The diving dolphin double bullet - cock ring by Evolved Novelties - review by tigerkate

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Flipper Just Grew Up

The Diving Dolphin is an interesting concept that won't work for everyone. My boyfriend stayed neutral on it, but mentioned he didn't feel the vibrations until after he had an orgasm. I first felt the large bullets ram into me, and then discovered they moved on their own accord to the side. The dolphin didn't act as a tickler. Overall, the toy was fun and a nice alternative to holding a vibrator while having sex. I am not sure I will be buying 6 more LR44s, though, when I run out.
Two bullets, very stretchy, easy to figure out.
Hard buttons, 6 LR44 batteries, bullets either move on their own or ram straight into your genitals.
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The Diving Dolphin is an easy to use vibrating c-ring. It is relatively quiet and pretty powerful, so many users will find it enjoyable. The bonus here is that there are two separate bullets to be inserted into the toy, which Evolved calls "cross-bones" technology.

This will be best enjoyed by couples, but I also suppose some men may enjoy using this during solo masturbation.

Because it is small in nature, you can easily take it with you on a weekend getaway. However, because of the small batteries, you might find yourself annoyed at losing that one watch battery, and I am not sure how easy it is to find them while on vacation.

Material / Texture

The ring part of this toy is made up of blue TPR (which rates 7 on the safety scale because it is supposedly non-porous). It is extremely flexible and seems very jelly-like to me. There is no hard part about it, which is nice because you won't find yourself struggling forever just to get it positioned properly.

It is smooth, but I find it sticky. It will pick up lint very easily. While some users will find it nice to have such a rolly, flexible material on a cock ring, I found it to be a little bit of a turn off since it felt a bit tacky against my skin. My partner didn't care either way.

The vibrating bullets that are positioned into the Diving Dolphin are made out of tough, hard, shiny plastic. There is no matte or satin finish. I would have preferred some sort of texture, but that may have irritated the wearer of the ring by causing drag when putting on/taking off.

There was no noticeable smell when I opened up the package for the Diving Dolphin. Just the slight scent of plastic packaging.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

At first glance, the Diving Dolphin looked tiny and I had no idea how it was supposed to fit on my partner. However, it does stretch quite a bit.

Its unstretched diameter is just about 1.75"
With stretching, I was able to get it to 2.75" in diameter.

However, if you are looking at the HOLE itself, unstretched it is 0.75" in diameter. I could get the hole to stretch to about 2.75" wide.

It was easy to stretch. It is circular in shape, obviously. The dolphin measures just about 3" in length. The Bullet measures 2.5" in length, and 2.25" in circumference.

There are small holes in the ring to place the bullets. At the opposite end of the dolphin, there is a hole for one bullet to go parallel to the dolphin. Next to the dolphin, on either side, there are two more holes for a perpendicular bullet. The holes measure 0.25" unstretched, so they do end up stretching quite a bit.

I was personally worried that I would tear through the c-ring, since it is so flexible and these holes are right through the only thing supporting the stretch.

I believe this c-ring will fit the average male, however my male would not put it around his testicles, so I cannot attest to how that experience will treat you. It was easy enough to slip on over his penis, and to maneuver it up and around, or upside down.

Functions / Performance / Controls

My Warning: As far as the bullets go, they are thick and hard. Please be aware of this before ramming into your partner. They just might find themselves in a bit of pain from it.

The bullets are turned on by a small, hard to see push-button in the center. You can press through all 7 functions of the vibrator, but to turn it off you must push down and hold for a few seconds. I couldn't figure this out at first, which felt intimidating because I ended up scrolling through the functions five times before my boyfriend reached over and shut it off.

The Diving Dolphin Bullets are pretty powerful. There is very little between you and the motor (just that thin plastic!). It is, however, the buzzy, surface kind of vibration that you find in most bullets.

The first 3 modes of this bullet are steady vibrations from medium, to medium-high, to high.
The next 4 modes are patterns:
-pulses that last 2 counts each (with one count pause between)
-a short rev that lasts 5 seconds, and stops
-more pulses, one shorter, one slightly longer
-another little rev/wave.

To be honest, there seem to be 2 distinct patterns that they repeated twice before going back down to the steady vibrations.

In performance, you probably aren't going to be able to fiddle with the bullets to get them to the pattern or strength you desire, especially if you have lubed up hands, because it can be a bit tough to hit the button. I found myself hitting, pausing, wondering if I really hit it, then hitting it again and realizing I had already pressed it to where I wanted before. You have to go through all the settings to get back to where you were before.

Also, as far as performance goes, my boyfriend did not even notice the c-ring at all. While I felt his entire penis vibrating, he felt pretty much nada... except for a little pressure from the ring around the base of his penis.

As far as the dolphin, our little grown up Flipper? He is supposed to act as a tickler, but he didn't tickle me at all. I don't know why he failed in practice, when in theory if my boyfriend was transmitting the vibrations.. you would expect the ring to be flickering and tickling too.
Also, with the "parallel" bullet that runs parallel to Flipper and parallel to the penis, no matter how you position it, while thrusting, it will move. It would hit me and then decide to slant crookedly. This can be positive or negative, positive that it isn't straight on the raised part of the female genitals (ow), but also negative if you're being gentle and want that direct power straight over the clitoris.

Care and Maintenance

This contraption takes 6 LR44 batteries.
I'll say that again... SIX LR44 batteries.

You generously get the first 6 with the toy, but after that you will need to buy dozens of LR44 batteries to continue using this toy.

You can use whatever lubricant you wish with this toy; however, it is recommended that you use water based lubricant just in case the silicone lube breaks down the TPR. Washing it was really easy with soap and warm water, but you could also use toy wipes/cleaner.

You will probably want to store it in a sealed plastic Ziploc bag since the ring part attracts all sorts of lint and stray hairs.


I would like to comment on the packaging by "Zero Tolerance." It is extremely intimidating. I mean, it's got a skull and crossbones, which I get is supposed to represent the "T" shape the bullets form... but I mean, it's all hardcore looking for a blue, dolphin cock ring. The product page also states currently that this item is an Evolved Novelty - but there is no "Evolved" anywhere on the package (even small print says Zero Tolerance, Inc.). Perhaps it is owned by Evolved... but that is more a question of mine rather than a comment on the toy itself.
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  • Beneath The Bed
    Thanks for the review!
  • K101
    Really strange about the company. Sounds like a mix up? Somewhere a long time ago I read that another company bought an Evolved toy or toy design or somethign and that it then was "theirs". No idea where I read that or how that even came about or if it's even true, but this may be what happened here.

    It sounds like it is Suuuupppper stretchy! I don't ever get much from using cock rings, but I love the dolphin on this one Such a detailed and interesting review!
  • tigerkate
    Thanks, Kendra!
    It was our first c-ring, so it was an interesting experience. I got more from it than he did, and it wasn't quite enough to make me want to use it every time we have sex. If vibrations are getting me off, they need to stay on me and not move back and forth, on and off. I guess that's why I don't like patterns very much!
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    Well, this is definitely not for me! I agree, the start, stop action of the vibe contacting you could be a problem, as would be the trouble positioning it. Thanks for the detailed review!
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