Lynn Thomas private pleasures - pocket pussie by Cal Exotics - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

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If looks were everything, you might have something.

If looks were everything, then this product would be great, however look are not everything. The sleeve has stiff rubber nubs inside that I found to be more painful than anything else. There are other toys on the market far better, some even cheaper. The design is poor and will leave you unsatisfied.
Good looking vagina, nice packaging, and a nice stimulator. 6 batteries included (3 are needed)
Stiff nubs make for painful strokes, The micro stimulator only fits in half way.
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Linn Thomas private pleasures is molded from the lovely Linn Thomas. Linn Thomas is a very sexy women of Asian (American) descent her lovely figure is as follows:

Bust: 34D
Waist: 25
Hips: 35

For your viewing pleasure here is a picture brought to you by
For your viewing pleasure here is another lovely picture brought to you by

Sadly most of the body you will only see in photos or movies. However, you will notice a very keen likeness to this product and the actual thing. The mold is beautiful and very detailed and well done. It is a joy to behold in person.

This product is a simple masturbator, where the guy will apply the amount of pressure he feels is necessary. Works just like the hand except stiff rubber are inside the sleeve.

I think this toy would work best for a well endowed man.

Material / Texture

Linn Thomas private pleasures is made from the material Futurotic Plus. Futurotic Plus is made from a softened variation of Thermoplastic elastomer (Also known as TPE), a blend of polyvinyl chloride and silicone. Futurotic Plus' texture is similar to Cyberskin, Ultra Realistic 3.0 (UR3), SoftTouch, and other flesh like simulating products that are also made from Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), however some products made of Futurotic plus may contain phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals that are used in the softening process.

This product is marketed as phthalates-free, so you should not have to worry about this product being harmful or dangerous. If you are looking at another product that is also made from Futurotic plus you should make sure it states on the site (product description) or on the box that it is made phthalates-free. If it does not, you can also contact the store (online - click on the contact link, physical stores - you should talk to a manager or clerk). You can also contact the manufacturer of the product if you have any questions.

Since this is made of such materials, make sure you only use water-based lubricants. Lubricants with bases such as silicone and petroleum based oils will damage the material.

Since this product is made from Futurotic Plus you should not share this product, unless you wear a condom (along with any other male using the product). This material cannot be sterilized.

Sadly the only part of this product made from the Futurotic Plus material was the vagina, and none of the sleeve.

The small square mold does have a very realistic feel, but the sleeve does not.

This product has no particular taste or scent, which may or may not be a bonus depending on the person.

Further reading:

Eden Fantasys' Futurotic Plus material guide Futurotic Plus material guide

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This product is essentially made of two different parts, the mold and the sleeve. Not only are these two different parts that have been attached by the factory (the design) but they are made from two different materials. The mold is made from Futurotic Plus and the sleeve is made from an unknown rubber-like material.

The mold itself is well designed, and the quality you would expect from California Exotics, however the time invested in the mold was not proportional to the time the spent on the sleeve. It almost feels as if they spent all of their time and resources on the well done mold that they did not have enough budget to create a sufficient sleeve.

The sleeve itself is made from a different material, a harder material, similar to (if not) rubber. The nubs inside are stiff and made of the same rubber like materials. The only well designed part of this sleeve is the opening at the end and the length of the sleeve (which is over 8 inches). The sleeve is not as easy as you would think to clean, but the large opening does make a difference.

The included Micro Stimulator is an actual delight, I found the Micro Stimulator to be one of the few truly stimulating parts of this product. The micro stimulator however only has one speed, and that speed is high, very high. The powerful stimulator is nice and does help providing extra stimulations, however it is very loud.

The one problem I found with the vagina part, was that the hole for the micro stimulator was far to small and the micro stimulator would just fall out. The said hole only fits up to half of the micro stimulator, which hurts the micro stimulator's productivity. If only the hole was large enough to insert the micro stimulator in fully, the sensations could have been maximized.

