Vivid doll Janine - female love doll by Doc Johnson - review by DiscreteKink

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Don't Knock It Until You Try It

This toy definitely has its place in any mans toy collection. Short of getting one of the very expensive real skin full size model dolls, this is a great substitute. You get the feeling of something physically being there that you are penetrating for a very cheap price. Although viewed often of simply a novelty item, I would suggest giving it a try.
Good Size
Easy to Use
Difficult to clean
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This toy is probably best used on the bed. Due to the positions of the holes (which I will get into later) it is difficult to use it in other locations. I tend to like to be on top for easier use, although it works on top if you wrap your legs around it.

The doll will not stand on its own. However, it is very light, so manipulating it into whatever position you desire is not difficult.

This toy is designed to stimulate the penis through penetration. Although, you may also get some other stimulation from the feeling of a physical object beneath you during play.

This toy is going to work great for any man that desires to have an actual object to have "sex" with. While it may not be particularly attractive or physically satisfying, it has its place in the "toy" drawer.

This toy is going to be good when you have more time to spend masturbating. It takes a little time to prep and a little time to clean up, plus the thing is fairly big - you wouldn't want someone to walk in on you going down on it.
    • On a bed only

Material / Texture

This toy is made from latex. The best way to describe the texture is that of a blow-up pool toy such as an inner-tube. It does have a slight odor to it, but nothing overwhelming or all too noticeable.

The material itself does not really add any stimulation to the fun. However, because it is latex, it tends to become very slick when wet making for easy penetration.

When the toy is blown up, it is firm, but not too firm. You can depress it slightly in an area that you put pressure on while it still remains stable.

I would say this material / texture can be used by anyone unless you have a latex allergy.
    • Light odor
    • Porous
    • Smooth

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The big thing with a blow up doll is going to be the design. How it is shaped, and how that works for the average guy.

This toy is designed to inflate into a relatively small "woman". The air hole is located on the back, and will depress into the toy making for a smooth back. The toy has no movable appendages, so the legs and arms are stuck in their positions. However, because it is inflated with air, it is not to difficult to manipulate them if you need to get into a position. The head has a circular hole representing the mouth, and two holes toward the bottom representing the vagina and anus. These vagina and anus are not located in their anatomically correct locations, which can make penetration awkward.

This toy has the following measurements:

Overall Height - 5'
Overall Width - 25" (at feet), 17.5" (at hands)

Boob size - A-B (total guesstimate)

Mouth Diameter - 1.5"
Mouth Depth - 3"

Vaginal / Anal Opening Length - 2.5"
Vaginal / Anal Opening Width - 1"
Vaginal / Anal Depth - 5"

Distance between bottom of feet to vaginal / anal opening - 31.5"

This toy worked decently well shape wise for me. The only real annoying thing was the placement of the vaginal and anal holes. Their position makes it virtually impossible to use the toy in any position other than laying down on the bed.

The toy is a good size. It is big enough to make you feel like you are having sex with something more physical, but it is small enough to not be overwhelming to move and handle.

I would say the holes are a good size for the average person, someone on the larger size might have some trouble. Because of the material, it does have some give. It is worth noting that around the holes on the outside where the two latex pieces were put together, there is a somewhat irritating sharp edge. This may be a problem for someone on the larger size.

This toy will deflate and fold down into a decently small size, making it fairly easy to hide.

This toy is in no way shape or form discreet. It is going to be clear to anyone who sees it what it is.

    • Realistic

Care and Maintenance

This toy is made from latex:

"Being very porous, latex does not clean well. You can make a latex toy last longer and keep it cleaner by using a condom over it each use. Cleaning should be done with mild soap and water and never use alcohol or household cleaners."

This toy can be difficult to clean due to the way it is designed. If you ejaculate inside the toy (as I imagine many people would), you end up with a small predicament. You are left with a toy that is now filled with your sperm.

I found the best way to deal with this was to carefully deflate the toy to about half full of air and be careful to not let any of the sperm spill out. I take it over to the bathroom sink and put the orifice I need to clean directly under the water spout. I then run hot water at high speed through the orifice to get it clean. Mixing in some soap is advised.

Because the material is so porous, this method of cleaning is not guaranteed to get it 100% clean, and I really don't think you could with this style of toy. So it would probably be wise not to share this toy.

After cleaning the toy, I find it is best to deflate it and try to fold it up as small as possible. I have been able to get it to sort of fit in the original box, and I then hide it away like this.

I suppose you could simply leave it blown up if you did not need to be discreet with it.

Because it is made from latex, you should only use water or silicone based lubes.

I will note on the maintenance side of things, they do include a small patch in case you tear the toy. I have not had to use it yet, but it is nice they included this.
    • Hard to clean


The toy is packaged inside a relatively small box. The toy itself is folded up inside.

I use the box to store it in as a convenience, but any container would do, I am sure.

The packaging is definitely not discreet at all.

    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

I found that if you dress the doll up with some clothing, it becomes substantially less creepy (although it still has that surprised look all the time).

I kind of felt this toy would be more of a novelty, something you always heard about but no one ever actually used. I found out that it is pretty decent for the price, and can be kind of entertaining.
Follow-up commentary
For any guy that has thought about getting one of these and has questioned whether it would be a good idea or not, think no more.

I can definitely say you can find many ways to make this toy interesting and fun.

I have not had any negative experiences with this toy at all. I was a little worried at first about the somewhat sharp edges to the openings, but I have never once noticed them during play.
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