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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

Ah, the famous fleshlight, the crème de la crème of male masturbation toys. Take that and combine it with a mold of Tori Black's pussy, and you got the tool to a good time. The best part is that despite being marketed towards men, Tori will let you grind your pussy against hers too! While fleshlights are still far from being perfect, they make for one hell of a good time for any user.
Realistic, material feels great, suitable for any user
Bulky, hard to hide, high maintenance, can't feel all the texture
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The Fleshlight Girls line is a much-drooled over set of male masturbators based on the pussies of some of the biggest names in porn today. The Tori Black Lotus fleshlight is no exception.

Designed with solo male use in mind, the fleshlight can be a bit awkward to maneuver during couples play, particularly if one or both partners have small hands. For this reason it is more suited for solo play, but really can be used in any sitution with a little practice. The fleshlight can be used as a handheld toy or it can be stuck between the nearest matress or pillows (perhaps a Liberator accessory?) for hands-free play.

It has an adjustable cap to create some nice suction and features Fleshlights famous Lotus texture, rumoured to be the most realistic feeling masturbator on the market today, making it great for even the pickest male user.

Fleshlights work great on cocks (that is what they are designed for, after all). But it's no big secret that they can be fun for pussies as well, or mouths for that matter. The realistic feeling material feels great whether you're fucking it, tribbing it, or refining your oral technique. This is one toy that can be enjoyed by anyone: male, female, transgender, beginner or advanced user.
    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

The Fleshlight is made of a super secret super awesome Superskin material sleeve and a plastic case. It's latex and phthalates-free. Initially, the sleeve does have a bit of a bad smell to it, but that seems to go away with a couple of washings. I also found it to have a mild bitter taste, which also disappeared after washing it.

Superskin is soft and plushy--the most realistic feeling material I've experienced to date. Best of all, it'll warm up with use! It is, however, extremely porous and cannot be sterilized, so use a condom when sharing. During extended use and after washing, the material can become sticky. To maintain its soft, plushy feel, dust it with some cornstarch (do NOT use baby powder).

The Lotus sleeve features four different chambers of texture that mimic the texture of a real vagina. However, no one seems to be able to get to all this texture. While fingering Tori, I was not able to feel anything beyond the smooth entrance. If I put my finger as far in as I could get it, I could feel where it began to open up into the chamber, and there was a definite ridge that almost felt like the pubic bone, which was sort of nice. The boyfriend was also unable to experince the full range of texture with his cock, so it didn't add much to the experience for either of us. That said, it is still ideal for any level of user-- just don't get your hopes up too much.
    • Porous

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Fleshlights are marketed as being semi-discreet in that they look like large flashlights. However, this is hardly the case. Even from far away it is obvious that the casing is WAY too large to be an actual flashlight, which makes sense since the seeve portion is supposed to be the size of an actual pussy... mostly. Needless to say, it is neither discreet nor travel-friendly. Storing it takes a bit of effort as well, comparable to the Mini Fairy Wand. It is, after all, nearly a foot long.

The design of this toy, save perhaps the pearly white cover, is quite obviously marketed towards men, but only because it was not designed with little hands in mind. Otherwise, it's a fairly simple design that works well for both penetration and tribbing. I will say that it's not conducive to top positions if you are using it to trib. This can be solved, however, with some sturdy pillows or the creative use of furniture.

The fleshlight has two caps, one on each end, to help keep it in pristine condition while storing. The cap on the smaller end can be tightened or loosened according to personal preference to get the right amount of suction for you.

The fit overall works well for the average user. My boyfriend, being of average length and slightly above average girth found it to be comfortable. It is possible that large guys will find it to be too tight. The bf also found it to be nice and tight at the entrance before opening up into the first chamber. However, he didn't feel much beyond that, and was skeptical about the supposed four chambers of texture. Guys with shorter to average-length cocks probably won't be able to reach all of the texture, nor will anyone fingering it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

During use while she is all nice and lubed up, the Tori fleshlight makes all the same lovely sounds any wet pussy would make. You know, those lovely sloshing noises that happen when a really wet pussy is getting nice and worked over. It's not particularly noisy, and I found the sounds to actually make for a hotter experience. My boyfriend isn't sure he agrees, as depending on how tight or loose the cap is on the end, you can hear air escaping from it. Again though, it's not particularly noisy.

While you can realistically play with Tori in the bath without harming the toy (make sure the water isn't too too hot), I wouldn't recommend it simply because this makes the Superskin get that tacky feeling a lot faster. To me, that kills the realistic experience.

Care and Maintenance

Here, of course, is the downfall of all fleshlights--caring for them. Considering that all the stuff from your lady bits or gentleman's quarters will be collected inside the mastubator, it's not hard to see why Tori needs to be carefully cleaned after every use.

Tori must be meticulously cleaned with warm water and dried completely, generally for about 24 hours. The material does get quite sticky and unpleasant feeling, so again be sure to dust it with cornstarch (and again NOT baby powder or anything with talc). Be careful that you don't use scalding hot water or with too much water pressure as you might damage the material. Think about what would feel nicest on a real pussy... that's what your Tori fleshlight likes too!

Do NOT use any soap on this toy, as it could damage the material. If anything, pick up some of the Fleshwash designed for these toys--better safe than sorry.

Find a safe place to dry out the sleeve, as putting it back into the plastic chamber while wet could cause mold growth. And who wants to fuck mold? Not me, that's for sure!

As far as lubes go, Tori comes with a sample of Fleshlube, but is also compatible with any water-based lubricant.
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


All of the Fleshlight Girl come packaged in cute but not at all discreet tins. It includes the fleshlight, a sample of fleshlube, a little booklet containing some basic care information, and a card with a smokin' hot picture of Tori Black. The tin is also pretty big, but it's good for storage for your fleshlight or other adult toys.

It also makes for pretty nice gift giving, though I could see it being difficult to wrap. All in all, though, some of the better packaging I've seen.


My guy and I used Tori together for foreplay and individually. It was okay for partner use, but I have small hands and had a hard time getting a good grip on the darn thing. While the bf had more success with it individually and enjoyed not wasting half a box of tissues with the clean-up, he wasn't completely blown away. Overall, my guy said he enjoyed the Tori Black Lotus, but it definitely wouldn't be replacing his hand for a quick jack off. His final contributing statement was "I like it, it's different, it's nice, but I prefer the real thing." Which I suppose is good news for me ;)

I don't know if y'all have heard, but using fleshights to trib is the next big thing. All the cool kids are doing it. :D Anyway, I've never been with another woman before, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it... a lot. And, let's face it, Tori Black is SMOKIN' hot (AVN Female Performer of the Year in '10 and '11, and for good reason!). Needless to say, I was soooo excited about giving her a spin. I lubed her up, gave her a lick (incidentally, I recommend doing this in reverse if you're using Fleshlube. It's bitter as heck), and then let her glide over my clit. It felt wonderful, even without any vibrations. I don't think it's quite the same as being with another woman, but it was nice just the same. It took a little extra work and longer than normal, but I was able to get off just from grinding against it. I can't say it quite fulfilled my tribbing fantasy... it actually made me want to try the real thing even MORE. I wonder what the odds of me getting to trib the real Tori Black are?

Anyway, while the boyfriend is a bit iffy about it, spoiled man that he is, and it takes a lot of care (hence only getting 4 stars), I still love this toy and think it's a great addition to anyone's collection.
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