Sasha Grey cream pie pocket pussy by Doc Johnson - review by Alan & Michele

It's a Gentle Ride

This is a very mildly textured masturbation sleeve suitable for men who don't appreciate the intense textures that many other toys offer. The semi-realistic material is easy to take care of, though it does have a sweet scent that some users may not appreciate.
Easy to wash. Easy to grip. Mild texture good for sensitive men.
Won't be stimulating enough for some users. Prominent scent. Coloring washes off.
Rating by reviewer:
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In case you haven't guessed, the Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy is a hand-held masturbation sleeve that has its opening molded directly from said porn star's body. It's a gentle sleeve that doesn't provide an over abundance of stimulation, so it would be good for beginners or for men who simply don't like sleeves that feel too intense.

It’s made of porous UR3 material, which is a type of latex-free synthetic rubber, with Doc Johnson's Sil-A-Gel antibacterial agent. The surface feels smooth and creates a fair amount of drag against the skin that makes using lubricant a must. It's very spongy and stretchable, yet just firm enough that the sleeve maintains its shape and doesn't flop around during use.

There's a noticeable candy-like scent to this sleeve, which some users may find unpleasant but others might enjoy. The scent does not dissipate with washing.

The wide-ringed texture that helps you maintain your grip on outside is mirrored along the entire length of the inner chamber. It feels like a very mild rippling sensation along your shaft while in use, and you can feel it more if you don't squeeze the toy too tightly.

The design is unusual for a male masturbation toy, featuring a heart-shaped vulva area with the realistic vaginal opening in the middle. The inner lips are painted a garish bright pink color, and we suggest that you wash the toy before using it because this color does come off the first time you get it wet.

This sleeve is "middle ground" as far as tightness goes, and since the end of it is closed a fair amount of suction is created during use. Squeezing the sleeve doesn't affect the suction any, but air does collect in the end to randomly escape on its own accompanied by a rather loud slurping sound while you're stroking. This is something to keep in mind if you intend to use it somewhere where you really need to be quiet.

At 6" in length this sleeve isn't exactly "pocket-sized," but it's certainly something that you can use one-handed and wouldn't be too difficult to conceal if need be. The soft spongy sides don't allow for tucking it between cushions for no-handed use though. As mentioned before, the material stretches quite a bit, but this isn't a sleeve that an overly well-endowed man could fit into comfortably. We're guessing that the maximum length it could handle is somewhere around 8".

The sleeve is durable enough that you can turn it inside out and give it a good washing with soap and warm water. Avoid harsh cleaners and any lubricants that aren't water-based.

The material picks up lint and dust very easily, so it's best to store the sleeve by itself either in the original box or a sandwich bag. This also prevents any potential chemical interactions between it and any other sex toys that you might store it with.
Alan says:

I wasn't hugely impressed with this toy. It's not a bad sleeve and it *is* better than a hand but it's just not overly remarkable compared to other toys I've tried. It would probably be better for men who don't like as much extra stimulation from their toys as I do. Yes I got off with it, but it's just kind of bland for my tastes. Add that to the paint washing off and the fact that we can't use it as a couple, and it's just not my thing.

Michele says:

I can't really comment on the sleeve because my sinuses took offense to it as it came out of the box. It didn't smell bad at all to me, but when the runny nose and watery eyes started I decided it would be best for me to let Alan try this one solo.
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  • Tori Rebel
    Very good review...doesn't sound like the product is anything above-and-beyond though.
  • Phoenix713
    The coloring washes off? Grrr.
  • Selective Sensualist
    How annoying about the color (and the smell)! Thanks for the heads-up. I think we'll pass on this one. Great review!

    (I've been apologizing to everyone about not being able to vote . . . nothing happens when I've clicked "Vote" tonight!)
  • Kindred
    Good review. I think the sweet smell would be a total turnoff for me.
  • Alan & Michele
    Thanks for the comments you guys

    @Phoenix713 ---- Not all of the coloring, just the pink stuff on the lips. It actually makes it look better (lol)
  • tiggle biddies
    nice review
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