Double pleasure comfort grip stroker - pocket pussie by Topco Sales - review by Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)

Double pleasure comfort grip stroker sex toy review

Annoyingly, this product has a lot of good points, but falls a little flat because it's so short. It is a breeze to clean, though, and looks discrete and feels wonderful when you get the logistics right!
While you're in it, the sleeve feels fantastic. Really easy to grip because of the finger grips.
Far too short. I'm only 5/6 inches long and I popped out the other end.
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Following the complete falling-apart of my Tera Patrick Blow Job Masturbator|Tera patrick's blow job review, the replacement I bought was this one - the Double Pleasure Comfort Grip Stroker|Masturbator by Topco. Eden Fantasys are offering it for more than five dollars less than I paid, so I'd definitely recommend buying it from them.

My wife is days away from giving birth and sex is the last thing on her mind (pickles and ice cream are) so I was looking for something a little more satisfactory than my left hand and not as cheap and disposable as the Tera Blow Job|Tera Patrick's blow job.

The Double Pleasure appealed to me because it was made from Cyber-Skin and looked pretty cool - clear with big, blue beads in it. Because my house is often invaded by in-laws, I wanted to pick something the didn't immediately look like I shoved my cock into it!

The product itself is a fleshy lump about four or five inches long. The Cyber-Skin feels really weird - clammy and flesh like (unsurprisingly.) The 'blue bits' are two lengths of beads actually embedded in the product and those are made from some kind of rigid plastic.

No lube is supplied with the Double Pleasure, so I used my wife's water-based KY jelly. Then I had to get 'into the mood' since the entry on the sleeve is tight and trying to get in (just like real sex) without an erection is like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube!

There are two finger grips on the end of the sleeve - one for your thumb and the other for your finger. I used those to get a good grip on the now slippery sleeve and in I popped - in theory!

Actually, it took a couple of aims and a bit of struggling to squeeze myself in - but once I was there, I sunk in and it felt blissful... For the first few inches.

As I got into the swing of things, I found that on my deepest thrust, the head of my dick would pop out of the other end! And trying to keep just the tip into the snug, slippery sleeve was difficult since my cock would invariably 'pop' straight out of the sleeve (and it would then be a struggle to squeeze it back in.)

Also, squishing the sleeve down 'popped' the blue plastic beads out of the top of it.

Logistically, it wasn't all that easy to use the sleeve one-handed and surf porn at the same time, so I ended up sitting on the couch, watching a soft core video (all we had) and using both hands to handle the sleeve. Like that, I could use it very effectively and reached a very satisfactory climax.

After I'd finished, clean up was a breeze. Because there's a hole in each end, I could just rinse the whole thing with soap and water and then patted it dry (and used a baby-wipe to clean and dry the inside.) It's important to make sure Cyber-Skin is kept dry and if you have it, they recommend using 'Renew' to keep the texture so deliciously flesh-like.
Follow-up commentary
Well, this might be a first on Eden Fantasies - but I'm astonished to say that this product broke my penis.

As you'll read from my initial review, I wasn't overly impressed with this sleeve when I first got it. It felt nice and snug, but was a little difficult to wrangle and I had trouble climaxing with it when I used it.

Following writing that review, my wife went into labor and I spent the next week totally engrossed in the life of our new baby, so the comfort grip stroker stayed where it incredible orgasm that felt incredible.

I was looking to repeat the experience the next day, so I got plenty of lube out and began the experience again and found my initial problems with the sleeve repeating themselves... It was too short (the head of my dick kept 'popping out' of the end) and although the sensation was nice and tight, there wasn't enough feeling generated to get me to orgasm. After about half an hour and half a bottle of lube, I gave up and used my hand to finish myself off...

And discovered, much to my horror, that the sleeve had actually injured my penis!

I had a little nick/friction on the underside of my glans, where my foreskin meets the head of my penis. I'm not quite sure HOW I got it (I'd used plenty of lube, but I had been 'working' it pretty hard) but within a couple of hours, it became extremely painful to pull back my foreskin and my penis remained 'out of action' and very painful for almost a week afterwards (when you're uncircumcised, you have to pull back your foreskin to pee otherwise it's like trying to aim a watering can. Ouch! And Ouch each time!)

Funnily enough, the injury seemed to be at exactly the point on my shaft at which it 'popped' out of the end of the sleeve. I'm not sure whether it was lack of lube that caused it (I had been pretty generous) or possibly the solid plastic 'balls' on either side popped out simultaneously (as they tend to) and nicked my flesh on an inward stroke... Either way, I'd grown deeply concerned about risking my punctured pecker in the sleeve again!

From my unfortunate experiences, i have to admit that I've learned some important lessons. Firstly, always use plenty of lube with any kind of masturbation toy|Male masturbation toys. Secondly, steer clear of anything that's not long enough to engulf your entire shaft (at deepest thrust) since I think it was the 'popping out' at the end that caused my problem.

I definitely won't be using this sleeve again! But maybe when I've worked out enough courage to try again, I'll test out something like a Fleshlight|Fleshlight STU vagina, That seems long enough (and safe enough) to trust my penis in!
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  • Hey, reading your review make me think that you are a very well endowed man, are you? Sorry for asking, but can you tell you how big are you? Girth and length wise. Thank you anyhow for the informative review.
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    Hi ArturK! I don't think I'm especially big - between five and six inches long and between four and five inches girth. Certainly not porn-star length (or I'd be in a different career!)

    I only 'popped out' on the end stroke, when the length of the sleeve 'squished' to about three or four inches.

  • Dame Demi
    From watching my husband using the few I've purchased for him, I am always amused by watching him try to enter a masturbation sleeve.  Some of the entry holes are barely pinhole size, and definitely a challenge.  As for popping out the other end, that seems to be the price you pay if you want a toy that's easy to clean.  Sorry your experience wasn't great, but CyberSkin does tend to be on the fragile side.  Hope this works out better than the last one, though!
  • Thanks, RR, I'm going for this musturbator. Have a nice weekend.
  • Cock Wrangler
    Definitely a step up from the sleeve-in-a-bottle!

    Use corn starch after washing to keep the material soft and not tacky (nothing with talc in it- it's carcinogenic!).

    Size seems to be a common issue with sleeves- there's a new one on the site that's larger and (hopefully) more durable/easy to clean- Super Head Honcho. 
  • PurpleReign
    "Well, this might be a first on Eden Fantasies - but I'm astonished to say that this product broke my penis."

    Laughed and laughed...right spot, right phrase...nicely done!

    Sorry to hear about the injury; talk about your artificial vagina dentata...
  • Airen Wolf
    OUCH definately not something I'll be recommending to my life partner as he's uncircumsized as well! Neither of my guys would appreciate "popping" out so maybe the head honcho would be a better try...or a fleshlight they seem to be a perennial favorite!
    Hope the injury healed alright as injuries to the penis can be really terrible to heal.
    TY for the review.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Yeah, that does sound painful. Maybe the end where you popped out of had no lube and caused friction, either way its doesn't sound pleasant.

    Nice review Big smile
  • B8trDude
    Ouch! Your experience sounds very painful. Think I'll avoid this one.
  • Sera
    I was wondering if it would be too small for someone! It's a shame, because that thing looks really neat.
  • Stinkytofu10
    Thanks for the great review! I will avoid this toy for sure, injury is the last thing I want when pleasuring myself
  • dudemeister
    Thanks for the honest review.
  • LilShae
    Thanks for the review
  • Paco
  • xOhxSoxScandalousx
    Thanks for the review!
  • locomotion
    Thanks for the review!
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