Futurotic nice-n-tight - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Darkness Withinus

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Fun for a once in awhile

If you want a cheaper way to spice up your masturbation then this is likely the toy for you. If you are looking for something to last a long time then you might want to think about something else.
Initial feeling is interesting. It allows for a spice to masturbation.
Life span of the toy doesn't seem to be really long. Clean up can be a distraction.
Rating by reviewer:
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I purchased this toy because a previous girlfriend really enjoyed the idea of watching me play with something while she used her toys. Upon getting the toy back to my residence and removing the interesting blue box I noted some things about the sort of flesh colored pink tube. Even before removing the clear plastic sleeve and getting a feel of the material I noticed the attempt at a “realistic” looking end where you put your cock. The fake pouty labia and even an effort to give you a clitoris or at least something that resembles the clitoral hood put me into a sense of wonder about why a guy needs this much detail in a sex toy. Are you going to practice teasing her clit while you go at it with a “cyber skin” replica? Okay, fake realism aside; I also noticed that the business end of this toy seemed at first glance really small. I was curious as to how this was actually going to work, I mean you can’t take something a couple inches across and stick it in a hole the diameter of a straw. Now to get into the out of plastic description, when I first removed this toy from its clear plastic sheath I noted that the material has an almost clammy feel to it. While being soft and some what skin like the cold feeling was kind of a turn off at first. After handling the toy a minute it seemed to warm to the touch some.

At my then girlfriends insistence we got some lubricant and decided to give this a shot. The initial sensations caused by the toy were actually really nice the rippled shape of the tube creates easy hand holds so keeping a grip on the thing isn’t much of a problem. However, in initial use I encountered a couple problems one the shaft is a little short, I am not sure if this is a problem or a benefit though because it allows for a bit of an easier clean up when you are finished with the toy that is if you don’t mind pushing it down all the way and orgasming on something else, but it can also be a detriment being that probably one of the more sensitive areas of the penis isn’t always receiving stimulation. Two, if you manage to slip out of the device getting back inside can be a pain and takes more work than I thought it really should. All in all though, this is a decent substitute to just using your hand to masturbate all of the time.

Now on to clean up and safety precautions firstly, because this is a “cyber skin” it means it’s a very porous material, therefore, you want to clean it pretty thoroughly this should generally include warm water and soap. Then to preserve the feel of the material once its dry you should coat it with either, the powder provided in the box, or cornstarch or other such thing, don’t just talc based powders as they have been linked to certain types of cancer. That said you will need to rinse it before use which can be some what of a pain because it can cut into the mood a little. As with other “cyber skin” toys refrain from using silicone based lubes, keep with the water based stuff. Those are your basic care procedures for this and other products like it. Now to some of the down sides of this little baby; first after a few uses, literally a handful or less, I have started to notice that the material around the entrance hole is starting to have small rips and splits in it. This leads to a little looser fit thus taking some of the sensation of initial entry away. Two, clean up and prep time can kind of cut into the mood when you have to take a couple minutes to rinse it and then when you finish clean it, dry it, and powder it, the whole process can have a little fun taken out of it. But if you want a cheap way to spice up your alone time on occasion then this might be the way for you to go.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    Seems like an inexpensive alternative to a Fleshlight. It doesn't have the nifty concealing shell of the Fleshlight, but it has a lot of the same care characteristics that I don't like. It's too bad that it is starting to show definite signs of wear. I guess this price isn't going to get you a long term toy. Thanks for the great review.
  • Darkness Withinus
    Yeah that was kind of what I was hoping for when I looked at it... Looks like I will have to keep looking
  • Betty Rocket
    Great review! I often wondered the same, why the fake poon lips?
  • Darkness Withinus
    I guess its to make you feel less like you are masturbating?
  • Victoria
    Great review - nice sense of humor too :)
  • Darkness Withinus
    Thanks for the Comment pink. Nice to see that someone likes my humor
  • cobiffle
    Thanks for the review, it let me know its not for me since it doesnt last long at all
  • oldman
    I think manufacturers aim for realistic vaginas/clits because alot of guys are turned on by female anatomy
  • oldman
    I think manufacturers aim for realistic vaginas/clits because alot of guys are turned on by female anatomy
  • Enchantedkitty
    Nice job
  • klyte
    Great review!
  • Rhinobaby
    Great review
  • locomotion
    thanks for the review
  • Hubby80
    Thanks for the review!
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