It sure gripped his D#&*!

The Gripper is a new and innovative way to give your guy an amazing orgasm at any time. The gripper doesn't ever get that time of the month and it doesn't get sore from handling penises that are too large. It takes it and loves it, then keeps coming back for more. This is a great toy to buy for your guy when you can't always give him what he wants. If you're out of town and your guy is at home, he can have this to play with until you get back. We love The Gripper.
-Realistic Feel
-Easy Clean up
-Turn on
- A little short, needs to be longer to accommodate longer lengths.
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The Gripper sure grip by California Exotics is made for use for males to masturbate with, either solo or with a partner. This one has the view of lips and a clitoris on the top of it. This toy wouldn't be useful for genders who were born female because there is just an opening on this masturbator. There is nothing protruding that would work for vaginas.

My guy had never used a masturbator before, of any kind and he was very intrigued when we first opened up the product. He just couldn't get over how incredibly real that the material felt. It was squishy and soft and felt quite good on my fingers. I myself, was very intrigued. I started opening the package before he did. I was quite excited to see this in use by my guy, I just couldn't wait. Maybe I was a bit too excited. I didn't hesitate to get it out and play with the texture on the inside and squeeze it uncontrollably. It was pretty neat. Once we both played with it for a bit and looked on the inside, it was time to get it ready to be used for the first time.

The way that my guy first used the Gripper sure grip was to run some warm water on the inside to get it warmed to the temperature of his liking. Most guys wouldn't love to stick their penis into a cold hole. This masturbator seems to warm up very quickly when held under warm water with the opening squeezed wide open. He used some of the antibacterial toy cleaner to clean it on the inside and outside before use. To clean internally, he sprayed some of the toy cleaner on the inside and used his long fingers to get down in there. It was a tight fit with his two fingers inside. He just used an up and down motion to lightly clean it and then he rinsed it out.
Once he rinsed it out, he added some lubricant inside. He added a little more around the opening to be able to get himself in easier because he is girthy. I was quite worried about him fitting inside because this was pretty tight at the opening. I figured that if he managed to get past the opening, he would be able to use it. The vagina opening is more narrow than the actual depth of the sure gripper.

The first time that he used the sure gripper, he tried to insert into the sure gripper as if it were a normal vagina. He held it with the clitoris at the top. It took a lot of lubricant to get him to be able to penetrate but he made it inside. This is a tight vagina!

Right off the bat, he liked the sensations that it provided. I could tell that he liked it a lot. It was making a suction noise that actually turned me on. While he was using the sure gripper for the first time, he was on his knees and upright on a bed. He just moved the sure gripper up and down on his shaft. I'll admit, I got turned on by watching him use the sure gripper. My guy usually does not cum very quickly because he tries to hold out and last quite a long time, but while using this, he did. He actually climaxed inside of the toy and he said it was a different feeling but he thoroughly enjoyed it. He liked the grooves and textures inside. The only problem that he had was when he was done, his head was raw from the tight opening. We used it again on the same night, a few hours later. I told him to turn the gripper sideways where it looked like a mouth. This worked so much better for him since he has a wider penis. His penis isn't perfectly round and with the toy being sideways, that worked out great. This is the only way that he uses the sure gripper now or he'll end up with a sore penis.

The sure gripper has a wide variety of uses:

If a female just had a baby and she can't have sex, this will work great. She can still help with the sexual process by holding the gripper or she can place it between her legs or hold it btween couch cushions, etc. for him. It gives him what he needs and she can help, therefore giving her the feeling that she wasn't included.
I have a friend who just had a baby and she complained that her husband needed sex and she felt bad that she couldn't give it to him. I told her about the Gripper and she was very interested in buying one for them to play with. There are many reasons that women can't perform in the bedroom and this can help ease the stress or tension that women can feel when they can't give their partner what the desire. This could help for sex therapy in many ways.
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

The Sure grip pocket pussy/masturbator is made of Pure Skin Thermoplastic Rubber- TPR (thermoplasticized rubber) which has a 7 on the safety scale here on Eden. To read more about the materials, check it out here. []

It has dual density for the ultimate stroking action.

TPR is less porous than Cyberskin but more porous than silicone. I would suggest a water based lubricant only with the sure gripper. Do not use silicone based.

TPR is usually a lightweight and flexible material.
The TPR is super soft and squishy, it has a very silky smooth feel. With lubricant, it gets very slick and has no drag. Without lubricant, there is drag to it.

When you first use the sure gripper and wash it, there is a sticky feeling to it. As with most solid and softer TPR, you can get this sticky feeling. We lightly dust it with corn starch between using it to keep it longer lasting and help with the sticky feel. The whole toy is one piece of TPR. It does have a slight smell because it is a type of rubber. It hasn't caused my guy any type of skin irritations or interactions when using it.

On the inside, there are two different textures. Inside the first 3 inches of the sure gripper, it's ribbed along the walls. Once you get down past the 3 or so inches, there are raised nubs all along the walls. Near the bottom, there is a loose panel which feels like a bit of skin hanging. I'm not sure if it was meant to feel like this but it really feels like skin in there. I think if I was a guy, I would want to use this all of the time.
The texture inside is what really makes the toy enjoyable. My guy told me that the textures are what made him climax so fast. The sure gripper can be used by beginners or advanced users. There's not much to this toy since it comes in one large piece. The vulva area on the toy is much more squishy than the grey area on the toy. The grooves along the sides of the toy make it easier to hold onto while using. Be careful getting lubricant on the sides because it becomes very slippery when trying to hold it.

The sure grip weighs 1 pound and 1.2 ounces.

The vulva, lips, clitoris and entire inner area is all a light pink color.

