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The Intermediate C-ring is a 1” wide ring of 100% medical grade black silicone with an inside diameter of 1-7/8”. It may represent the best application of a cock ring currently available. It stretches better than metal cock rings but provides more resistance than rings made of softer material. Since it is silicone, it is easy to clean, can be sterilized, and should last a lifetime. It may not look as cool as the metal rings, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much either.
100% silicone, stretchy but not too much
Looks pretty cool, but not as cool as the metal ones
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The C-ring by Tantus|C-ring intermediate comes in three different sizes, beginner (2” diameter)|Beginner cock ring, intermediate (1-7/8”), and advanced (1-3/4”). The one I received is the intermediate size. How effective these are is going to vary individually based upon the size of one’s genitalia and how much discomfort they are willing to inflict upon themselves to get them in place. The idea behind these (and most other cock rings for that matter) is that they restrict blood flow to the penis so that when a man is turned on he can have a firmer erection and stay erect for a longer time. It is also supposed to have some influence on delaying and lengthening ejaculation, so as to help all the premature ejaculators out there. That’s not me though, seriously, I don’t have a problem with that at all.

Tantus provides the C-ring in relatively simple packaging but does include instructions on the insert about how to put the C-ring on. They say that the best way to get the C-ring on is to first lube the inside of the ring, insert one testicle, then the other, and finally pull your penis through. Personally, I found this to work pretty well and I was pleased with the relative ease with which I was able to get the C-ring in place. It seems that the intermediate is not a bad size for me, and I think the beginner would be too big for me. I think that I could probably handle the advanced one as well which might provide even more fun during our love making activities. I may have to pick one up for myself later.

Since it is made by Tantus, you can trust that the C-ring is made of 100% medical grade silicone. This means that you can sterilize it by boiling, bleaching, or in the dishwasher. Also, because it is silicone and about 3/4” wide, you can bet that, unlike jelly cock rings, the C-ring doesn’t stretch very easily. This means that if the fit is right, it should allow the fit to be tighter than a more rigid (think metal) cock ring while being able to provide better results than a really stretchy cock ring|Cock ring and egg. In fact, Tantus claims that their cock ring can turn what is normally six seconds of actual ejaculation time into 40 seconds. That seems like a pretty bold claim to me, so I got out my stop watch to test it out. Well, not really, but I thought about it. I mean, what could be sexier than a guy pounding away inside you until he comes and then stares at his stopwatch until he’s done. I suppose it could be done during a masturbation session, but if you’re anything like me it’s hard to concentrate on anything in particular during an orgasm. I suppose if I had one of those big scoreboard clocks counting down the seconds for me it might work. Anyway, scientific testing aside, the few times that I have ejaculated with the C-ring in place it did seem to take longer to reach orgasm, but the ejaculation didn’t seem to last much longer. Maybe I’ll need to get the expert size to get to the 40 second orgasm. The other bonus, to me, is that I think it looks pretty cool when I’m wearing it.
My cock ring experience up to this point has been pretty limited, and I’ve never used a silicone cock ring before. The C-ring is not all that stretchy, so it takes a little effort to get it in place. A little lube on the inside definitely helps, though. My partner was not sure at what stage we needed to put it on, so she started pleasing me orally and then asked about it. I said that we better get it in place before we get too much further or I wouldn’t be able to. I followed the instructions and in a few seconds we were back to oral gratification. It didn’t take long before I was hard but I did notice that the sensations were slightly dulled. In fact, I wasn’t sure that I was hard enough, but when I reached down to feel it, I was surprised to find things were very firm. We commenced intercourse and things were going very well. I was able to continue thrusting and making slight positional adjustments until I was hitting just the right spot for her. I kept going until she made the sounds and movements that I always long to hear and feel and then I knew I was good to go. I definitely feel like I was able to last longer before ejaculation so that I was able to hold out until the time was right. Thanks, Tantus for another awesome orgasm tool.
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    You're welcome, Checkmate and travelnurse. Thanks for the compliment, Checkmate. This may not be a bad choice for a first cock ring as long as you measure and get the sizing right. A stretchy cock ring is sometimes nice for a first timer because there is less concern about sizing. Tantus makes a great stretchy ring now:
    Tantus Super Soft Ring
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