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Keepin' It Together

The Jack Master is great for getting the job done. While it's not "better than the real thing", it's pretty close, and pretty good. We found it a good supplement to a hand job and blow job, as well as for solo sessions. We did experience some technical difficulties when the case would pop open during use, and would have preferred it to be a little less bulky and heavy. Nonetheless, Jack Master was enjoyable to use and we will be using it again.
Textured chambers and ticklers, TPR, self contained.
Pops open during use, heavy, large.
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Fancy case aside, Jack Master is a masturbator, and a decent one. It is hand held, and can be used as a supplement to a hand job or blow job, or as the receiving end of a solo run.

At 6 inches, it is a bit longer than other masturbators I have seen, and accepted all of my boyfriend's length with a bit of room to spare. The specially textured grooves and ticklers on the interior of the sleeve give a unique feeling to the user, and stimulate the entire shaft and head of the penis.

Jack Master is self contained in a discreet plastic case. It's not small by any means, but when its lid is on, its masturbator identity is somewhat concealed.

Material / Texture

The Jack Master's case is made of plastic. While its sturdiness was called into question once or twice during our initial test run, other than popping open a few times, the plastic case held. The flat sides, where the fingers and thumb are meant to rest when holding the masturbator, are open windows into the TPR sleeve, and are squishy. The "hinges" and the side that closes, along with the top rim and bottom base of the case are solid plastic.

The TPR sleeve is completely clear, and gives off a very faint scent that my boyfriend described as "new action figure" smell--in particular, Transformers. It is jelly-like in texture, with a bit of give, but the material springs back after you remove the source of pressure. The interior of the sleeve is sectioned off into a few chambers, each with different shapes and containing ticklers. These mimic the sensation of vaginal intercourse, with a few additions. The response was favorable.

The packaging recommends using the sleeve with water-based lube, but the TPR material did not react negatively to silicone lube.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Jack Master is about 6 inches long on the inside, so it fit my boyfriend quite well with a little room to spare. For guys who have had trouble fitting into 4 and 5 inch sleeves and experience discomfort "popping out" the other side, this sleeve should solve those problems. The bottom is sealed, and the length is a bit more forgiving than most sleeves.

The masturbator was definitely larger than the previous one we tried, and heavier as well. A few times, my boyfriend admitted that he was nervous that he would accidentally drop the masturbator onto his junk, bruising more than his ego. In fact, when I let him use it on himself, he elected to use both hands (lying on his back), one on the base of the top and another wrapped around the body to make the case stay closed.

Although the Jack Master is rather large, it is discreet in that it does not immediately resemble a masturbator. With its cap on, it looks like a plastic oval cylinder with a futuristic flair.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Jack Master, due to its larger size and weight, was a little unwieldy. Its case also popped open on more than one instance until my boyfriend learned to squeeze it shut around the middle. The openings in the plastic case also allow the user to apply the desired pressure on the sleeve and, by proxy, the shaft. The overall verdict was that, although the sleeve was not "better than the real thing" as advertised on the box, it was still pretty close, and it was still pretty good. As a witness to the wonderful things it did to my boyfriend when he took it for a solo run, I can testify that this masturbator does get the job done, and well.

Care and Maintenance

Jack Master opens up, making it very easy to clean. The sleeve can be washed with warm water and soap, as can be the plastic case. We just leave the sleeve opened up to air dry, and then close it back up and put the lid on for storage. As a self contained unit, Jack Master is very convenient in terms of maintenance.

As mentioned above, the packaging recommends that water based lube be used with this sleeve. However, we tried to use it with silicone lube and observed no degradation in the TPR. The only problem we experienced was that the silicone lube would keep drying up mysteriously and we would need to apply more. We finally slathered in a lot of water-based lube, and the sleeve worked much better with the addition.
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  • Barbarossa
    Thank you for the great review, Miss Cinnamon! This sounds like a rather solid product. It seems though like many of these devices it has the problem of absorbing the lube quickly which can be rather frustrating. Does it take a long time to dry out after cleaning?

    I like the fact that they are making more stylish men's toys like this one and the Tengas.

    I really dislike it when they put those ridiculous "better than the real thing" tags on male toys. It never is better than the real thing and, frankly, never will be. It is like an insult to our intelligence by saying that a plastic box is better than our girlfriends.
  • spicywife
    Well, it's definitely not just our product then. I hope they can fix the case popping open!
  • Sammi
    Too bad it pops open.

    Great review!
  • Dangerous Lilly
    This looks like they're trying to be similar to the Tenga Flip Hole. Would you not recommend this for any guy who's over 6" in length? And what about width? My hub is above average, and maybe 1.75" wide. I've been trying to find him a non-jelly masturbator for his size.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Barbarossa-- I have to say I was only marginally threatened by the TPR tube-in-a-box, but I will have to get back to you on your question about drying time. Good question!

    spicywife-- I think it's a design flaw. Maybe they forgot to take penis width and TPR displacement into account? Hopefully if they do a version 2.0 this problem will be fixed.


    Dangerous Lilly-- As this is a "dead end" sleeve and is contained in rigid plastic, I don't believe that it will completely fit men over 6". However, the extra will simply not go in, as opposed to the tip of the penis popping out the other side, which is what we didn't like about previous sleeves. The EF specs say that it will fit up to 1.5" (wide, I'm assuming), but since the sleeve is actually in two halves, I'm guessing that it will simply pop open when used with larger members. I hope that helps!
  • El-Jaro
    Drying time: not too bad, but it depends on the heat/humidity of your drying out area. When cleaning though, don't distend the TPR too much because it'll come out of the holders for it. I'm not sure on the difference between using silicone lube vs. water lube when it comes to product degradation, but either seem to work quite well (esp. together).

    The popping open issue is really the biggest drawback. If they do a 2.0, they should consider some sort of twist lock or something on the sides since the plastic over-latches don't hold that well at all.

    This even works pretty well under water!

    and yes, it does smell like a Transformer
  • White Fox
    Great review! Always looking for decent male toys, it's a bit tough!
  • dudemeister
    Thanks for the review.
  • LavenderSkies
  • MrSinister
    I just got mine in the mail, and eventually put a rubber band around the thing to keep it from popping open.
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