clitoral use, provided you have about 1/2 inch in length or a pump you can use.
Attractive design, life-like feel, easily affordable
Non-porous material would have been more sanitary
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The Gia is a stroker, meaning it was designed to be penetrated and simulates the feel of a vagina (or other orifice) to the user. While these toys are generally used for penile stimulation, I used mine clitorally, which is what makes my review different from most other stroker reviews. I have been enlarging my clit through the use of hormones and pumps, and was very curious to try a stroker, but all the reviews I saw were written by cisgender men. I thought it was time for a review that would describe the usefulness of a toy to a pre-op FtM, as well as women with enlarged clitorises.

Depending on the size of your clit, you may want to use a pump and keep the clear glass cylinder on (while removing the pump and hose) and penetrate the toy with that, which will provide suction if you haven't got the size or length to penetrate it yet. For me, I tend to use the pump first, then once my clit has been further enlarged that way, I have a much easier time using the toy. For some, that step won't be necessary, it just depends on the size of your package.

I use the Size Matters Clitoral Pump because it has three sizes of cylinder. And if you detach the hose and pump, you can use the glass cylinder as an extension of your body, which will transmit vibrations or tugging very well, and stimulate you through it.
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Material / Texture

The Gia Darling masturbator is made of Futurotic material, which was something I had never heard of before receiving this toy for review. It is a mixture of PVC and silicone, which gives it a delightfully supple feel that is reminiscent of real skin. This is the single most life-like feeling toy I have ever owned, and it is making me curious about trying other Futurotic toys or materials such as VixSkin or Cyberskin.

It does have a very, very faint odor. I didn't detect anything when I took the toy from its packaging, but when given the sniff test I could certainly smell something. But it was such a light odor that I couldn't identify it, and unless it is right under my nose, I cannot smell it at all.

The outside of the toy is wonderfully squishy, but has enough resistance to it that it's a lot of fun to rub and play with. The inside has tiny ridges that I didn't feel much with my hands, but were very noticeable on my clit. The added texture was pleasurable, and the material is soft enough that it doesn't cause any irritation, just stimulation.
    • Light odor
    • Smooth
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

When choosing a stroker to review, I kept in mind that most of them are made for men, and that they are generally to be used with a penis that is significantly larger than my own clit. I decided that nothing with a prominently open hole would work; it would be too loose and I wouldn't really feel it. Also, the front of the toy had to lay flat. If there were large protruding areas such as butt cheeks or longer labia or lips, there was a good chance my clit would pass untouched through that larger open space without really getting to the actual entry.

Now that I have used a stroker, I realize some materials are so soft and flexible that I could squish them right against me and this might not matter, but at the time I was taking care to be sure I was getting something I could use.

The Gia Darling fits perfectly. It has a hole that is basically flush with the bottom of the toy, and is small enough and tight enough that even getting my clit into it involves stretching it.

Aesthetically, this one is also a major winner for me. I am bisexual and love the curves and bouncy breasts of the female body. But penises and larger clits are also a major attraction for me, so seeing a trans-themed toy, I knew this was the one I wanted. The amount of detail is fantastic; you can see the nipples, the little hole at the tip of the cock, and even the faint line running up the spine. It's a very intricate piece compared to some I have seen, and much more arousing than the plain, tube-like shape on some strokers.
    • Realistic
    • Tight fitting

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Gia is a convenient size and can be easily held in the palm of the hand. Since it is lightweight, using it should be no problem, and it is comfortable to hold. This toy is 100% waterproof, which makes it versatile for shower time sessions or other wet ventures. When used, there are some slight suction noises. Not anything very loud, but it could definitely be heard by someone in the same room.
    • Easy to use
    • Feels realistic

Care and Maintenance

Since Futurotic material is a blend of PVC and silicone, you should use water based lubes only. Using anything containing silicone could potentially cause the material to break down.

It is somewhat porous, so you should take care to clean it thoroughly before and after each use. Simple soap and water will be fine, and it holds temperature well, so a nice hot scrubbing before use will make the toy nice and warm, enhancing the realistic feel.

Before storing, be sure to use the talc included with the toy to lightly dust over it to keep it in good condition for a long time to come.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging was not discreet at all. It features several photographs of Gia Darling as well as the toy itself, which is a nicely breasted torso flaunting not only a penetration hole, but a penis as well.

It's just a lightweight cardboard box, so I wouldn't recommend using this for storage. Lacking discretion or much protection, it's really just a display for store shelves.

Inside the box, my Gia Futurotic masturbator was wrapped in clear plastic to keep it clean and covered. When I opened the baggy, it seemed the toy had a light dusting of powder on it which needed to be washed off during use. I believe this powder is used to keep the toy soft and pliable.

A tiny container of talc was also included, to be applied after the toy was used and washed.

No instructions were included on either the box or inside it, though everything is simple and straight forward enough that I don't think they would be needed by most.
    • Not discreet
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the different perspective on a stroker review. How large is this?
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    Oh my gosh. This is one of the most awesome reviews I've ever read, mostly because I learned so many new things! You write really well and very clearly, which is important for getting a less-often-heard voice out there. Wonderful job.

    You might want to use corn starch instead of talc, though---some studies have linked talc with cervical cancer, but corn starch is totally trustworthy and serves exactly the same purpose.
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    Nice review from a different perspective.
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    Thanks Antipova, I forget to mention that in my comment. I agree, I would use cornstarch instead.
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    Great review!
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    Thank you for the advice about cornstarch everyone, I will make sure I go ahead and buy some

    As for the size of the toy, it is about 5 inches long.
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    Awesome review--I am sure there are many FTM's that will get some tips from this review. Thank you.
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    thanks for the review, it's a lot easier to read a review from another trans* person than to look for sleeves that cis guys complain are too small. It's crappy that this one is fetishizing trans women though : / I can't buy this because of that
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    Thanks for the review, now if it wasn't for the fact I barely have a clitocock... :/ This is still going on my wishlist, meh!
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    WONDERFUL REVIEW! Now, when you say it can be held in your hand, do you mean the whole toy or just the penis? The item description didn't really specify.
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    What a wonderful review & I love your unique perspective. Thanks for sharing & expanding the horizons on EF!
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