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Kabuki nights tight delight pinch

Penis stroker by NMC Ltd

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Nice sleeve, but a big waste of plastic.

If you have the right anatomy for this toy, you may enjoy it much more than I did. The feeling of the sleeve is great and if you can get it to work as intended for you, then it should feel even better. It has great suction and is easier to care for than a Fleshlight. However, if you are thicker than average or even shorter than average, you are better off spending less on another masturbation sleeve, or more for one with a smarter design.
Sleeve feels realistic and very nice. Used by itself, it is very easy to clean.
The case is mostly useless for me, and makes it much harder to clean. Vibrations can't be felt.
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The Kabuki Nights Tight Delight Pinch is a masturbation sleeve surrounded by a hard plastic case with a vibrator on the end. The design is similar the the ever popular Fleshlights which I have not yet had the pleasure of trying. I was more than excited that it was also vibrating. I eagerly awaited this toy. I imagined being able to put it between my mattress and box spring for some hands free fun, as all of the masturbators I have used up until this point have been the standard sleeve where you have to hold it with your hand. I also had never had one that vibrated and was curious how vibrations would add to the experience.

Sadly, my experience with this toy was unable to give me any of the things I had imagined. I will explain more about this as the review goes on. While I have been able to enjoy the sleeve on its own, the plastic case and the vibrator, for me at least, are useless. They have only become a convenient and discreet way to store the sleeve.
    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The hard outer casing of the toy is made out of plastic. The inner sleeve that is made to look and feel like a pussy, is made out of a soft TPR material. While the plastic can be sterilized, the TPR can not be. It isn't as delicate as the material of the Fleshlights, at least what I have read about them. Unlike the Fleshlights, you can use soap to clean it. There is a light chemical smell out of the box, but nothing too strong. The feeling is soft and smooth, much like Cyberskin, but not as delicate. I have another sleeve made out of TPR, but it is more "foamy" feeling, where this is smooth and squishy. The inside of the sleeve has nodules on it that are also soft. They can be felt easily but the texture isn't extreme, so it doesn't irritate or distract. The TPR can become a bit sticky after washing, but a little cornstarch will help it retain its velvety feel.
    • Light odor
    • Porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The shape of this is a bit unique. Half way down the shaft of the plastic case, it tapers in to give a tight "pinch" as the name suggests. In theory, this sounds like a wonderful thing, like what your hand would feel like if you gripped it tight right in the middle. Unfortunately, this "pinch" proved troublesome for me. While my cock is of about average length, it is a tad wider than most. Had my cock been a lot longer or even thinner, I would have been able to push past this pinch, though barely. The thing is, my shorter length just manages to come to right past that part, so it creates a sort of barricade that I couldn't push past as the material inside the case would bunch up. This is tricky to explain, but let me try. If my cock was thinner, it would have slid into this pinch with ease, but still only be able to grip the head of my cock as it slid in and out of it. If my cock was longer, I could probably JUST get my thickness through the tight pinch and had it stroke my shaft, though VERY tightly. My anatomy is just PERFECTLY wrong to experience this toy as intended. Trying to get my head past the pinch, the external part of the sleeve that is made to look like a vaginal opening, would pop inside the case. I had to keep pulling it back out and situating it, which is tricky with lubed up fingers. I tried this every which way. More lube, less lube, hands free, and had my girl help me. We could not get the damned pussy to stay where it was supposed to! The only way was to have my girl hold it in place so it wouldn't slip down inside, or to pull it out further than it was supposed to be. This of course made it impossible for me to feel the vibrations at all, which I will talk about in the next section.
    • May be too tight for some
    • Realistic
    • Tight fitting