The part used to grip the toy is a light grey color.
This toy is hypo-allergenic, latex free and phthalates free.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Sticky

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The shape of the sure grip reminds me of the fleshlight. This is a much more affordable version that could probably work similar to the fleshlight as well. I like how it feels and my guy really loves how soft and pliable it is. The only problem that he had was that he was too long to fit all the way inside. If you or your partner is longer than 6", the full texture won't be felt towards the bottom of the shaft. My partner also stated that the end didn't feel good while hitting it since he was too long. Inside of the toy measures at about 6". If you are below that, and you are a girthy or semi girthy guy under 2- 1/2" in diameter, you will fall in the perfect size range for this toy. It was extremely tight on my guy because he is 6- 1/2" in circumference. He really felt the texture on the inside.

We like that it's only one piece and we don't have to fumble around taking anything apart to clean it. It's a nice size to grip onto. Even with my small hands, I can still hold it fine with no problems. It works great for very large hands as well. It works great for gripping the penis if you need a tighter squeeze. You can change areas to grip for a different feel.

The size of the sure grip reminds me of a large coffee mug.

I was able to get 4 of my fingers inserted into the sure grip with no lube.

I wouldn't suggest this for travel as it's very large and just over a pound in weight. If you must take it for travel, toss it into a ziploc bag first and then your choice of bag.

The measurements are:

Length-6 3/4"

Diameter- Largest end- 3" , smallest end 2-1/2"

Inside length- 6"

Inside diameter before stretched- 1"

Inside diameter stretched out far is 2- 1/2"

My guy liked the tight feel on his shaft, he mentioned that this looked and felt like mine. I have to say that it does resemble me a bit.
I took the picture while holding it and I had it upside down. Sorry about that, but you get the idea.

There is a hole at the end of the toy used for giving a suction action and also used for cleaning out the toy. It could just be there to clean out the toy but it works great for the suction. It does make a sucking sound on his penis while he is stroking. This sound really does something for me. It makes me want to laugh but I like it at the same time. He loves the suction feeling, that is the second reason that he loves the toy.

If you or your guy is very well endowed, check out the measurements particularly well because if too girthy, this can cause some pain or raw, painful spots to the head or shaft.
    • Beginner
    • May be too tight for some
    • Realistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions for the sure grip would be for couples play or solo play. My guy used it alone in a bed on his back and he also used it on his knees stroking while I watched. I used it to stroke him a few times. It was better when he did it as I didn't know how far to take it without hurting the head of his penis, because of his length. We also stuck it down in between two couch cushions and used it. He liked that part. I held the outside of the gripper and he went to town. Did I mention how big of a turn on this was? If you are new to pocket pussies or masturbators and you don't have a lot of dollars to spend on a fleshlight, give this one a try. I never thought that we'd like it as much as we do. My guy says that he doesn't need a fleshlight now. I think I'm still going to get him one so he can compare the two.

The suction does get a bit loud but with the door shut, I couldn't hear it out into the hallway. We haven't tried this in water yet because of the sticky feeling when washing. To clarify, when he is using it, there is no sticky feeling on the inside of the toy. It feels much slicker with no sticky or gummy feeling. We both like the ease of use and how easy it is to clean.
    • Easy to use
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

This toy is easy to care for. Before your first use, wash with an antibacterial toy cleaner. Do not boil this toy. Once you have washed and rinsed the toy, dry thoroughly, preferably with a lint free cloth. It does pick up quite a bit of lint and hair. If you have cornstarch, dust it lightly to keep the sticky feeling away. Keep it stored in a cool, dry place by itself. Do not allow it to touch other materials as it can damage the sure grip or possibly the other toys.

The hole in the bottom of toy allows water to drain out properly. My partner has climaxed on the inside and it washed right down the sink. We opened up the inside and put some antibacterial cleaner in and he used his fingers to wash it around and then everything rinsed out quickly and left no residue. We shook out the excess water from the hole in the bottom and dried everything the best that we could. He then placed it upright on a small towel that has been folded over several times and that towel catches the last droplets of water that escape out the bottom. Once it dries completely, he dusts it with some light cornstarch. I keep an airtight container of cornstarch in the back of my pantry that states " Do not use", so no one will attempt to use it. He puts it in a plastic container in his closet for periods when it's not going to be in use. We are so glad that it's not a pain to clean or maintain.
    • Easy to clean


The sure grip arrived in a box that shows you the inside of the toy and how the stages of ribs and nubs run along the shaft of the toy.

The sure grip is sealed in clear plastic, inside the box.

I cut the plastic open to get it out. I just put the plastic into my recycling basket.
The box can be recycled if you don't want to keep it. You can easily keep it for storing the sure grip inside.

We didn't receive any instructions or a user manual inside the package.

I don't think it would be discreet to give as a gift.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

My guy is usually against fake looking things for sex and most don't turn him on. This little gripper sure did get him going and it felt realistic as hell.

Of course, he told me that no sex toy feels like the real thing, but he truly liked this toy. He has used it about 6-7 times now and it provides a quick orgasm for him. I have always been the one who initiates using it when it is used. It's a turn on for me as much as it is for him. The best part is how the texture feels on the inside.


All in all, both of us liked the Gripper- sure grip. It was a new experience to both of us and we both got a kick out of it. I would like to see a longer version come out. I would definitely buy it. I just can't believe that more of these have not been purchased. At 24.49, you just can't beat the price. My guy has used it several times and it's still in excellent condition. I'm thinking this toy will last quite a while, even with rough use. I like the design and style and I'm extremely happy that I bought my guy something that he actually uses.
Follow-up commentary
This is something that we both still like. We don't get as much use out of it but we hope to be able to use it more. He likes it but says that it's not quite like the real thing. he also says that it can't get warm inside like something real.
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