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Finally, a stroker for guys who like guys! Transman Review.

This is a fantastic toy. As a transman, I always have difficulty finding strokers which will work well for me but so far this is my absolute favorite. I am gay, so I love that it is designed to look like a man rather than a woman, and the very tight anus is perfect for gripping my pre-op cock. This is one of the all-around best strokers I have found for transgender males.
Male design, very detailed and attractive package, tight with good internal texture
May be too tight for some men
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The Butt Banger is a stroker, also known as a masturbation sleeve, though the sleeves known as strokers generally have more shape and detail than the sleeves, which are often a simple tube with a bit of texture on the inside. It is designed to stimulate the penis by inserting it into an opening at one end, while a much smaller hole at the other end creates suction. The textures on the inside provide added stimulation, although some sleeves and strokers are designed without internal texture.

The Butt Banger was designed with a tight anus, having a much smaller hole than many other strokers do. For some of the more well-endowed men this could mean that the toy will rip sooner than one with a larger hole, but for guys with smaller cocks (myself and other transgender men included) the tightness means that it will grip your dick properly for better stimulation.

For me, the appearance of the stroker itself was the main reason I was interested in buying it. Unlike nearly every other masturbation sleeve on the market, this one is designed as a male partner rather than female. Sure, you could always use one of the mouth toys and it wouldn't really make a difference, but I am not much a fan of oral, at least not as anything more than simple foreplay. You could also use one of the abstract designs, such as the simple purple jelly sleeve or something like that but to me the realism is a huge factor in sexiness and really piques my interest so I could not have been more delighted that there was a man's ass and cock designed as the basis of this masturbator.
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    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

This stroker is made from California Exotic's Soft Touch Material, which was new when the product was designed in 2000. It is rubber based. While it is Latex free and Phthalate free it is still a very porous material which makes it less sanitary than silicone. You wouldn't want to share this with a friend and it is important to wash it after each and every use to get it completely clean. The super soft material is meant to feel incredibly lifelike and be an affordable skinlike material, a description it meets quite well. Aside from a very slight powdery feeling it is exactly like real skin.

The Soft Touch Material is very pliable but not overly squishy. I have used a stroker made from futurotic material and found that it was so soft it simply squished when I tried to work my cock into it and I felt very little because there wasn't any resistance. With this however there is the spring back of actual skin and it is still accomodating enough to stretch around you comfortably.

Internally there is a lightly ribbed texture, narrow raised bands which are fairly close together. Being on the small side, I enjoyed how the texture was close together and oft-repeating, rather than widely spaced which I would have missed out on.

The toy has a very faint rubbery smell but no taste to it. Unless you've got your nose right up against the Butt Banger then you're not going to notice the scent at all.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Butt Banger is designed in the shape of a man's torso as well as his hips and upper legs, ass, balls and penis. Even though the hips are wider than the main body of the toy, all of the contours are fairly straight which gives it a completely masculine look. the butt is nicely rounded, not exagerrated in size or anything like that, and the cock is positioned pointing backward between his legs, pushing the balls upward slightly. Overall, the design is simplified but much more detailed than many other strokers on the market and it has a lot of little details which are really appealing, such as the raised line between the balls and up the perenium as well as the circumcized veiny cock. The penis and testicles are very large in comparison to the little guy's body but that was also very appealing to me, especially considering how teeny and almost negligible they would've been if designed proportionately.

This stroker is 8 inches long, though part of this is the cock and balls. I found that I could fit something a bit over 5 inches into it without having it stick out the back end, so if you're a longer guy who needs to be balls-deep then you are going to want a longer toy. If, however, you love the manly design and details then you will love this toy, even without being able to fit all of your cock in at once.

As I mentioned before, the anal passage is extremely tight which could be uncomfortable for some very well-endowed men, and even a guy who is average in size may find that this wears out or gets little tears sooner than a looser toy would, so this is definitely for guys who like very tight asses, guys with less girthy cocks, and transmen.
    • May be too tight for some
    • Realistic
    • Tight fitting

Care and Maintenance

Due to the nature of the Soft Skin material, this toy should not be shared with anyone else. It cannot be completely sterilized because it is somewhat porous, so wash very thoroughly with soap and water and then allow it to dry, but don't expect it to come all the way clean if you get it dirty beyond what would occur during normal use.

If you'd like to make sure that your stroker lasts as long as possible, after drying it off use some talc powder and give it a light dusting all over, including inside. This will preserve the flexibility of the materials to prevent damage.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Butt Banger comes in a simple cardboard box. The outside is fairly unimpressive, looking like it could have been designed long, long ago. The guy on the packaging looks like he may be a porn star from the nineties or perhaps act in a soap opera, and the lettering and color schemes did not seem very eye-catching to me. It does show the toy itself however which is really all you should be buying something for, not the box it comes in, so that makes up for the design.

The box is not discreet at all, but it is very minimal: a simple cardboard outside and then just a bag holding the toy within. There is very little information on the package other than the fact that the stroker is made from Soft Touch material and that it should not be shared with other people and rubber-safe lubricants are the onle ones which you should use with the Butt Banger.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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