Cherry scented pocket pussy - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by redheadedperfection

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Don't pop this cherry!

The inflexible design of this toy makes it incredibly hard to get off. It's far too uncomfortable to use. It was a good shot at a new design for toys, but they failed. Stay away!
The bullet works well...
To inflexible, doesn't feel good.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
The Cherry scented pocket pussy is a cherry scented male masturbator with a bullet vibrator. I'll apologize in advance for the unenthusiastic review, but as you'll soon read, this toy did NOTHING to excite me. So, on with the Detailed Ratings:

This toy is about 6 inches long, and open-ended, so it will fit men of almost any length. Interesting fact about this toy; where most pocket pussies start small and expand, this toy starts out big but doesn't stretch at all. The result is that men who are wider than average will probably not fit in this toy.

The Jelly material of this toy is somewhat hard and inflexible and doesn't feel all that great. It has a pleasant cherry scent.

Jelly gets a 2/10 on the EF safety scale. Here's what they have to say, "Jelly material can't be sterilized like silicone-so no boiling water. Since jelly toys can't be sanitized they can't be shared-unless you put a condom over them. Clean jelly toys with the warm water and toy cleaner. Don't use strong soaps on them and keep in a cool dark place." Use silicone or water based lubes only.

The red color of the toy isn't too distracting, but the pussy shape does look a bit weird in red, haha.

Visual Appeal
The design of this toy is a big, bright red, gaping might be your thing, but it's not really mine.

Ease of use
Although it seems pretty straightforward, using this toy is not all that easy, mostly due to the fact that it doesn't stretch.

Since the toy doesn't stretch, it is a little tight on your penis, but it's not a good tight...the raised nubs inside the tunnel are incredibly uncomfortable, and it just doesn't feel anything like a real pussy.

None here, whatsoever.

Sensation 20/60
The only thing that felt remotely good about this toy was the bullet vibrator. I seriously could not have an orgasm with this toy, no matter how hard I tried.

Cleanup isn't so bad, this being an open ended toy, but the nubs trap liquids inside making it harder than you'd think.

Seems to be a somewhat well made toy, and the vibrating bullet will come in handy.

Not worth it, whatsoever.

At a glance:

Size 15/30
Material 4/20
Safety 2/10
Color 7/10
Visual Appeal 8/20
Ease of use 11/40
Tightness 13/40
Suction 0/30
Sensation 20/60
Cleanup 12/20
Versatility 40/70
Price 20/50

2 Stars
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • SexyySarah
    Good review, thanks!
  • Alicia
    Thanks for the review! I think I would have been able to get more from the rating if there had been more consistency to it. Like having everything be out of a set number rather then some being out of 50, 20, 30, and then all leading up to out of was kind of confusing and would I think be more streamlined if it was set numbers.
  • Jenna.J.Ross
    Good job on the review I also had some trouble figuring out what the numbers were about and how they all related together... other then that a very nice job on the review
  • redheadedperfection
    Alicia and Morabadora, Thanks for the comments! The reason that each category is weighted differently is because some of those are more important to me than others; for example the color of the toy isn't all that important, so it's only given 10 points, whereas the versatility of the toy is extremely important, so it's given 70 points. Does that make sense?
  • Alicia
    It does make sense, it's just a little hard for the average reader to figure out I think.
  • redheadedperfection
    I see where you're coming from! I put an explanation up on my profile.
  • Sammi
    I love the color - too bad it doesn't work better :-(
    Nice review!
  • redheadedperfection
    Thanks! I like the color too, and it has a really nice cherry smell! That's really all I can compliment it on, haha
  • Ohmami
    Love the color, great review!!!
  • LavenderSkies
  • Pink Jewel
  • laceypanties
    Thank you!!
  • locomotion
    great review, thanks so much
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