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Tenga flip air lite black

Masturbator by Tenga

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Flip For Fun

This toy is much like any of the amazing rabbit vibes the ladies have. Its sole purpose is to give you the best orgasm you will ever have. And, really... it will. And at the price this thing is sold for, it's worth 8 times what any other masturbator 8 times its price will give you.
Suction emulation, tightness can be adjusted based on your size
SUPER loud
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It's been a long time since I bought a male masturbator. The last sleeve I bought was actually the Tenga Flip Hole and it was a great experience. However, it was sort of an okay buy. The updated version (or at least the version for the smaller guys, I guess) is definitely a massive upgrade.

The Flip Air Lite Black is a masturbator made for the emulation of a great blow job (at least I think so). And while the device itself is pretty straightforward initially and is great without using the button, the addition of the little air valve makes it worth so much more. The toy is great for guys of small to maybe even above average length and thickness, but anything above that might be a little painful. Another reviewer about this toy (or its white counterpart) stated that he just couldn't fit.

Material / Texture

Firstly, the toy is much like its older brother of the same color. Much wilder than the white version. And while the white flip air isn't something I personally have purchased, the difference between textures based on pictures alone is kind of obvious. The Flip Air has a wide variety of textures on each side of the device. And a simple rotation of the device from 90 degrees to 180 degrees can provide a completely different experience. The wide variety may turn-off some users because it's honestly a lot of stimulation really fast. But, you know, if you're in a hurry for a quick orgasm then that might not be all bad.

Made of TPR Silicone, the FALB (Flip Air Lite Black - in case you hate acronyms) is very soft on your manly bits. It gives when it needs to and provides amazing and very cushiony feelings as you insert your penis. However, the extra material of "air" for this toy is what really makes it special. But, we'll talk about that in a minute.

The only major turn off - especially for newcomers - may be the plastic case. While most of the lower end or cheaper sleeves may be made of soft material (which is good in its own right), this toy may leave those who really love that soft, squishy feeling around their penis and hand kind of desiring more. Until, of course, they actually use it...
    • No odor
    • Plush
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The FALB is your standard cylindrical sleeve. And, as before, it's encased in plastic. My biggest complaint of the original Flip Hole is that it was very big. Almost cumbersome. I have fairly good sized hands (I'm a pianist, if that helps) and the fact that the original was so big was usually its biggest downside and its biggest barrier to use for me. The FALB fixes that problem by consolidating the size of the device down a nice 8" cylinder. Easy to grip in one hand and fits comfortably with the buttons pointing upward and the folding part/cover slide sitting in the palm of your hand. Also, that position grants easy access to the magic button. (I PROMISE we'll talk about it how awesome it is).

As I said earlier, this toy is pretty great for the smaller dudes who found the original version a bit on the loose side. And while the average size male may find this toy utterly amazing, the larger of us may not even be able to fit... or at least fit comfortably. Take note that if you read the dimensions (it says fits up to 1 3/4" - which they mean girth) and you're over that, you may want to reconsider.

As far as hiding this toy, it's less gargantuan than its older brother. Akin to the monolith in Space Odyssey, if you leave it sitting out, people's curiosity will overcome them. However, on first glance, it's a pretty curious device. But nothing that says, "Hey, I'm for your penis." If you leave it in its drying position, however, you will be found out for sure. I mean, it's fairly obvious...

And while I haven't had a need to take this with me travelling, I don't see how this would possibly set off alarms. I mean, I wouldn't put it in your carryon... might look like a cylinder of fluid. And since you're already getting groped by TSA agents, the fact that you have a masturbator on you might get a little suspicious.
    • Discreet look/design
    • May be too tight for some
    • Tight fitting

Functions / Performance / Controls

Yay! Now the good part.

Firstly, the toy should be opened up as shown in the pictures. The slide has a little cup section where the jelly bit will be hidden if you slide it on that way. Or, it will hold the device together if you slide it the other way. This is important to note because without this slide, the appropriate suction will not even be there.

How to use the button: As you insert your penis into the device hold down the buttons (there's one on each half). Inside, there're two pillows (again, one on each side) that inflate when the button is held down. You can push on the pillows all you want and they won't deflate. However, the buttons act like valves. If you press it and push on the pillow, it pushes air out of the button (I don't exactly know how this works, though). When initially inflated, however, the TPR silicone is very much pushed up against each other creating a very tight pussy. As you insert your penis with the buttons held, the pillows form a nice cavity in the shape of your penis. And, of course, if you pull out with the buttons still held down, the pillows will reinflate.

While I don't recommend the continual button hold method (because in the heat of the moment, that's too much work) this can create amazing suction. Furthermore, it makes the device extra tight as you push in, but doesn't squeeze you too hard once you're in. And, with the pillows fully inflated and you being able to take that much pressure, the suction is massive. It feels like your just stuck to the inside of the thing.

I found, by the way, that rotating it so that the buttons are facing sideways creates the most suction. However, your anatomy may be different, so I would experiment with the different rotations you could possibly use.

The only downside of this device: it's incredibly loud. Think of the loudest blow job you've heard in porn. You know those girl exaggerate that and they turn that sound up. So, think of that, and put an amplifier on it like you're at a rock concert. It's kinda like that. If you want people to know you're getting a grade A BJ, this would be it. Unless you have a roommate who already knows you're just masturbating. Then they'll probably realize now would not be a good time to walk in and ask what you want on the pizza.
    • Easy to use
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Once you're all done, I recommend holding the toy straight up. One of the biggest upsides of the original was the fact that the opening kind of sealed itself. This version... doesn't. I honestly can't figure out why either. In any case, hold it straight up or your evidence coated with lube will drip all over... whatever it's over. However, because it is TPR Silicone, you should definitely wash this toy EVERY time. Antibacterial cleaner or mild soap will do the trick. However, in addition, I wouldn't press the button if it's in water. Since I think that the button itself is the valve (or some thing around it), it may suck water into the air pillows. This may not be all that bad... but you never know...

Once you're done, you should let it air dry before you close it up and put it in your naughty box/drawer. The flat plastic end will sit on top of the slide/cap allowing the device to air dry. It doesn't take very long, and you can then just easily store it with the rest of your smut.

Also, you should know this if you're experience, but should you not: DO NOT use silicone lube with this toy. It is bad for it. Water based only, y'all.
    • Easy to clean


My opinion on this toy is more than amazing. I've bought quite a few masturbators in my life, and this is by far the best. Most of the time, after using a sleeve for maybe a week, I revert back to simple hands. This, however, is my preferred method of orgasm generation. I probably haven't even used simple hands in the past few days since I bought this toy. The loud noises this thing makes are a mere annoyance compared to the mind blowing orgasms I got from this thing.
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    Thanks for the review! This sounds like it would make a great Valentine's gift for my bf who is far away.
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