Jack Master - masturbation sleeve by Cal Exotics - review by BrokeNHorny

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Master? No. Maybe the master's apprentice

This is a good product if you can look past its flaws. It has a learning curve that's unusual, and it leaks frequently. Overall though, it beats using your hand.
Very easy to clean, feels very good.
It leaks, pops open during use, and sports very poor wording.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
At its heart, the Jack Master is a very good toy. It has a few flaws, but none of them are too severe. After some getting used to, this is still a very good time. It comes vainly in a box covered with its own pictures and glowing reviews. At a glance, the words “Better then the real thing” catch you eye, which can never be true for a masturbator, much less this one. It is good, but a masturbator is no substitute for a relationship, or for real sex. That kind of started me off on a bad foot, but it redeemed itself in time.

The first thing you notice about the toy itself is its flashiness. The one I received was bright red and screamed “I am a sex toy!” Granted, its hard to hide the fact that something is a masturbator, but at least Fleshlight tries to pass as something else. The actual case has see through portions with no hard plastic cover on them, which lets you hold the actual material (Its clear thermoplastic rubber). It is pleasingly squishy, but has some thickness to it where it counts. On the side of the case are two latches, which are hard to open from the outside. Opening the latches lets the toy swing open for cleaning. I would have to say that the easy cleaning is the best part about this toy. All you have to do is open it up, run some water over it, and let dry. That being said, TPR is porous, so don’t share with anyone else unless the toy has been thoroughly cleaned with toy cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

Unfortunately, there are a few flaws in the design, mostly stemming from the easy cleaning latches. First of all, this toy does not hold liquid of any kind or volume. If you clean it with water and close it, it will leak. If you fill it with lube beforehand, it will leak. It can hold semen for a minute or two, but it will leak eventually. This is kind of disappointing from a masturbator, and really detracts from its value. The second major flaw is the latches. As I said before, they are hard to open… from the outside. From the inside, its way too easy to pop it open. I am a guy with an average size penis, and it kind of surprises me that this is such an issue. On my first try with it, I must have popped it open a dozen times. Fortunately, there is hope here. If you hold it right, around the exposed rubber, it both holds the case shut, and helps with the stimulation. Unfortunately, this will take a few times to perfect, and it limits your options on positions.

All this being said, this toy does feel very good when used properly. The inside is a maze of different nubs and such, with different patterns on both sides. I don’t really know why they put so much effort into making each side different, its not like your penis can distinguish patterns like your hands can. If you’re looking for a masturbator, this may be a good option for you. It has its flaws, and a steep learning curve for a sex toy, but the payoff is nice in the end. Its also much easier to clean than similar products. I give it a 4 out of 5 for good design gone wrong.
Follow-up commentary
While not the top, this is still a good toy to keep around. Despite mixed feelings about this toy, I have to say that its a lot easier to pull out, use, and clean than other products. In the long run, this is its biggest strength and the reason I still like it. It isn't perfect, but it's quick and easy to use. This is a product worth your money.
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  • spicywife
    We didn't actually have any issues with it leaking, sorry that you did! It can be tricky but it does feel good - like you said.

    I also didn't like that it said "Better than the real thing!" on the box, since that can't be true for any masturbator unless the person is just extremely against intercourse or psychical contact with another person.

    Thanks for the review!
  • Epiphora
    Jeeeeeez, it really does pop open! What an annoying design flaw.
  • BrokeNHorny
    Yeah, it took me three times to figure out how to get it to stop. It the price you pay for easy cleaning, I guess.
  • spicywife
    The problem lies with the latch. If it were designed better it probably wouldn't pop open. Maybe they'll fix it Smile
  • B8trDude
    Thanks for the review. It sounds like Jack Master has several flaws with staying closed and leaking both of which could make it a lot less fun to use.
  • dudemeister
    Thanks for the review.
  • LavenderSkies
  • MrSinister
    I tied some rubber bands around mine to keep it from popping open. It still stretches, and pinches on occasion. THAT I cannot find a way to get around.

    I want to like this toy. I really do. But it's opened one too many times, pinched me one too many times, and just seems like it's more of a distraction than an enhancer.
  • Undead
    Thanks for the review. Doesn't sound like something I'd like though.
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