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Kabuki nights tight delight pinch

Penis stroker by NMC Ltd

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Great Sleeve, Crappy Enclosure.

The TPR sleeve provides some amazing sensations from its tight design and surprisingly realistic interior texture, however, the plastic enclosure limits the range of users for the toy, and makes it hard to clean and reassemble. While a major attraction to this toy might be because it includes a vibrating function, the vibrations do not transfer well through the TPR, making it very difficult to feel. Your hand will go numb, but your dick will not benefit.
Tight sleeve. Cute vaginal entry. Easy to hold.
Terrible plastic enclosure. Difficult to clean and reassemble. Vibrations cannot be felt.
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Kabuki Nights Pinch is a semi-realistic, hand held, masturbation sleeve that mirrors the Fleshlight, but at a third of the price. The sleeve is well textured and very tight, providing amazing sensations as it slides up and down your cock. One of the major selling points of this device is the vibrating function, but as will be demonstrated below, it is nearly useless. As with many aspects of this toy, the sleeve is amazing, but the plastic enclosure significantly limits the usefulness of the toy, and the enjoyment you will get from it.

This toy works like any other stroker/sleeve. Insert cock, turn on the vibrations, and stroke away, at whatever speed/rhythm you desire.

The sleeve is best for men of average length and width. If used inside the plastic enclosure, it can only accommodate a maximum of six inches of length and a maximum width of about one and a half inches. However, the sleeve can be used independently of the plastic shell, and if used separately, can accommodate more length and girth.

This toy can be used for a solo masturbation session, or used with a partner for a variation on a handjob. It is a great beginner toy to see if you like the sensation before shelling out the money for a significantly more expensive Fleshlight.
    • On a bed only

Material / Texture

The Pinch is made of TPR, and as such is phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and latex free. In terms of overall material safety, it is a step up from the more porous Cyberskin, but not as safe as silicone. As such, if sharing, use a condom.

The TPR used on the Pinch is nice and soft, and fairly realistic. However, it is a dust and hair magnet, and has a pretty sticky feel. The shell of the toy is hard plastic with a matte finish, and dull gray in color.

While the toy has no taste, it does have a bit of a plastic like smell, which does not dissipate with washing.

The texture of the interior of the sleeve consists of nodules that form rings, connected by a slight ridge. While the bumps provide a surprisingly realistic feel, the rings are difficult to feel.

Since the vagina end of the toy had a sticky feel and not much texture, my partner does not like to use it for tribbing.
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous
    • Sticky

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The toy consists of the screw-on base that controls vibration and suction, TPR sleeve, plastic enclosure for the sleeve, and the top cap that snaps into place. The business end of the sleeve has a nicely formed inner labia, and the rest of the front resembles a plump outer labia. The 'pinch' is achieved through the molding of the plastic enclosure, which constricts the sleeve in the middle. The vaginal opening is a very slim slit only half an inch tall. Overall it is a fairly large and bulky toy, although the 'pinch' in the middle provides a great place to grip the toy. Overall measurements of the plastic enclosure, when fully assembled, are 7.5 inches tall, by 2.75 inches wide at the widest points.

The size is a good fit for the average user. However, individuals with larger than average length or girth might want to look elsewhere, or use the sleeve without the enclosure.

Since the naughty bits are covered up by the end cap, and there are no logos of images on the plastic exterior, it is fairly discreet if someone accidentally happens across it. While you certainly could travel with this toy, there are smaller stroker options if space is a priority.
    • Discreet look/design
    • May be too tight for some

Functions / Performance / Controls

Overall, the sleeve alone would receive a high score, yet the plastic enclosure is largely a disappointment. As stated above, it limits the size of the man this toy can be used on. Also, while a main selling point of this toy is its vibration function, these vibrations can barely be felt.

The vibrating base takes two AAA batteries, and its function is controlled through a wheel on the side of the base of the toy. It goes from low to high, but the difference between the two is not much. This vibrating base is supposed to transfer the vibrations through the TPR sleeve by slightly intruding into the open end of the sleeve. While the hard plastic exterior transfers these vibrations very well, the TPR does not. This means that while you can feel the vibrations in your hand, your cock can barely feel it. Since my hand was almost going numb during the first use, with little to no vibration felt by my cock, for subsequent uses, I did not even bother putting the batteries in.

One positive of the toy is the base which can also control suction. By slightly screwing or unscrewing the base of the toy onto the plastic sleeve, you can increase or decrease the suction. The base snaps on the sleeve before screwing, meaning that you will never unscrew the base attempting to adjust suction while playing.

Noises are produced by the toy in a variety of ways. The vibrator is fairly loud. Lube squishes slightly inside the toy as you stroke it, and you can hear the toy 'breathe' through a small hole in the base. Air is drawn in and escapes from the sleeve through this hole, making a sucking or a wooshing noise with up and down strokes.

This toy is not waterproof when used with the vibrator base. However, if you remove the vibrating base or remove the TPR sleeve, use in the shower/tub is fine.
    • Easy to use
    • Feels realistic

Care and Maintenance

The TPR material is actually very easy to clean, especially when you use Astroglide (a small packet comes included with the toy). I cleaned the toy in my typical manner, tuning the toy inside out and giving it a bit of a scrub with soap and warm water.

However, the plastic enclosure makes the process more complicated. Lube and semen will escape through the bottom of the toy onto the top of the vibrating base, and since the 'vagina' end of the sleeve does not always stay locked in to the plastic sleeve, lube will get into the sleeve through that end as well.

Cleaning the plastic sleeve is more difficult. The only way I found to fully remove the lube was to use a soapy washcloth to clean out all the crevices where lube likes to remain even after rinsing out with soap and hot water.

The vibrating base also has a foamy substance around the vibrating part, presumably to help control the suction, but this piece must be cleaned and dried very well, as it might be a nice place for germs and bacteria to hide.

After letting the toy air dry completely, the process of reassembling the toy begins. Since the plastic enclosure pinches the TPR sleeve to a fairly extreme extent, putting the sleeve back inside its housing takes a bit of effort, pushing from one end while trying to pull with a finger or two from the other.

Water based lubes are recommended for this toy.
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


The packaging for this toy was fairly useful. It was covered in an anime style, with a cross-section of the toy's texture running down the side. Although a set of instructions were provided, they were for various makes and models, and completely unhelpful. Use of the toy is straightforward however, and the batteries are easy to insert. A small package of Astroglide and a 'miniposter' advertising the other products in the Kabuki Nights range were also included. I would not use this as a gift or storage box, as it is not discreet at all.
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

After a few uses, a small tear developed at the vaginal opening. However, this tear does not seem to be getting any bigger after subsequent uses. After a few uses with the vibrating function, I was so disappointed that I did not even bother to insert batteries for subsequent uses. While the sleeve is amazing, the plastic enclosure is a big drawback.

If you are looking for a stroker with a vibrating function, bypass this toy entirely. I would only look at this toy if tightness is the only factor in the decision making process. You have to accept this toy's limitations as well as its strengths.
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