Overall this product was poorly designed, its flaws detract so much from the few things that were right, making the product almost useless. The toy would be good for travel, if the toy itself was good, because it is fairly easy to hide.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The micro stimulator is a very powerful stimulator, and it helps to give extra sensations when using said product. The stimulator is long, maybe too long. It is too long for this product, but may work better for another. It should also be noted that the stimulator is very loud, so you may not be able to use it in certain situations.

The controls are simple, you turn the bottom and it turns on.

The one problem I have with this stimulator is the fact that it only has one speed. The one speed it has is high, it would have been nice to have a low and medium speed settings.

Care and Maintenance

Just like Cyberskin, Ultra Realistic 3.0 (UR3), SoftTouch, and other flesh like materials there is a decent amount of care one must provide. Please follow these simple instructions when cleaning and maintaining your product.

1. Rinse the product thoroughly with warm water.
2. Apply Anti-bacterial soap and make sure you apply to every part as possible.
3. Rinse off the anti-bacterial soap.
4. Apply a small amount of cornstarch or renewing powder (not Talc or babypowder, as these have been linked to causes of some irritations.) to the product to keep the product from becoming sticky, and to preserve the flesh-like feel.

To store the product, you should place the product in a zipper lock bag and store in a cool and dark place, preferably a non damp area.

While the Talcum powder suggestion is mostly suggested to women and toys for women (may be a cause of cancer), I would be safe and use the same advice for Male toys.

While this does seem like a decent amount of work, it is worth it. If you do not take proper care of the product the product will not last nearly as long.


Cool background colors, set against behind the Warm font colors make the picture of the product (and the included Micro Stimulator) and the very lovely image of Linn Thomas stand out. This is a nicely decorated package, a nice touch was the detailed picture of the product on the front of the box, which usually they reserve for the pornstar whom the molded it from. The back of the box was essentially the same as the front just with Linn in a different pose (albeit very similar pose).

The package itself (disregarding the artwork) is just your normal masturbator package, similar to Devons Private Pleasures.

You will also get six batteries for the micro stimulator, and only three are required. You will also be given talc-free powder to use on this product.

In concluding this portion of the review, Cal Exotics does a very good job with their eye catching package. The clash of cool colors and warm colors, do an effective job capturing your attention.

Personal comments

There is a name inconsistency here. Linn Thomas goes by both "Lynn Thomas" and "Linn Thomas". It is an annoyance, but that is why you noticed me saying her name as "Linn Thomas". My reasoning behind this was, the box calls this a direct mold from "Linn Thomas".

I would also like to mention that I received this product for free, please read FTC Guidelines , I have integrity and this is an honest review, thanks.

For further reading:

Proper way to put on a condom:
Proper way to put on a Condom

Youtube video of proper way to put on a condom:
Youtube video with on proper way to put on a Condom


I have to say I was disappointed greatly by this product. I wanted so much to like the product, but there is just no saving graces.

I personally could not reach climax while using this product, actually the opposite. I found the stiff rubber nubs to be painful, even tried to use more lube, and had the same painful result. The paint washed partially off the first time, and the rest came off during the first use.

I loved the fact that they gave you double the needed batteries, and for that I am happy.

I give this product a two out of five. I would recommend it to no one.

I am giving it two stars for the actually well done mold, and the packaging (which includes the batteries and talc free powder). I also have to give it credit on not having a powerful stench, where so many of these products are either heavily perfumed or have bad factory smells, this product has none.

When compared to an actual vagina, it feels like an actual vagina for the first quarter of an inch, then you are into the lackluster sleeve.
Follow-up commentary
Time has not been good to the Lynn Thomas private pleasures sex toy. The toy has gone through a catastrophic breakdown. Due to the stiffer nubs, and the uncomfortable love passage, I put it away (well powdered) and a few months later it was unusable (granted, it was partly my fault). I have since disposed of it and moved on. If offered a second shot with this, I would probably decline.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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