Functions / Performance / Controls

Now on to the vibe. When you put the batteries in at the bottom, which are 2 AAA's, and turn this on, the vibe feels amazingly strong on your hands. You turn it on with a small dial on the bottom and it goes from low to high, though there isn't much wiggle room between the two. The motor is encased in the plastic and the whole vibe/battery compartment portion screws into the bottom of the plastic case that houses the sleeve. It is also pretty loud, but I didn't mind. If it felt this strong on my dick as it did on my hands, I was all too willing to put up with the noise. Sadly, AGAIN, this didn't turn out as I had hoped. The TPR sleeve does not transfer the vibrations well at all. My cock could barely feel a tingle. Maybe had I been longer, the head of my cock would have felt more as it would have been closer to the motor. I don't know, but I was disappointed to say the least. When we had to pull the sleeve out a bit to keep the pussy from popping into the sleeve, I could not feel the vibes at all on my penis. My hands got tingly and almost numb from holding it, but my cock got nothing. Luckily, my girl was able to unscrew the bullet and use it on my balls and taint. Honestly though, she has much stronger toys in her drawer that would accomplish this and they aren't as awkward and bulky to use. The vibe portion isn't waterproof either.

The case isn't a TOTAL loss though. If you can get your dick into it and get the pussy to stay in place, there is quite a bit of suction if the vibe portion is screwed in. Other than that, this case is just something discreet to store it in. It is plain gray and has a lid or cap that covers the external vaginal opening. It is oddly shaped, but no one would know what it was if they saw it out. This would make it great for travel too.

The sleeve is nice. I like the way it feels compared to the other ones I have. Without the case, there isn't any suction, but it is squishy enough that I can get a tight grip with my hand. It's long enough too, where I don't have my head popping out of the top. It's easy to clean, as there is a big hole on the bottom where the vibe would go. All in all, I like using this one by myself more than my other ones, as it is the easiest to handle and easiest to clean.
    • Feels realistic
    • Hard to figure out

Care and Maintenance

Outside of the case, the TPR sleeve is easy to clean. Soap and water, flush it really well and you are good to go. The hole in the back is big enough to be able to wrap your finger with a towel and stick it in there to make sure you get most of the water out of the inside. Then I let it air dry. I dust it with some cornstarch and stick it back in the case. This can be a bit tricky because of the pinch. You really have to push and pull to get the whole sleeve past the tight pinch. Once it is in though, the case is discreet enough for travel. I did this the first few times because we didn't have room in our toy drawer and in the case, you can't tell it is a vagina in a can. I am pretty lazy though, and since we have made room in our drawer, I put it in a plastic ziptop bag by itself.

Now if you use this as intended, inside the plastic case and you finish, the clean up is a bit more involved. You have to take out the slick ( and by this time grossly covered with your own baby batter ) sleeve, which as mentioned before is a bit tricky all lubed up and getting it past that pinch. Then you unscrew the vibe part and there is this bit of foam spongy type stuff there, I guess to make it a tighter seal, and you can imagine what this gets soaked with. You can rinse out the sleeve, but this is harder than it sounds. My girl is a bit thorough in her cleaning of the sex toys and says that just rinsing is not good enough. She actually uses an old bottle brush from when our son was a baby. She puts some antibacterial hand soap on it and scrubs the case inside and out. With the vibe part, you have to be careful not to get water in the controls, so that is the hardest part to clean. All in all, this toy can be a pain in the ass to clean if you use the case, which is how most will want to do it. I rarely use the case, so this isn't a problem for me. As for lubes, only water based are recommended.
Follow-up commentary
I still use this one frequently, but I never use it in the case. Even storing it in the case is a pain in the ass, so it is just taking up space in our drawer. I wanted to throw the case out, but my partner is a bit of a sex toy hoarder, and refuses. I keep the actual pussy part of this in a plastic bag dusted with cornstarch, and it has held up well. I haven't noticed any wear or loosening of the vaginal opening at all. I like this stroker a lot because its length keeps me from making a mess when I come, and I can get a good grip on it no matter how lubed up and slick my fingers get. It feels really nice. I just wish the case had worked for my anatomy.
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    Thanks all, for the votes and comments! I had trouble writing this review, so I am glad it turned out better than I thought.
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